VarialTV - Best Surf Gear of 2017

Best Surf Gear of 2017

VarialTV - Best Surf Gear of 2017

For serious surfers who love to catch waves all year round, you are going to need a broad array of equipment to do so effectively. To help you make the best gear selections, we have compiled a list of the best surf equipment items of 2017!

We all know surfers who refuse to upgrade their gear items, suggesting that if it isn’t actually broken, there is no need to replace it! This philosophy is nice in the sense that it can save money by not upgrading your surf gear items, but it can also really hold you back in terms of your surfing performance as well. It is easy to underestimate how much some new surf gear can revolutionize your surfing experiences, and that goes for everything ranging from new boards, new wetsuits, board waxes, surf travel bags, and so much more.

By identifying weak points in your surf gear arsenal, it becomes possible to eliminate these weaknesses and take your surfing game to the next level. Regardless of your skill level or dedication to the sport of surfing, you can always benefit from acquiring some new surf equipment. For all surfers on the fence about investing in some new gear, check out our list of the best surf gear of 2017!

For virtually all technically inclined surfers out there, Kelly Slater is definitely one of the undisputed titans of surfing. With that being said, it is no surprise that his company, Slater Designs, is busy churning out some of the most impressive short boards on the planet today. The 2017 Slater Designs Gamma Short Board is a perfect example of the immaculately designed boards coming out of Slater Designs these days, and it stands as a towering exemplification of where elite surfboard technology is in 2017.

The 2017 Slater Designs Gamma Short Board is available in two primary tech options, ranging from either the HE model and the LFT model. The HE version of the 2017 Gamma surfboard is characterized by exceptional buoyancy and light weight, since it utilizes the lightest foam in the Slater Designs arsenal. It also features new rail designs that use paulownia and balsa wood to further enhance the lightweight aspect of the Gamma short board. On the other hand, the LFT model is characterized by Linear Flex Technology that uses an aerospace composite running down the center line of the surfboard.

This gives the board unbelievable flex and pop, making it the perfect surfboard for doing big aerials and technical tricks where board flexibility becomes critical. Ideal for shredding waves ranging from about three to six feet in height, the Gamma is definitely an attack oriented surfboard and will not perform as well on big waves. A single concave design, combined with the distinct hip formation in the board shaping gives the 2017 Slater Designs Gamma Short Board a remarkably tight turning radius. It is possibly the most agile short board on the market right now, and at almost $800.00 you definitely get what you pay for with this model.

Best 2017 Summer and Winter Wetsuits

For a nice, lightweight, minimalist summer wetsuit, consider the 2017 Xcel 2mm Infiniti X2 Long Sleeve Springsuit. This spring and summer oriented wetsuit is produced by Xcel, and it is an ideal suit to wear when the water temps are a bit chilly and the air temps are mild. Rated for water temperatures ranging from 65-70 degrees F, the 2017 Xcel 2mm Infiniti X2 Long Sleeve Springsuit will keep you warm without being too hot for comfort.

Available in two color scheme options, this spring and summer wetsuit can be purchased in a beige looking Crocodile color variant, or in an All Black color. The sizing availability is quite broad, ranging from XS, to S, M, MS, M, MT, ML, LS, L, LT, XL, and XXL. Constructed using 100% Ultrastretch Neoprene material, the 2017 Xcel 2mm Infiniti X2 Long Sleeve Springsuit features a high degree of comfort and it has a tighter weave textile to help prevent the suit from absorbing too much water.

The Quick Dry Lining on this suit allows the suit to dry out rapidly, and this lining is composed of recycled polyester material. With its 2mm thickness, chest zip fit, and its glued/blind stitched seams, this is a seriously durable suit that will keep water out effectively for many uses. The Magnetic Zip Closure is another really cool aspect of this suit, since this system makes it easier to lock the zipper into place while surfing. Retailing around $170.00, the 2017 Xcel 2mm Infiniti X2 Long Sleeve Springsuit is actually relatively affordable considering its high quality.

For a more heavy-duty, cold water oriented wetsuit, consider the 2017 Quiksilver
4/3mm Syncro Series Chest Zip GBS Wetsuit. Quiksilver produces this suit, and they
are one of the top surfing equipment designers and manufacturers in the world
today. In addition to being especially warm and comfortable, this suit also looks
awesome as well and comes in two different color scheme options. The more eye-
catching color option is the Dark Ivy/Camo/Shrimp Pink suit design, and there is
also a more understated Black version of this suit.

With a 4/3mm thickness, the 2017 Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Series Chest Zip GBS
Wetsuit will keep you warm down to water temperatures of about 50-58 degrees F.
So while this is a great suit for mild winter surfing conditions, it is definitely not an
extreme cold Arctic surfing level suit. For that you would probably need a drysuit,
complete with full hood and footwear as well, which is definitely not a typical winter
surfing format.

Composed of a 92% nylon/polyamide and 8% elastane fiber blend, this suit is
exceptionally form-fitting and comfortable to wear. One interesting innovation on
this suit is the WarmFlight Far-Infrared thermal lining, which transforms body heat
into infrared energy to generate more warmth. With glued and blind stitched seams,
the 2017 Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Series Chest Zip GBS Wetsuit greatly reduces
excess water entry to help keep you much warmer in cold water surf conditions.
Retailing at almost $200.00, the 2017 Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Series Chest Zip
GBS Wetsuit is still pretty affordable for a nice mild winter surf wetsuit.

In the category of surfboard wax, this is territory where there is a lot of subjective
aspects involved. This is to say that unlike other gear items like wetsuits or
surfboards, where there are clear advantages involved, wax is something that comes
down to opinion in many ways. Of course, there are many objective aspects to
consider about a certain type or brand of surf wax, but it also has to do with surfer

Sticky Bumps is one of the best surf wax brands in terms of surfer reviews, sales,
and in terms of formulation variety as well. Founded in Encinitas, CA back in 1971,
Sticky Bumps is a tried and true brand that surfers all over the world have come to
rely on. Their waxes are exceptionally long lasting, easy to apply to any surfboard,
and they have different board-specific wax options.

Sticky Bumps is also known for having some of the best wax scents on the market
too, and while this is more of an aesthetic feature, it is still nice to have your board
smelling great after a wax instead of stinking up the car on the way home from a
session! Sticky Bumps offers waxes for surfboards, SUP boards, bodyboards, and
even skimboards too.

Their temperature variations include a Cool Wax (58F-68F), a Cold Wax (60F and
below), a Warm Wax (64F-74F), a Tropical Wax (75F and above), and a Hawaiian
Formula for especially hot water temperatures. With temperature variation like
that, Sticky Bumps has a surf wax for all types of surfers and surfing locations! With
prices ranging from about $9.00 through $25.00 depending on the wax formulation,
it is no surprise that Sticky Bumps has so many loyal customers around the world.

For surfers who want the absolute state of the art in surfing ear plugs, look no
further than the 2017 Waterproof Soft Silicone Surfing Ear Plugs by Seki Earplugs.
Seki Earplugs is a company that specializes in designing a broad range of athletic
earplugs for swimming, diving, and especially surfing. Their 2017 Waterproof Soft
Silicone Surfing Ear Plugs represent one of the most high quality options for surfers
to consider, with a high end price tag to match.

In addition to their exceptional quality and functionality, these surfing ear plugs also
look cool with their Neon Green/Black color scheme. One awesome feature behind
these surf ear plugs is the fact that they can totally block out water, while still
allowing sound to penetrate through. The amazing part is even though the plugs
completely prevent water entering the ears, there is almost zero sound loss while
wearing them.

They are also quite comfortable, with the soft silicone materials being very easy on
the ears so you don’t get uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time.
Eliminate ear infections and surfer’s ear permanently by investing in a pair of 2017
Waterproof Soft Silicone Surfing Ear Plugs by Seki Earplugs. Both antimicrobial and
hypoallergenic, these elite surfing earplugs will prevent the growth of dangerous
bacteria in addition to stopping allergic reactions too. Retailing at around $45.00,
the 2017 Waterproof Soft Silicone Surfing Ear Plugs by Seki Earplugs are a must-
have for any ear infection prone surfers out there.

For any experienced surfer who has ever spent the better part of a day under the blasting sun, you know how serious it is to protect your skin from extended UV exposure. And in the same line of thinking, experienced surfers who have tried lots of different sunblock formulations will also know that not every sunscreen will hold up to the elements of being out in the salt water all day. That is why companies are designing high quality, surfing specific sunblock formulas that provide impressive protection while also being durable and long lasting out in the ocean.

For the true state of the art in surfing sunblock formulas, consider the 2017 Surfmud Natural Zinc Sunblock formula for your next purchase. This elite formula is composed of 28% non-nano Zinc Oxide, which is awesome for its ability to provide all-day protection from harmful UV rays. Some sunscreen formulations are notorious for being unhealthy on the skin, but 2017 Surfmud Natural Zinc Sunblock is skin friendly and will not cause irritation or skin issues.

In addition to the 2018% Zinc Oxide formula, the 2017 Surfmud Natural Zinc Sunblock also contains lots of skin-friendly natural ingredients like organic beeswax, mineral oils, coconut oil, Australian clay, and more. It is also sold in a large 50 gram tin, so you won’t have to purchase new containers very often unless you are using massive quantities for every surf session. Retailing around $20.00 per tin, this sunscreen has a small price to pay for an elite surfing sunblock that will keep your skin safe all day while catching waves out in your local lineup!

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