Big air World Cup coming to Tignes for first time in 2023/24

by Miles
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Tignes first became a FIS Freeski venue in 2014/15, kicking off four straight seasons of highly memorable halfpipe competitions, where the combination of a nighttime event at the base of the resort and the rabid French fans cheering on standout performances from skiers such as Kevin Rolland and Marie Martinod made for one of the best competition atmospheres in the world.

Tignes then returned to the FIS Freeski circuit in 2021/22 with what was supposed to be its first-ever slopestyle World Cup, though that event was unfortunately cancelled due to weather conditions. Last season, however, the full slopestyle programme was completed, and it was an exceptional one indeed.

The addition of big air to this season’s Tignes FIS Freeski Mountain Shaker World Cup programme will no doubt recreate that outstanding atmosphere we witnessed during those nighttime halfpipe finals of a few years ago, as once again the competition will take place at night, within walking distance of the Val Claret upper village portion of the resort.

Competition in Tignes this season will kick off on 13 March with big air qualifications, followed by slopestyle qualifications on 14 March, big air finals on the night of Friday, 15 March, and then slopestyle finals wrapping things up on Saturday, 16 March.


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