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Rev Up Your Ride: The Ultimate Guide to the Best New BMX Gear of 2023!

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Best New BMX Gear Rundown for 2023

Although BMX is one extreme sport where year-to-year equipment updates might be less than certain other extreme sports, some years offer lots of innovative new gear items. 2023 is definitely a great season for BMX developments, and we have taken the time to review some of the best new gear out there, regardless of what you might be looking for this season.

From the hottest new bikes, grips, components, shoes, and way more, you are going to love reading through our compilation of the best items for 2023. Summer and autumn are some of the best times for BMX, as the weather and conditions are typically best for riding, depending on where you might live. No matter what your BMX riding style might happen to be, there will probably be something on our 2023 BMX gear rundown that will catch your attention!

2023 Wethepeople Reason BMX Bike

2023 Wethepeople Reason BMX Bike

New from Wethepeople in 2023, their Reason BMX bike is definitely getting some attention in the BMX world. Founded way back in 1996 in the city of Cologne, Germany, Wethepeople has steadily risen through the ranks of the BMX world to become one of the most prestigious brand and BMX bike designers on earth.

The company was started by Klaus Dyba and Harry Schmidt, and these two German pioneers of BMX design have introduced some of the best BMX bike builds that have been seen anywhere in the world. Over 25 years later, Wethepeople is still competing with the best BMX companies out there, and their 2023 Reason BMX Bike is a strong testament to that enduring competitive edge.

Designed for highly aggressive street BMX riding, the 2023 Reason BMX bike from Wethepeople is set up for hitting very technical street combinations and lines straight out of the box. This bike does feature a freecoaster, making it a perfect setup for dealing with fakie riding, or any kind of backwards maneuvering on the bike. If you are a rider that likes to hit a lot of backwards tricks and landings, the 2023 Wethepeople Reason BMX Bike could be the perfect option for you.

This is definitely a premium bike, featuring a full chromoly fork that is built with a 15mm offset, which allows the rider to hit nose manuals with much less effort than other bikes that are designed with different geometry. A lot of the premium components on the 2023 Reason are Salt brand components, further increasing the overall quality and premium nature of the build. The 2023 Reason is also equipped with two pegs and four hub guards, so you can hit absolutely anything and everything you want to on this bike.

Built with a 4130 Full Chromoly frame, also with a tapered chainstay and seatstay, the 2023 Reason is outfitted with a SaltPlus Reason Fork that has a Butted Chromoly Steerer on a 15mm offset. With its Salt Pro headset featuring integrated sealed bearings, the stem on the 2023 Reason is also from Salt, as it is a Top Load Salt Zion with a 50mm reach. Wethepeople decided to put their own in-house bars on the bike, and their own flangeless 165mm grips.

The bars are 4-piece, 4130 full chromoly, with dimensions of 3-degree upsweep, 11-degree backsweep, 29.5” wide and 9” rise. The cranks on the 2023 WTP Reason BMX bike are Salt Revo, full chromoly three piece square profile and 8-spline, measuring a 165mm length. Featuring Wethepeople Logic pedals made of nylon and fiberglass, this elite BMX bike is also outfitted with a Salt AM Z1-type chain.

With a 9-Tooth driver, the 2023 Reason BMX bike from WTP comes with a Salt Valon front rim that has a single wall 36mm measurement, and 36 holes. The front hub is a Salt Pro alloy with sealed bearings, and a 3/8” axle, and the rear hub is a Salt Pro freecoaster that also has sealed bearings with a 14mm axle. The rear rim is a SaltPlus Summit, Double wall measuring 36mm and 36 holes.

The 2023 Reason features a Salt AM allow brake lever, actuating a Eclat Talon alloy U-brake. Being sold in matte black, the 2023 Reason BMX bike weighs a full 27.2lbs and is currently retailing between $650 and $700 USD, depending on your chosen retailer.

2023 Kink Williams BMX Bike

2023 Kink Williams BMX Bike

The 2023 Kink Williams is a new flagship bike for the Kink BMX lineup, and it is really intended to be one of the best premium pro BMX bikes on the market for 2023. This bike was designed for, and in conjunction with, one of the Kink Pro team’s best athletes, none other than Nathan Williams.

This pro model BMX bike for 2023 is Kink’s aim at a truly no compromise bike, engineered with the riding style and preferences of Nathan Williams in mind. The Kink team wanted something that would match or closely emulate the BMX setups that Nathan is accustomed to using in competition, and Kink states that they would compare this bike to literally any other premium BMX bike offering in the world. They are that confident about the design and build, as this bike uses tons of high-end after market parts and the best materials available.

The frame on the 2023 Kink Williams uses both a double-butted downtube plus toptube, and is conjoined to Kink Origin bike forks that feature a 30mm offset. The bars on the 2023 Kink Williams are four piece 9.25” raised up and heat-treated handlebars. The list of high end components just keeps on going with this bike, as it uses a Cinema Beta 25t guard sprocket, Cinema Williams 2.5” tires, a Cinema Sync half-link chain component, and topping it all off with a Cinema Martinez stem.  

In addition, the 2023 Kink Williams Pro BMX bike also comes with Kink Ridge 48-spline cranks, four Cinema C4 nylon pegs, Cinema ZX wheelset plus four nylon hub guards. It is definitely safe to say that the 2023 Kink Williams is an absolute beast of a pro BMX bike straight out of the box. The Kink Williams is being sold in an attractive Matte Forge Blue color, and is retailing around $900 USD.

2023 Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Pedals  

2023 Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Pedals

Some of the absolutely coolest and most high quality BMX platform pedals on the market in 2023 are the Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Pedals. With a sleek, attractive, and minimal design while still having a substantial footprint, the Crankbrothers Stamp 11s are one of the best platform pedals you can buy in 2023.

Designed in black with gold highlights, these pedals will mesh with most BMX bike aesthetics, while also being very eye catching and looking higher quality than just a basic flat black pedal. Constructed from forged, machined aluminum, the platforms have a lightweight titanium spindle that gives them remarkable strength that is pretty much unbreakable under typical use conditions.

These pedals feature premium bearings that are sealed with a double seal system, and the pedals have ten adjustable traction pins on either side. The small pedal offering is designed for USA shoe sizes of 5-10, and the large pedal is geared toward shoe sizes of 10-15. Pedal to shoe ratio can be a unique preference of each rider, but Crankbrothers gives you a good idea of what to expect from both pedal sizes with their ratings.

The platform dimensions are 100mm by 100mm for the small pedal, and 114mm by 111mm for the larger pedal. 6061-T6 aluminum is used for the platform material, and the pair of small pedals has a combined total weight of 199g, while the large pair has a significantly higher overall combined weight of 325g. Selling around $300 USD, these pedals are definitely one of the most premium and well-built options for platform style BMX pedals in 2023.

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