Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season


#1 – MasterCraft X-7 Wakeboarding Boat:

One of the most tried and true wakeboarding boat work horses in the realm of wakeboarding and waterskiing is the MasterCraft X-7, and this boat is still making waves and turning heads in 2016-2017. With overview dimensions of 22 feet long, 7’7’’ width, and a nearly 400 horsepower 6.0 liter engine, this is a boat that can seriously move in the water. With outstanding agility and acceleration, the MasterCraft X-7 is a boat that wakeboarders tend to love for a wide variety of reasons. Among the most important reasons that wakeboarders absolutely love the MasterCraft X-7 is that it features a cutting-edge ballast system that gives the wake a better lip offering riders extreme pop compared to other boats.

Featuring a four-degree hull design, the MasterCraft X-7 wakeboarding boat can offer enough speed and power for even the most advanced wakeboarding enthusiasts and competitors. The top speed on this boat is right around fifty miles per hour, depending on a range of water and weather conditions during operation. At around $20,000.00-$40,000.00 the MasterCraft X-7 is in no way a cheap wakeboarding boat, although premium products like this boat rarely ever come cheap.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#2 – Supra Sunsport 242 Wakeboarding Boat:

Another excellent wakeboarding boat on our countdown for the 2017 season is the Supra Sunsport 242 wake boat. This model by Supra is one of the more expensive models for the 2017 season, and that should definitely be kept in mind when considering this boat. Featuring basic specifications and dimensions of 24’1’’ in length, and an 8’6’’ width, this is a marginally larger boat than many other competitive models. When this boat is purchased from many different sellers, there is an included trailer that can become a major selling point for some people.

The hull design on the Supra Sunsport 242 is a futuristic, contoured construction that uses a fiberglass material composite for the outer hull build. Also featuring a powerful Indmar 5.7 liter Assault 345 horsepower inboard engine, this is a boat that can generate some serious torque, acceleration, and high end speed as well. At well over fifty thousand dollars, the Supra Sunsport 242 wakeboarding boat is no joke both in terms of its high performance, and its premium price point as well.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#3 – Moomba Outback Wakeboarding Boat:

Introducing a lesser known but high quality wakeboarding boat, the Moomba Outback is a true workhorse of a wake boat that is perhaps a bit more on the affordable side compared to other major competitive models from other manufacturers. An overview of the specifications and dimensions of the Moomba Outback wakeboarding boat involves a 20’6’’ length, and a beam length of 95” in total. This boat can comfortably handle a load capacity of 1,400 pounds, and is another wake boat offering an effective ballast system for improving wake structure and formation.

With ballast fully maximized, the ballast system on the Moomba Outback can accommodate a 275 pound ballast at full engagement. This is another wakeboarding boat that includes the Indmar Assault engine, which comes standard with 330 horsepower but can be easily upgraded to about 450 horsepower for those riders who desire extra speed and power. At around twenty or thirty thousand dollars on average, the Moomba Outback is a great wakeboarding boat for serious riders who happen to be on a smaller budget.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#4 – MasterCraft X-30 Wakeboarding Boat:

Another massive seller from MasterCraft, the X-30 wakeboarding boat is a popular boat for a variety of reasons. Perhaps above all, the MasterCraft X-30 is a boat that is capable of offering users elite performance with user-friendliness at the same time. In terms of gauges and displays, the MasterCraft X-30 offers a fantastic balance between analog and digital interfaces, given that it utilizes large analog gauges and also a digital interface for other functions. While the X-30 offers an impressive array of creature comforts, raw performance is not sacrificed in any capacity.

With a nearly 23 foot length and a 98 inch beam width, this boat is slightly above average in terms of its overall size dimensions. The MasterCraft X-30 is another wakeboarding boat that offers an elite Indmar marine engine, and in this case the specific engine model is an Indmar LTR VRS 5.7 liter EFI engine. This is truly a premium wake boat engine, offering a standard top speed of around 45-50 miles per hour depending on conditions. With a price tag hovering around $50,000.00 the MasterCraft X-30 is in no way a cheap or especially affordable wake boat, but for those who can afford it there are few boats that can match the performance and comfort it offers.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#5 – Ski Nautique 200 Wakeboarding Boat:

As any wakeboarding fan or competitor will already know, Ski Nautique is a top of the line brand and manufacturer of high end wakeboarding boats. Their Ski Nautique 200 wakeboarding boat is available in both a closed-bow and open-bow format, and depending on a buyer’s preference there are varying options of boat styles available. The Ski Nautique 200 features a more conventional or traditional wakeboarding boat design, and its classic yet modern look is a favorite of many people in the wakeboarding and waterskiing communities. The Ski Nautique 200 is a serious wakeboarding boat for serious athletes, and much less of a “chill boat” than some of the other competitive models from other companies.

This is to say that with a seating capacity of only seven, this boat is limited to serious riders and boat operators as opposed to other wake boats that incorporate much more auxiliary seating. In this way the Ski Nautique is an excellent boat for die-hard wakeboarders, but not the best choice for those wakeboarders who like equal parts riding and equal parts chilling with friends and family on the water. Featuring a length of twenty feet and a beam width of 95 inches, the Ski Nautique 200 offers a powerful ZR4 direct-injection engine design that can power the boat out of virtually any situation or water position. With pricing hovering around $50,000.00-$60,000.00, the Ski Nautique 200 is another premium wakeboarding boat, both in terms of pricing and performance.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#6 – Tige RZ4 Wakeboarding Boat:

Yet one more elite wakeboarding boat on our countdown, the Tige RZ4 is another expensive and high performance boat for some of the more serious wakeboarders out there. With overview specifications and dimensions of 23’11’’ in length and 8’6’’ of beam width, the Tige RZ4 is essentially an average sized wakeboarding boat. The Tige RZ4 is also similar to many other elite wakeboarding boats in the sense that it includes an Indmar marine engine that offers tremendous power for being a six-cylinder engine.

Built standard with an Indmar M57 5.7 liter engine, the Tige RZ4 offers wakeboarders strong power as the engine is rated at about 350 horsepower. The Tige RZ4 features a fuel capacity that is basically average comparatively speaking, with a tank that can hold 48 gallons of fuel at one time. At or above $60,000.00, the Tige RZ4 is another wakeboarding boat that is no joke in terms of both price and stock performance.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

#7 – Malibu Wake Setter 247 LSV Wakeboarding Boat:

Introducing yet another prominent wakeboarding boat designer and manufacturer, the Malibu Wake Setter 247 LSV wakeboarding boat is a high performance model that definitely has a place on this 2017 elite wakeboarding boats guide. The Malibu Wake Setter 247 LSV is probably the largest wakeboarding boat on our countdown here, with an overall length of 24’7’’ and a beam width of 102” in total. To give readers an idea of the amazing size and capacity of this wakeboarding boat from Malibu, this is a wake boat that can hold a capacity of seventeen people onboard at any one time.

That huge capacity stands in clear contrast against another wake boat like the Ski Nautique 200, since that boat can only hold about seven people compared to seventeen with the Malibu Wake Setter 247 LSV wakeboarding boat. The Wake Setter 247 LSV also has a massive fuel capacity, with its cavernous 78 gallon tank allowing wakeboarders to operate all day long without refueling. In order to compensate for this boat’s massive size and capacity, it comes standard with a powerhouse Monsoon 409/L96 6.0 liter CAT engine that offers operators a cool 410 horsepower right out of the factory. At almost $90,000.00, the Malibu Wake Setter 247 LSV is perhaps one of the most expensive boats on our countdown here, but that high price is definitely backed up by elite quality and construction.

Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season





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