Best Longboard Completes For 2020

Best Longboard Completes For 2020

No matter what skill level you are in longboarding and downhill skate, there is just something really cool about picking up a fresh new complete for some shredding or relaxed cruising. Fresh brand new wheels, bearings, trucks, and deck can give a sense of performance that feels snappy and unencumbered by the wear and tear of older boards.

Best Longboard Completes For 2020

Longboard completes are a major part of the longboarding retail space, since beginners and people trying to get into the sport for the first time would usually rather just buy a whole complete longboard, rather than try to determine each component to buy on their own. Whether walking around your local mall, or shopping online, there are tons of longboard completes available on the market today, so it can be tough to know where to begin!

We wanted to take the confusion and difficulty our of your search for the next longboard complete to add to your board arsenal, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best longboard completes for 2020 here in this article. In this longboard completes rundown, we will include different types of completes and deck designs, so that longboarders of all skill level and riding style can find something that suits their needs.

#1 – 2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete

2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete

For a sleek, well-built, no-frills longboard complete, check out the 2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete. This jet-black complete is built with a black deck, black wheels, black trucks, and even black bushings on the trucks! This board looks fast and aggressive just sitting there, and it has the kind of versatile, all-around performance that you want in a longboard complete.

From cruising, to mild downhill, to even technical tricks using the board’s kicktail feature, there is not very much you cannot do on the Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete! One group of longboarders who would especially love the 2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete are those who have previous skateboarding skills.

Either in basic street or vert style skateboarding, riders who have a skateboarding proficiency will love the ability to use the kicktail for kick turning on ramps, ollies, boardslides, grinds, and more. Not many longboards are designed to have a kicktail, so we wanted to make sure and include one for the longboarders who prefer all-around skating that encompasses every conceivable style of riding.

The 2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete fits that bill perfectly, and at a remarkably affordable price of $190.00 for the entire complete! Part of the lower price is that the 2020 Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete is not really using state of the art, brand name components, but Landyachtz is enough of a trusted brand in longboarding equipment that you can rest assured they are using quality, no-name brand parts to build their completes.

#2 – 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete

2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete

For a non-kicktail longboard, and a great example of a drop-through style longboard (trucks drop through the deck instead of being mounted conventionally), check out the 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete! Arbor is a trusted name in longboarding and board sports in general, and they also have a substantial presence in the snowboarding space as well.

With that being said, Arbor set out to design a super buttery, smooth riding, cruise and downhill oriented longboard that sort of mimicked the low center of gravity, smooth ride of snowboarding. They achieved that design goal in their 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete, and this board is an absolutely smooth riding piece of equipment. Whether using your Arbor Axis for a leisurely ride into the office, or an aggressive hill bomb, this board will perform smoothly in all applications.

One of the longer boards on this list, the 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete comes in at 40” in length. The 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete is a directional board shaping, meaning it is intended to ride one way, and again this board is a drop-through truck styling.

Reminiscent of its surfing, snowboarding type of buttery smooth ride feel, the bottom deck styling of the Arbor Axis includes an image of a surfer riding a big wave on the top half, and a rich wood grain on the bottom half that compliments the clear-brown translucent wheels quite well. The top or grip part of the deck has a cool Arbor logo on the deck, giving a little bit of style to the grip side of the deck as well.

This excellent Cruise/Carve/Freeride longboard comes with a one-year warranty from Arbor, showing that Arbor really stands behind the build quality and durability of this board. Retailing at $180.00, the 2020 Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete is a great value for any longboarder looking for a downhill or cruiser board to add to their collection.

#3 – 2020 Loaded Omakase Longboard Complete

2020 Loaded Omakase Longboard Complete

Another fantastic longboard complete that has extremely high ride versatility, is the 2020 Loaded Omakase Longboard Complete. This is another all-around board that does come designed with a kicktail feature, allowing for technical maneuvering and intense riding in all formats. At 33.5” in length and 10” in width, this certainly isn’t one of the longer boards out there, but it still does qualify for being defined as a longboard.

A remarkably tough and durable longboard, the Omakase Complete deck is constructed using Bamboo and Fiberglass, with a stiff flex and medium concave. There really isn’t much that this board cannot do, from cruise, to freeriding, to downhill bombing, to basic push cruising, and even aggressive slides, this board can handle pretty much whatever you throw at it.

Not only is the 2020 Loaded Omakase Longboard Complete designed exceptionally well, outfitted with the best components, and durable, but it also looks great too. Featuring a rich wood grain pattering on the bottom of the deck, this board has a sleek style while also having a natural look to it as well. The reddish wood grain of the deck style, along with the cool Omakase logo on the deck, makes for a nice looking yet almost understated aesthetic.

Assembled with DBS Abec 7 bearings, 70mm, 78a Dano Downhill wheels, and Yocaher Longboard Trucks, this is one of the completes we are looking at that actually is equipped with some high end components. For this reason, the 2020 Loaded Omakase Longboard Complete costs a bit more than our previous completes, retailing around $215.00 depending on where you get it.

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