A new world record? Ragettli stomps nine backflips in 30s

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While it seems that the “world record” aspect of his feat remains unconfirmed – the videos don’t show anyone from the Guinness Book of World Records panel popping up to give Ragettli a certificate or anything like that – we feel pretty safe in assuming that no one else on skis has ever achieved the feat that Ragettli has with his latest round of craziness.

“It was really hard to get all the nine flips done, because it was really slow and really flat with the speed,” Ragettli said in the YouTube video of the record, “Nine flips, I got a little bit dizzy, but we made it happen. It took a few tries and once I caught my nose on the last jump because it was so slow, but that’s it.”

There are a couple of ongoing records that we can confirm when it comes to the incredible Andri Ragettli, however, as the 25-year-old remains the most successful athlete in FIS Freeski World Cup history with 27 career World Cup podiums and five crystal globes – both stats which are unmatched.

Up until the 2022/23 season Ragettli was also the all-time leader in FIS Freeski World Cup wins, though he has since been surpassed by Norway’s Birk Ruud who now has 13 wins to Ragettli’s 11. The battle between those two at the top of the wins list will remain one to watch through 2023/24 and beyond.

As we move into the summer months we can’t wait to see what sort of hijinks Ragettli gets up to when his creativity is forced to adapt to warmer environments. For now, check out the long version of his world record clip below…

Andri Ragettli FIS Profile

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