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2017 Surfing Travel And Portability Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide For Surfing Travel Equipment In 2017

When it comes to putting together a comprehensive set of surfing gear for the 2017 season, there is a wide array of items to consider. Of course many people will immediately gravitate to the big items, obviously the surfboard itself, wetsuits, waxes and all the more standard surfing fare. What about travel and portability equipment […]

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Austin X Games 2016 Fruit of the Loom Moto X Quarterpipe Final

• Track Orientation and Quarterpipe Design

In any Moto X quarterpipe competition, it is critically important that the quarterpipes be placed effectively so that riders can make precise landings and depend on the quarterpipe they’re placing their landing on. With tricks being as massive as they are in the Moto X Quarterpipe Final round, it helps to know that the ramps are built and setup with the utmost structural integrity.

As will be discussed later in this analysis, there are some tricks being attempted by elite riders that require massive gaps and therefore launches and landings must be oriented to near perfection. Another sport similar to Moto X Quarterpipe is the BMX Dirt event, since they both involve dirt track, but Moto X Quarterpipe is much different since the level of hang time and big air possible with an engine assisted bike is factors of scale larger than a pedal bike.

Therefore the scale of the quarterpipe design is much bigger for Moto X, in order to accommodate the major increase in hang time and launch trajectories. In the 2016 Austin X Games Moto X Quarterpipe final round track there were multiple large black launch quarterpipes allowing for major transition launches and massive tricks too. The riders certainly made the most of the available quarterpipes with huge tricks, putting their lives on the line to push the limits of the sport they love.

• Big Moments at the Moto X Quarterpipe Finals

One of the most insane moments at the 2016 Austin X Games Moto X Quarterpipe Final was a competitor named Libor Podmol, who attempted a rather daring trick at the event. What Libor Podmol tried to pull off at the event was a trick that involved him standing on the seat of his dirt bike as he approached the quarterpipe, and set himself into a rapid backflip while standing on the seat. What ended up happening was that he did not fully complete the rotation of the backflip, and smashed into the dirt landing on the other side of the gap from the quarter pipe. Thankfully, Podmol was not seriously injured in the wipe out, though it definitely was a spectacular attempted maneuver and crash.

Another major highlight and spectacle at the Moto X Quarterpipe final was an incident involving one of the competitors named Jackson Strong. Strong decided that he would attempt an insane double backflip from the quarterpipe, and attempt it he certainly did. He flew at least fifteen feet into the air above the quarterpipe and spun two backflips with extreme precision. The wild part took place as he came down into his landing, since he bounced very hard onto his suspension and ended up flying off of his bike. Again, the fortunate conclusion with this event involved no serious injuries and Jackson Strong managed to walk away from the crash and avoided coming in last place as well.

• 1st Place – GOLD – Tom Pages:

While some of the many competitive events at the 2016 Austin X Games involve final scores that are extremely close between victors and runners up, the Moto X Quarterpipe Final Round event scores were not really close at all. The Gold 1st place winner in this event was Tom Pages, and Tom was able to win by a dominating margin in this event. Scoring an unbelievable 92.66 in his Top Run best final score, Tom Pages nailed his tricks and landings with remarkable ease. Running a modification of a flipping tail whip maneuver, Pages was able to land his biggest tricks without issues, which earned him a whopping 92.66 scoring level.

The amazing thing is revealed when one examines what the runner up 2nd place earner scored in their final evaluation, which was an 85.00. This scoring is interesting because it means that the 1st place winner, Tom Pages, was able to win the competition by a margin of over seven whole points. It is safe to say that Tom Pages had the gold well wrapped up at this event, and that is sure to boost his morale into the next professional competitions he takes part in.

• 2nd Place – SILVER – Josh Sheehan:

Josh Sheehan picked up the 2nd place spot in the Moto X Quarterpipe final, and he did so with flying precision though he was indeed bested quite handily by the victor Tom Pages. Sheehan’s entry into 2nd place was not nearly by the same healthy margin by which Pages took the victory, as Sheehan only beat the 3rd place rider Clinton Moore by a margin of little over 0.5 points.

Josh Sheehan turned in a healthy Top Run scoring of 85.00, which was definitely an impressive score considering some slight wobbles in some of Sheehan’s landings. Josh pushed the limits of his riding abilities just enough to take second in this event, and with the benefits he is sure to accrue after this strong finish we should look to Sheehan for more big things in the future, especially after taking a silver position in this event.

• 3rd Place – BRONZE – Clinton Moore:

As a very close contender for second place in the Moto X Quarterpipe final round, Clinton Moore ended up sailing into 3rd place by earning a solid 84.33 for his Top Run final scoring. Taking a Bronze position in this event was an impressive outcome for Clinton Moore, and he managed to do this by achieving massive hang time and solid landings across quarterpipes in the event.

Moore was able to make huge rotations across from the quarterpipe to the landing, and he ended up making it look easy. Third place is sure to encourage Moore into his next events, but he is likely to be feeling some sting from missing second place by such a slim margin. As long as he maintains his nerve and keeps pushing himself in his next competitions, we are sure to keep seeing impressive tricks from Clinton Moore.

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