Bakuriani 2023 final inspection a success – 3 months to go

by Chandler
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Saturday marks three months to go before the start of the biggest event of the year on our calendar, as the Bakuriani 2023 FIS Freestyle Ski, Snowboard and Freeski World Championships are set to begin on 19 February 2023.

The final inspection for Bakuriani 2023 took place this week from 14-15 November. The FIS delegation there in Georgia consisted of FIS Secretary General Michel Vion, Park & Pipe Contest Director Roby Moresi, Moguls & Aerials Race Director Andrea Rinaldi, Cross Race Directors Uwe Beier and Klaus Waldner, Event Director Sandra Spitz and Assistant Event Manager Julia Ziemska.

During two days, the FIS delegation, together with the Local Organising Committee of Bakuriani visited the competition sites at Kokhta and Didveli and saw the impressive ground work done to establish top-tier competition venues for Aerials and Moguls, as well as the Cross course, the Alpine Snowboard slopes, as well as the Slopestyle and Big Air sites. The concept the LOC established was to have the competition venues close to each other, so that finish and mixed zones can be used together, in close proximity to infrastructure such as video walls and fan zones.

FIS was impressed by the work done so far and is convinced that once the temperatures drop and the snow starts flying in Bakuriani we’ll be well on our way to the start of a phenomenal World Championships in Georgia.

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