Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

With snowboard binding technology seeing consistent improvements and innovations over the last several years, we take a look at some of the most outstanding snowboard bindings for the 2017 season.

What Kind of Snowboard Binding Innovations and Improvements Are Coming Along in 2017?

With regard to one of the most critical components of a snowboard setup, the bindings are without a doubt a make or break aspect of any board design. Without high integrity bindings on your snowboard, it becomes possible to lose your grip on the board, or experience some kind of even worse failure where a binding strap breaks or some other malfunction of that nature. In terms of the innovations and improvements coming along for snowboard binding designs in 2017, one must turn their attention to the types of materials and composites that go into constructing and molding snowboard bindings.

Given that the bindings must be lightweight but also incredibly strong to withstand the extreme forces of a moving snowboarder leaning and putting pressure on them, the big snowboarding companies have to constantly look at new composites for strengthening bindings and decreasing their weight ever so slightly. By using such innovations as Seamless EVA construction on newer bindings, and others like urethane dampening components that further improve binding feel and integrity, snowboarding bindings end up becoming more and more impressive over time.

Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

There is definitely a race between all the major brands and manufacturers to create the newest, hottest binding feature, and for that reason 2017 is yet another season that is already yielding some outstanding binding designs. Although at first glance snowboard bindings might seem simplistic, but a closer look will reveal that these components actually have a lot of variability in their designs. To help snowboarders everywhere select the best 2017 snowboard bindings for their board setup, we will be sharing some helpful information about the latest snowboard binding models.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Flow Style Snowboard Bindings Versus Conventional Strap Snowboard Bindings?

When it comes to considering some of the different snowboard binding designs that are out there in 2017, there is a newer distinction in schools of thought when it comes to the binding fasteners that varying designs use. This is to say that while there are strap binding designs quite prevalent in the marketplace today, there are also rear-entry or “Flow” bindings that utilize a different fastening mechanism.

Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Some of the pro aspects of using Flow bindings on your 2017 snowboard setup include faster, easier access most of the time, along with the advantage of pressure being distributed more evenly with Flow bindings than it would with strap bindings. Some of the con aspects of Flow bindings however, include that they can be tough to put on when snow is powdery and deep, and tend not to handle and turn as well as conventional strap bindings do. Another negative aspect of the Flow bindings include that they tend to have higher weights than the conventional strap binding styles, which can be a little less agile overall.

Conventional ratchet strap snowboard bindings are definitely a great choice for the 2017 season, and they utilize older tried and true technology that has stood the test of time. A major pro aspect of using ratchet bindings are that they can be adjusted quickly and with little effort, and small subtle tension changes are easy to perform on the mountain. Another positive aspect of the more conventional ratchet strap bindings is that they can offer a snowboarder extremely precise and tight handling, making turns and sharp edge holding an easy task.

Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

One of the negative aspects of conventional ratchet strap snowboard bindings is definitely a primary weakness of these bindings, and this has to do with the fact that many ratchet strap bindings put uneven pressure onto the rider’s feet. This can cause fatigue in the feet while riding, and sometimes it can actually create heightened discomfort. This problem with ratchet snowboard bindings can thankfully be mitigated, and the best mitigation measure is to find a ratchet binding model that uses a toe cup design which much more effectively distributes pressure across the foot.

Hottest New Snowboard Bindings for 2017:

#1 – 2017 Arbor Cyprus Snowboard Bindings:

Among the best designed conventional ratchet bindings available in 2017 are the Cyprus bindings by Arbor. Arbor is already well known for being a high integrity snowboard gear manufacturer, and their 2017 Cyprus bindings are no exception to that reputation. Although the 2017 Arbor Cyprus bindings are very well designed and built, they are not especially flashy or colorful in terms of their aesthetic. Actually, they are sort of drab with a black and gray color scheme, so people looking for a flashy, colorful, vibrant binding will want to check out some other models. Those who are looking for the true elite in 2017 conventional ratchet bindings, you simply must take a close look at the 2017 Arbor Cyprus snowboard bindings.

Featuring a partially fiberglass constructed baseplate that uses proprietary Arbor technology known as their X-Drive baseplate design, the 2017 Cyprus bindings are exceptionally strong and durable no matter what a snowboarder throws at them. Considering that Arbor gave a lifetime warranty on the baseplate for these bindings, it is easy to see that they are very confident in the integrity of their designs. Equipped with cast aluminum levering components and buckles too, these bindings utilize every available advantage in terms of increasing strength and durability while cutting down on weight. The adjustable extruded aluminum heelcup built into the 2017 Arbor Cyprus bindings are a great innovation on the classic ratchet binding design, and add more comfort and durability to the Arbor Cyprus bindings. At almost $200.00 these bindings are not cheap, but they are the true premium in ratchet bindings for 2017.

2017 Arbor Cyprus Snowboard Bindings - Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

#2 – 2017 Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings:

Burton is certainly a mainstay within the world of snowboarding and snowboarding gear, and their bindings match up with their towering and positive reputation among all kinds of snowboarders. For yet another premium ratchet style binding in 2017, the Burton Mission bindings are a solid choice for boarders of widely ranging skill levels. Similar to the 2017 Arbor Cyprus bindings, the 2017 Burton Mission bindings are somewhat drab with an all black theme and aesthetic. What they lack in flash and color, the 2017 Burton Mission bindings make up for in sheer performance. Burton is a company that has really solved some of the biggest issues with ratchet strap bindings, and they have done so with the kind of toecap straps that come on the 2017 Burton Mission bindings. These toecap straps help distribute weight around the feet, and prevent the kind of sharp and uneven pressure that more rudimentary binding straps would cause.

An innovative feature on the 2017 Burton Mission snowboard bindings is the inclusion of the proprietary Burton technology known as the SensoryBED Cushioning System. This cushion system design by Burton really does help to dampen shocks while riding, and can lessen impacts on your critical joints making for a more comfortable snowboarding experience. Another great feature is the Burton Reactstrap with Smooth Glide Buckles, allowing for extremely smooth action while putting on these bindings and while taking them off. The 2017 Burton Mission snowboard bindings have achieved a happy medium between flexibility and rigid control, which fosters comfort and maneuverability at the same time. Retailing around $200.00, the 2017 Burton Mission snowboard bindings are another great example of elite premium ratchet bindings for the 2017 season.

2017 Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings - Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

#3 – 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings:

Introducing a new model of Flow bindings available for the 2017 snowboarding season, the 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid bindings offer some real advantages to snowboarders this year. Like our previous two snowboard binding product showcases so far, these 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid bindings are also available in an all black color scheme. In addition to utilizing the active strap technologies that Flow bindings have become so famous for in recent years, the 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid bindings also have a glass-filled baseplate and hiback plate that are integrated with a highly durable nylon composite.

With regard to the flex rating on the 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid snowboard bindings, the manufacturer has designated them as being a 6/10 for flexibility. This kind of mid range flex is perfect for a Flow style binding, mainly because of the unconventional way in which snowboarders put their boots in and out of the binding baseplate area. In terms of 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid binding design innovations, the proprietary Locking Slap Ratchets allow a snowboarder to cut down on binding inconvenience and wait times even more than usual. Retailing around $225.00, the 2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid snowboard bindings are priced at a premium level, but with the level of engineering involved with this hardware it is easy to understand why.

2017 Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings - Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

#4 – 2017 Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings:

For another awesome 2017 conventional ratchet snowboard binding option, the Capo bindings by Ride are really well built and are becoming quite popular already. Another all black premium snowboard binding on our countdown, the 2017 Ride Capo snowboard bindings manage to look sleek and futuristic without using any wild colors or eye-catching gimmicks. Featuring a forged aluminum micro-disc baseplate construction, the 2017 Ride Capo bindings are extremely durable overall and their baseplates are likely tougher than any others out there on the market today. Utilizing a urethane rollbar component, the 2017 Ride Capo bindings do a lot to dampen vibrations, shocks, and impacts while snowboarding.

Dampening shocks might not be such a big deal for the backcountry powder riders, but for the terrain park junkies it is a definite game changer. Slamming landings on a compacted snow surface all day can become tough on the body, making shock absorption a major improvement. One additional proprietary design feature on the 2017 Ride Capo snowboard bindings is the ThinGripMax toe strap component, which is Ride’s answer to the classic problem of uneven distribution of pressure on the feet while snowboarding. Combine that with the AstroGlyde LT Ratchet designs on the 2017 Ride Capo snowboard bindings, and you’ve got an elite binding build that is taking over the field in 2017. As everyone knows you pay for quality, and that is definitely true with these 2017 bindings from Ride, given that they are retailing for almost $250.00 right now.

2017 Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings - Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

#5 – 2017 Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings:

Closing out our top five snowboard bindings countdown for the 2017 season, we take a look at the 2017 Rome 390 Boss conventional ratchet strap snowboard bindings. These bindings from Rome combine high performance with a flashier style, considering that the 2017 Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings are colored with gunmetal and bright yellow components. With a polycarbonate baseplate design, these bindings are durable without using price-inflating materials like different kinds of glass or fiberglass.

The 2017 Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings are also equipped with ConfirmGrip 2.0 toe straps, which is yet another interesting innovation designed to combat the problem of uneven pressure being exerted on the feet while snowboarding. The primary reason that the 2017 Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings utilize the number 390 in the title is that these bindings incorporate 390 Asym Highbacks in the overall design of the binding. These backs are really innovative in terms of weight reduction and how well they vent, while retaining their strength at the same time. With a mid level flex rating, the 2017 Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings are great for both the park and the backcountry too. Retailing at around $175.00, these bindings are great for 2017 because they can save some money while delivering high end performance as well.

2017 Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings - Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017



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