About Us

Varial, LLC was started in Idaho and currently calls Salt Lake City its headquarters. Varial was the inpiration
of one of the varial owners as he was sitting in front of his Xbox late one night and playing the game Skate. The
only trick that he could when he first started was the Varial Kickflip. The more he thought about it the more
he like the name and decided after after a while that it would be the perfect name for the company. When the partners
got together and the name was mentioned it was an instant hit. After a little more research about “Varial” we found
that there is a variation of varial in just about every action sport – bmx, moto, snow, sled, surf, and wake. Once
we realized this, we knew the direction of the company.

At Varial we are all about the things you care about. What kid dreams about landing a 9 to 5 job? My son before
we started the company said to me one day , “I don’t dream of growing up and working in cubicle” and I replied,
“nobody dreams of growing up to work in a cubicle”. We all dreamed about being pro athletes, musicians and
living the life. We know it takes encouragement and support to make that dream a reality, so we created the
Varial Teams to back the next generation pros, the future James Stewart, Kelly Slater, Dave Mirra, Sean Murry,
Shaun White and Rob Dyrdek’s.

We at Varial are always looking to promote, enhance, and further actions sports in a positive way. For Varial to do
this we plan to launch a product line for each of the sports that we love. Along with this though we also plan
to setup teams that have training facilities here in Idaho. We are looking to have something similar to Rob Dyrdeks’
Fantasy Factory but bigger. We are planning on having indoor an skate park, vert ramp, foam pit, indoor snow park (not real snow) –
be serious, some fmx jumps, and a supercross track but these are only in the planning stages right now. This is where
the teams will get together and practice. We are also working on co-sponsoring a terrain park, that will hopefully
include a half pipe, at the local ski resort here in Victor Idaho. When the teams aren’t practicing we will also open
our facility to the public so that kids have a safe place to practice the sport of their choice in summer or winter.
Maybe if some of the younger kids will get lucky and they will catch a team member here on one of the open days and they
can get a few pointers.