Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

Skateboarding is definitely one of those extreme sports where decks, wheels, trucks, and more components tend to need frequent replacement for people who skate a lot. For that reason, watching for new skateboarding tech updates is critical. Click here today for free access to this 2017 skateboarding equipment buyer’s guide!

Why Is Skateboarding An Extreme Sport With One of The Highest Equipment Recycle Rates?

As anyone who has even a basic proficiency and background in skateboarding will probably know, it is an extreme sport that is marked by very frequent turnover in gear items for people who skate a lot. This is especially true for street style skateboarding, where skaters will typically be clearing large stair sets, ledges, board sliding narrow rails and surfaces, and other maneuvers that put a great deal of stress on critical components. Some of these critical components that bear a lot of force and stress while skating include skateboard decks, trucks, truck bushings, bearings, and others that can easily break when a large amount of force ends up being exerted on the components.

Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

Although there are many critical skateboarding components that can break under great force and structural stresses, skateboard decks are most likely going to be the easiest component to break out of the entire list. There are so many different scenarios where a deck can snap, and they can also snap in several different ways. Some of these different deck snap patterns can be a mid-line snap where the board simply cracks in half, or the nose of the deck can snap off, as can the tail. Skateboard decks are built with several ply’s to dramatically increase their strength and durability, but even with that reinforced strength they do tend to break fairly often.

This is markedly different than, for example, a snowboard or a surfboard which are generally much more difficult to break than a wooden skateboard deck. Given that skateboard decks and other skate components break much more often than equipment for other extreme sports, the gear turnover for these components is often very high for those individuals who like to skateboard frequently.

Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

For this reason, covering the newest updates to critical skateboarding components coming out for the 2017 skating season is very important in terms of informing skateboarders about what the best options are for their 2017 season. To benefit those skateboarders who haven’t yet looked into what their equipment options are for 2017, we have compiled some of the best 2017 gear options that will be presented here now.

Pros and Cons of Buying New Skateboarding Gear in 2017, Compared to Waiting Another Year Until 2018

When it comes to weighing options for whether or not to purchase new skateboarding equipment items for the 2017 season, or to wait until the 2018 season and see what comes out then, it is important to consider the pros and cons of those options. One of the pros of buying new gear items for the 2017 season is definitely going to be that you won’t have to ride a whole extra year using old, outdated, or excessively worn out equipment items.

Not only can riding on dilapidated skateboard components compromise the quality of your skateboarding, it can also compromise your safety in terms of sudden failure or breaking of a critical board component while riding. That is a major con of waiting until 2018 to buy your new skateboarding decks and other components, and if you are skating on old or worn out skateboarding components you are definitely putting yourself at a much higher risk of injury in the event of a catastrophic breakage on your skateboard.

Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

Another pro aspect of buying new skateboarding gear and components for the 2017 season is that even though there will likely be design improvements in 2018, the fact of the matter is that the amount of improvement and innovation tends to be negligible in terms of a year on year basis. With that in mind, it is a positive aspect of investing in new gear items in 2017 instead of waiting an entire extra year.

One potential con aspect of waiting until 2018 to buy new skateboarding equipment items involves a kind of gamble, in terms of the gamble that the options in 2018 will be better than the 2017 skateboard components lines from various companies and manufacturer. You never know what year will yield the best designs, so with that being said, it is important to acknowledge that it is a gamble whether to invest in new gear in 2017, or wait to see what designs the next year will yield.

Best New Skateboard Decks Coming in 2017

Many skateboarders will agree that your deck is probably the most important component for your riding style, given that its width, length, concave type, and other characteristics are going to determine the type of skateboarding that you can engage in. For example, street skateboarders will usually need to find a deck that has a relatively shorter width, as this will permit much easier execution of complex flip tricks and other technical maneuvers that require a less wide and easier to flip deck dimension.

On the other hand, those skateboarders who prefer to ride in a vert skating style will usually need to find a deck that is designed with a much bigger width since that extra width helps to promote heightened stability and control at high speeds and on large vert ramps. As long as you understand your own skateboarding style, narrowing down your best options for skateboard decks for the 2017 season should be a fairly simple and straightforward task. To benefit those skateboarders looking for a new deck in the 2017 season, we will include awesome product options for both street and vert skateboarders.

#1 – Street Decks – Chocolate Anderson Original Chunk Skateboard Deck:

Starting out with a phenomenally well designed street skateboarding deck, we are presenting the Anderson Original Chunk Skateboard Deck by the popular skateboard designer and manufacturer known as Chocolate. This is a professional street skateboarding deck, with the attached pro being Kenny Anderson who rides for the Chocolate team. This is a deck that has a 7.25’’ width, making it a perfect deck for street skating since it has a short width that allows for easier and more precise flip tricks and accurate street skating maneuvers.

Not only is the width perfect for street skating, but the construction is also good for street since you need a high durability rating to hold up under intense street skateboarding. The Chocolate Anderson Original Chunk Skateboard Deck is made of extremely durable Traditional Maple ply, and these maple wood ply’s allow for impressive longevity on this deck. This street skateboard deck is without a doubt one of the best options for the upcoming 2017 skating season. At around $50.00, this deck is definitely at a premium price point, but it is the best of the best for street decks.

Street Decks – Chocolate Anderson Original Chunk Skateboard Deck

#2 – Street Decks – Girl Malto Mini ’93 Til OG Skateboard Deck:

Another exceptional street skateboarding deck, and another professional model as well, is definitely going to be the 2017 Malto Mini ’93 Til OG street deck by Girl Skateboards. This deck features a somewhat minimalistic graphic design, and it is a design that harkens back to an earlier time in skateboarding. While this deck is instilled with skateboarding culture and nostalgia, in terms of its design and construction it is definitely among the cutting edge and state of the art in skateboarding today.

This is another street skateboarding deck that features the relatively shorter 7.25’’ width, giving it the ideal dimensions for flip tricks and the kinds of highly precise, technical tricks and maneuvering that most closely characterizes street skating. This is another professional deck, and the Girl Team pro that is featured on this deck is named Sean Malto. This is also another maple ply constructed deck, making it exceptionally strong and capable of handling the abuses of street skating. At around $50.00, this deck isn’t among the cheapest, but it is among the best available in 2017.

Street Decks – Girl Malto Mini ’93 Til OG Skateboard Deck

#1 – Vert Decks – Friendship Coexist Skateboard Deck:

A newer vert skating deck to come on the market for the 2017 skateboarding season, the Coexist deck by Friendship features an exceptional shaping, as well as advantageous width and dimensions for vert skateboarding. Although many more traditional vert decks often have a kind of fish shaping and dynamic to them, with a larger nose and slightly smaller, somewhat tapered tail, the Friendship Coexist has a more innovative vert design. The 2017 Friendship Coexist vert skateboard deck features a more elliptical or oval shape, with a relatively even rounding on both the nose and the tail.

This allows for the utmost precision no matter how the skateboarder is oriented, whether that be in a switch, nollie, or regular riding stance. The symmetry of the design and shaping on the 2017 Friendship Coexist Skateboard Deck is an awesome innovation, and makes this a highly recommended deck for vert skateboarders in 2017. With a deck width of 8.875’’, this deck is also sufficiently wide to give vert skaters great stability even on the biggest ramps and at high speeds. At $50.00, this vert deck is well worth the money for the 2017 skateboarding season.

Vert Decks – Friendship Coexist Skateboard Deck

#2 – Vert Decks – Welcome Magic Bunny Skateboard Deck:

A brand new 2017 vert skateboarding deck to consider this year is definitely the Magic Bunny vert deck by Welcome Skateboarding. This deck has a great sizing and width for vert skateboarders, given that its 9.0’’ width offers exceptional stability and control on vert ramps and at very high speeds. Unlike the Friendship Coexist vert deck, the Welcome Magic Bunny vert deck features a slightly different and highly innovative deck shaping.

The shaping is a mixture of classic vert deck design and modern, brand new design qualities, given that it features a slightly larger nose and tapered tail, with a highly pronounced concave. This deck has a very unique artistry element to it, and the designer and artist that worked on this 2017 vert deck by Welcome was Jason Celaya. At $50.00, this vert deck could be well worth the investment for those vert skateboarders who are looking for a slightly different and more innovative design and shaping overall.

Vert Decks – Welcome Magic Bunny Skateboard Deck

Best New Skateboard Wheels, Bearings, and Trucks in 2017

#1 – Best 2017 All-Around Skateboard Wheels – Ricta Clouds 78a 56mm Skateboard Wheels:

Ricta is a skateboard wheel designer and manufacturer that has been in the game for many years now, and their reputation is truly exceptional among many skateboarding circles. Their 2017 Ricta Clouds skateboard wheel is going to be an awesome choice for versatile, all-around skateboard wheels heading into the 2017 season. This is because both the hardness rating and the wheel size are both quite moderate, and can handle street skating, vert skating, and anything in-between without any trouble.

With a white and light blue color scheme on these wheels, it is no surprise why Ricta named them “Clouds”, and these great looking wheels will look nice on a variety of different setups and board aesthetics. At around $30.00 for a set of four, the 2017 Ricta Cloud wheels are a great choice for all-around skateboarding wheels.

Best 2017 All-Around Skateboard Wheels – Ricta Clouds 78a 56mm Skateboard Wheels

#2 – Best 2017 All-Around Skateboard Bearings – Andale Pen Bearings Paul Rodriguez Pro Model:

For our recommended skateboard bearings in 2017, we wanted to present a bearing that is both new, and at the absolute premium end of the bearings spectrum. In 2017 it is going to be very difficult to beat the Andale Pen bearings, not only due to their amazingly flashy appearance and elite construction, but also due to their high profile endorsement by veteran skateboarding professional, Paul Rodriguez.

Although it would be easy to recommend a tried and true bearings favorite like Bones Swiss or Reds, we went out of our way to find a unique bearing for the 2017 skating season. The Andale Pen Paul Rodriguez bearings are unrivaled in terms of their appearance, with these gold and white bearings offering an aesthetic that you really can’t find anywhere else. Retailing at around $30.00, these are bearings that charge a premium price for premium quality.

Best 2017 All-Around Skateboard Bearings – Andale Pen Bearings Paul Rodriguez Pro Modell

#3 – Best 2017 Conventional Skateboard Trucks – Tensor Split Racer Skateboard Trucks – Joey Brezinski:

Presenting one of the most elite midsize, all-around, conventional skateboard trucks for the 2017 skating season, the Tensor Split Racer Skateboard Trucks are a fantastic option to consider. Not only are these trucks clean and flashy looking with a shiny silver and white coloration with a smaller red logo on them, they are also lightweight and highly durable, constructed from standard aluminum components. These are midsize trucks that will work well on a fairly broad range of deck sizes and dimensions, making them a great all-around truck option for 2017.

These are professional trucks, and they are designed for Tensor team pro Joey Brezinski. With a 5.5 size rating, these are extremely versatile trucks that should fit well on many different board types. For people with exceptionally large vert decks they might be too small, but otherwise they are good for a broad range of deck dimensions. At almost $60.00 these Tensor trucks are well within the highest premium price range for trucks, but are well worth it for trucks that will last a long time and sustain a lot of abuse.

Tensor Split Racer Skateboard Trucks – Joey Brezinski:

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