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The 2023 FOX Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) has wrapped with the season finishing on a high after a historic and memorable year, highlighted by record gate numbers and increases across the board in key growth metrics, which cements series prospects and the expansion of rounds.

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With a 77% increase in overall gate numbers from 2022, and 135% per round across the SX1, SX2, SX3 and 85cc classes, it has been the largest volume of riders in recent history for the Championship ensuring AUSX is poised for a promising 2024.

Equally fan engagement metrics were noteworthy with a 10% YOY uplift in event attendance per round, 80% increase in minutes watched per event via broadcast, and significant improvements with social media including increases of more than 35M+ in overall reach and 5M+ YOY of video views.

After setting goals to support the growth of supercross in Australia through new initiatives and programs Championship Director, Kelly Bailey, is thrilled with the final 2023 numbers spanning gates, crowds, viewership, social and fan engagement through to the booming support across the industry.

“2023 was always about growth and building the championship’s foundations from the ground up with the right programs, people, more industry integration and well executed events,” said Bailey.

“We reset the series this year wanting to develop stronger links with teams, manufacturers through to media as well as deliver growth initiatives that drove gate numbers, which we’re so proud of being able to achieve.

“From the revival and success of 85cc racing, our Privateer Support Program, a 40% increase in prize money, improved industry collaboration, greater connection with supercross fans via social media and plenty of media coverage – a lot has been accomplished and we’re excited to continue this momentum into 2024.

“We’ve said before the more gates filled and higher engagement numbers leads to larger events and audiences creating opportunities for increased exposure, prize money, sponsorship, and broadcast. We’re on that path, with new prospects in front of us, which is significant for the sport in Australia.”

A 2024 AUSX calendar announcement won’t happen until the new year, however incremental round growth and new locations are planned, as well as confirmation that AME Group will continue to steer the ship as the promoter of the championship.

“There are many factors to consider for 2024 as we finalise the calendar and of course aim to capitalise on the momentum of this season, but the number one goal for us again, will be sustainable growth,” said Bailey.

“We’re excited to see at least one additional round in 2024, an emphasis on expanding our national footprint as well as some adjustments to current locations which is exciting.

“We also would like to sincerely thank our teams and riders for their support in 2023 – the calibre of talent we had this year was incredible and a major factor for crowds, viewership, and engagement. We’re proud to attract not just the best up-and-coming juniors, Australia’s best privateers and professional riders but also international stars. It makes for amazing racing and puts the championship on a global map with eyes watching from all over the world.

“Equally we extend an enormous thank you to our series partners who have been by our side this year and ultimately make the championship possible in FOX, MXstore, Yamaha, Honda and Fantic.”

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