Best Moto Gear of 2017 - VarialTV

Best Moto Gear of 2017

Best Moto Gear of 2017 - VarialTV

“Consistently updating your motocross gear can help to constantly optimize your riding performance! 2017 brought a lot of cutting edge moto gear items to market, and you can check out some of these items at VarialTV now!”

Out of all the main extreme sports in the world, motocross is one where having high
quality gear items can completely revolutionize your riding experience! Compared
to another extreme sport like skateboarding, where even sub-par equipment can
deliver a similar riding experience to elite equipment items, motocross is different
in the sense that low quality gear can ruin your ride. For this reason, it helps to stay
current on all the newest and best moto gear items to help optimize your ride. Don’t
be left in the dust; find out how you can invest in the best moto gear of 2017 to
improve your game!

Best 2017 Moto Helmet: 2017 Shoei VFX-W Helmet

2017 Shoei VFX-W Helmet

For our 2017 best moto helmet category, we have selected the 2017 Shoei VFX-W
Helmet as our number one pick. This is definitely a premium moto helmet at a
premium price point, so while it delivers the absolute apex of quality it also carries a
substantial retail price as well. This Snell-rated helmet is a pro level moto helmet,
and it is designed to be an especially light, Featherweight rated model.

This gives riders exceptional agility out on the track or the trail, without feeling top-
heavy or weighted down in any kind of way. Feeling top-heavy is a typical problem
that motocross athletes will encounter when they are using a helmet that has too
much weight on it, and this weight issue has definitely been addressed and fixed
with the 2017 Shoei VFX-W Helmet. Weighing in at only 3.13 pounds, you will never
have to worry about excess weight with this helmet.

Sold in Pure Orange, Brilliant Yellow, Silver, White, and Matte Black, motocross
athletes also have a lot of aesthetic and color scheme options to choose from. Shoei
has made this helmet so lightweight and strong at the same time by using their
proprietary Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) construction, which combines
organic and synthetic fibers to form a shell structure that is rigid, lightweight, and

The flow-through ventilation is excellent on the 2017 Shoei VFX-W Helmet, by
combining front intake vents with connected rear vent ports. The liner on this
helmet is also impressive, featuring a Max-Dry material that absorbs and wicks
moisture twice as efficiently compared to conventional nylon liners. Retailing at just
over $350.00, this helmet is definitely not the cheapest option on the market right
now but it is one of the highest quality.

2017 Oakley O Frame MX Goggles

Oakley is a company known for making elite quality optics and eyewear across a
range of conventional and extreme sports. Their motocross optics are just as good
or better than any other competing manufacturer, and a perfect example of this high
quality can be found in their 2017 Oakley O Frame MX Goggles. Not only are these O
Frame moto goggles by Oakley a high-end product, but they also look awesome and
are quite affordable as well.

Sold in Jet Black/Dark Gray, Flo Red/Clear, Yellow Blue/Black Ice Iridium, Matte
Black/Clear, and Jet Black/Clear, the 2017 Oakley O Frame MX goggles are highly
versatile in terms of their aesthetics. Featuring a triple layered face foam fleece
composite, these goggles are excellent at wicking away sweat and grime in order to
keep your vision clear and unobstructed while riding.

The specialized Lexan lens is anti-fog, scratch resistant, and impact resistant as well,
further adding to the durability of these exceptional moto goggles. Resizing these
moto goggles is a breeze as well, with the extra beefy, extra wide adjustable elastic
headband strap. Retailing at around $50.00, the 2017 Oakley O Frame MX Goggles
are an easy and inexpensive way to update your moto gear arsenal!

2017 Klim Mojave Pro Gloves

Klim is a motocross gear company that is constantly raising the bar in terms of what
elite moto gear should be. Their 2017 Klim Mojave Pro Gloves are a perfect example
of the kind of quality and innovation that they bring to the table, for a variety of
different reasons. The 2017 Klim Mojave Pro Gloves are definitely desert and hot
weather oriented moto gloves, since they are so effective at venting air through the
glove while still retaining hand protection and durability.

Featuring a Pittards Microvent leather palm construction, complete with the air-
moving chassis of the Mojave Glove family by Klim, it is hard to find a better glove
for hand air ventilation. No more sweaty, clammy hands when you use the 2017
Klim Mojave Pro Gloves, since they will always keep the air circulating through the
glove. These moto gloves also feature Poron XRD Extreme Impact foam on the
knuckles and fingers, helping to protect hands while riding without sacrificing any
ventilation or breathability.

Velcro wrist closures also help to keep the fit nice and snug on these gloves, and you
will never have to worry about them loosening up while riding. For nighttime safety,
these gloves also incorporate 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the back of the
hand to make the rider bright and visible in darkness. Retailing around $80.00, the
2017 Klim Mojave Pro Gloves aren’t exactly cheap, but they are some of the highest
quality moto gloves for 2017!

2017 Fox Racing Airframe Chest Protector

For motocross athletes looking for the absolute elite quality chest protector, the
2017 Fox Racing Airframe Chest Protector is a great product to consider. While it is
slightly more affordable than some of the most expensive 2017 moto chest
protectors, it is still a premium gear item with a substantial price tag. Featuring a
rugged and sleek looking black, white, and silver appearance, this chest protector is
both practical and attractive looking.

It is tough to go wrong with Fox Racing moto gear, and the 2017 Fox Racing
Airframe Chest Protector is no exception. Featuring shock-absorbing Lexan
polycarbonate rear and front panels, and Lycra-lined Bio-foam comfort padding, the
designers at Fox Racing have spared no expense in the development of this high end
product. Also featuring fully adjustable and removable arm guard components, the
2017 Fox Racing Airframe Chest Protector is versatile and capable of being easily

Built with a Kevlar-reinforced torsion hinge component, this chest protector also
has a two-piece rear panel section for added support and protection. Retailing
around $100.00 depending on which seller you do business with, the 2017 Fox
Racing Airframe Chest Protector is fairly affordable considering how high the
quality rating is.

Best 2017 Moto Neck Brace: 2017 Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace

2017 Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace

For our selection of the best 2017 moto neck brace, the 2017 Alpinestars BNS Tech
Carbon Neck Brace
has definitely fit that bill. Not only is this neck brace awesome
looking, but it is also immaculately designed to be one of the highest performing
moto neck braces for 2017. Sold in a bright Anthracite Red/White color scheme, this
neck brace is both attractive and functional.

Featuring a Bionic Neck Support system, this moto neck brace is designed to re-
direct impact forces away from the neck and spine area in the event of a collision or
accident. Made using high end carbon fiber materials, the 2017 Alpinestars BNS
Tech Carbon Neck Brace is about as durable as it gets for moto neck brace products.
The padding is constructed from Compressed EVA Foam material, making it
comfortable and rugged at the same time. The X-Strap System equipped on the 2017
Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace allows this brace to fit flawlessly and
seamlessly onto the rider, without a lot of play or wiggling around during riding.

One of the best parts about the 2017 Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace, and a
key selling point, is the fact that it is about 40% lighter when compared to other
current Alpinestars moto neck brace models. Retailing at around $200.00, the 2017
Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace is certainly not cheap, but it is tough to put
a price on your health and well being considering this neck brace could literally save
your life in the event of a crash!

2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants

Although they represent a less essential moto gear item when compared to other
more critical gear elements, having a nice pair of moto pants can definitely improve
your riding experience. A perfect example of an elite 2017 pair of moto pants can be
found in the 2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants. Available in a bright Flo Yellow color
scheme, or an all black color variation, buyers will have a little bit of flexibility in
terms of the product color scheme and aesthetics.

The 2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants are also available in a wide range of sizing options,
going from size 28, through 30, 32, 34, 38, and size 40 being the largest available
option. Constructed using 600D polyester nylon materials, the main shell of these
pants is highly durable and lightweight all at the same time. Designed to have a
relaxed, over the boot capability, you will always feel comfortable and unrestricted
while wearing the 2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants.

For added versatility, the 2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants can also have the lower leg
sections zipped off to turn into shorts for those extra hot days. Full-grain leather
inner knee panels add extra protection and durability to these pants, and large cargo
pockets ensure that you can carry personal effects with you while riding if
necessary. Retailing around $60.00, the 2017 Shift Recon Moto Pants offer great
value for the money!

2017 Fox Racing Comp 5 Moto Boots

Sold in both a Yellow-Grey and an Orange-Black color scheme option, the 2017 Fox
Racing Comp 5 Moto Boots
are elite quality moto boots that look sleek and athletic
in their appearance. Durability is a massive element of selecting a high end
motocross boot, and the 2017 Fox Racing Comp 5 Moto Boots are exceptionally
durable and designed to last a long time.

Combining a perfect medium of flexibility and rigid stiffness, the 2017 Fox Racing
Comp 5 Moto Boots are high performing boots that will not let you down on the
track or out on the trail. High quality, durable alloy buckles on the 2017 Fox Racing
Comp 5 Moto Boots are extremely easy to use and offer a wiggle-free closure that
will keep your boots snug and secure while riding. Also featuring a reinforced shin
plate for added protection, the 2017 Fox Racing Comp 5 Moto Boots can help
prevent even minor impact injuries to the lower legs and shins.

Comfort is obviously important for moto boots as well, and the 2017 Fox Racing
Comp 5 Moto Boots are designed to give riders all day support and comfort without
chafing or blistering at all. Sold in sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, the 2017 Fox Racing
Comp 5 Moto Boots are versatile moto boots that are perfect for beginner through
intermediate motocross athletes. Retailing around $130.00, the 2017 Fox Racing
Comp 5 Moto Boots are somewhat pricey, but they definitely deliver high end
performance at the same time.

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