8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

Snowmobiling is a unique sport due to the fact that riders can explore some of the most rugged, breathtaking, and remote winter wilderness in style and comfort while engaging in the sport! Click here today to learn about the best snowmobiling destinations in the U.S. and Canada!

#1 – The Highlands of Ontario, Canada:

The Ontario Highlands represent another amazing Canadian snowmobiling destination for riders of all types and skill levels, with a unique trail system that differs markedly from any other snowmobiling region in North America. This unique trail system is characterized by having a series of loops in the Ontario Highlands, with five separate trail loops in total. One of the most popular loops out of these five is called the Ride Around Algonquin Park , which is at once both very accessible for all kinds of snowmobile enthusiasts, and a great length for serious riders and weekend warriors alike.

An additional popular snowmobile trail loop that can be found in the Ontario Highlands is referred to as Bon Echo Loop, and this is a trail loop that is definitely more intense than the Ride Around Algonquin Park trail loop. The Bon Echo Loop is a trail loop that will take more than one day to complete for sure, as it traverses brilliant lakeside vistas of Lake Mazinaw and thick lake forests.

The Highlands of Ontario, Canada - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#2 – Old Forge, New York State:

Taking full advantage of the awe-inspiring Adirondack landscape, the area of Old Forge, New York is a hub for east coast snowmobile enthusiasts. One of the major attractions of Old Forge for snowmobile riders is quite simple, and it has everything to do with snowfall totals. Given that the quality of snowmobiling gets better as the snow base gets progressively deeper, and as the snow quality goes up (in terms of powder rating, wetness or dryness, weight, etc.), it is no surprise then that so many people consistently flock to Old Forge for its roughly 175+ inches of pristine snowfall every year.

When you add in the fact that the Old Forge trail systems are so dynamic and have access connections to many other linked trail systems in the region, it is quite understandable that Old Forge, New York is on so many snowmobiler’s favorite riding destinations list. Affectionately referred to as the “Snowmobile Capital of the East”, you don’t have to be a local to enjoy the quiet yet intense beauty of Old Forge, and the Adirondack trails that comprise it.

Old Forge, New York State - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#3 – Quebec, Canada:

Tourism involving the sport of snowmobiling is a giant aspect of life in Quebec, Canada, where world class riding conditions have given rise to an excess of two-hundred snowmobiling clubs in the region. The riding range in Quebec is simply staggering, with terrain stretching all the way from the smaller hills of the Laurentians to the St. Lawrence River; the northern shore of it, anyway.

The trail systems in Quebec are the epitome of world-class snowmobile trails, with an unbelievable total of more than 20,000 miles of riding trails available in Quebec snowmobile trail system network. In addition to expertly maintained and exceedingly safe trail conditions, Quebec snowmobiling is also great due to the fact that there are tons of restaurants, hotels, and other amenities along the thousands of trail miles which makes snowmobile trips through this region much more comfortable and balanced between rugged nature and creature comforts.

Quebec, Canada - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#4 – Pittsburg, New Hampshire:

New England in general is an excellent region for snowmobiling, although there are few places in New England that are better for riding one’s sled than Pittsburg, New Hampshire. This is a location that is very far north indeed, coming close to the Canadian border. Pittsburg, New Hampshire is home to some of the biggest networks of snowmobile trail systems in the continental United States. Not only is it among the biggest snowmobile trail networks, but it is also among the best maintained networks as well, which has a lot to do with the relentless and tireless trail maintenance work performed by the good folks over at the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club.

This is a massive and healthy snowmobiling group, which boasts a large membership level of roughly four thousand members. This veritable army of snowmobile enthusiasts that compose the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club all band together to achieve the task of maintaining and grooming the excess of two-hundred miles of beautiful and snow-covered trails. The riding season in Pittsburg, New Hampshire tends to run from December through the month of April.

Pittsburg, New Hampshire - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#5 – Elliot Lake, Canada:

Elliot Lake in Canada is a fantastic destination for true backcountry snowmobile touring, and one of the big draws for this location is the huge amounts of lake effect snow that dumps on the surrounding area allowing for phenomenal snowmobiling conditions. Elliot Lake tends to be a favorite for many winter sports, not only snowmobiling, although snowmobile tourism at Elliot Lake is a major component of the activity that goes on up there.

The prominent snowmobiling club that holds sway in the Elliot Lake region is referred to as the Elliot Lake Snowbirds Snowmobile Club, which oversees and helps to maintain the nearly two-hundred miles of continuous snowmobiling trails in the area. There are many different adjacent lakes to the primary Elliot Lake, making for unique and exceedingly scenic lakeside snowmobile riding through the often deep powder snow conditions.

Elliot Lake, Canada - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#6 – Eagle River, Wisconsin:

For anyone that is even marginally familiarized with the sport of snowmobiling, northern U.S. states like Wisconsin are generally known as one of the true centers, one of the true hubs of snowmobiling. More specifically, Eagle River, Wisconsin serves as one of the major locations for snowmobiling with Wisconsin, hosting some of the most prestigious snowmobiling competitions in the world such as the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby. It is also the location which hosts the International Snowmobiling Hall of Fame, an additional noteworthy landmark for anyone who loves the sport.

Unlike some snowmobiling destinations that are home to one main, primary snowmobiling group or club, Eagle River has many different clubs that all work together to groom the roughly five-hundred miles of complex trail networks that scatter through the region. Locals and those people who are quite familiar with the area endearingly refer to this vast trail network as the “Eagle River 500”, and this immense riding area serves as a huge draw for snowmobile riders from all over Wisconsin and surrounding states.

Eagle River, Wisconsin - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#7 – The North Shore, Minnesota:

Similar to Wisconsin in the sense that Minnesota is another nearby far-north U.S. state, the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota serves as an additional snowmobiling hub for this region. This trail system located at the North Shore in Minnesota is known officially as the North Shore Trail, which has been popularized as being one of the most scenic snowmobiling trails anywhere in the world. This is a trail system that features nearly 150 miles of pristine snowmobile routes, traversing a variety of different areas, one of the most famous and well-trodden of these areas being a ridgeline that runs along the shoreline of Lake Superior.

This ridgeline area of the trail system overlooking the Lake offers some of the most breathtaking views in the entire vicinity, and is one of the main reason that many riders come out to ride these routes. Another big attraction of the North Shore Trail system is the fact that along the routes, there is a great balance between remote, rugged snowmobile trail, and areas where lodging and amenities can be found in abundance.

The North Shore, Minnesota - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

#8 – Revelstoke, British Columbia:

Number eight on our countdown of some of the best and most popular snowmobiling destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada is a truly mind-blowing destination that is designed mostly for serious riders. Revelstoke in British Columbia is among the most intense snowmobiling terrain in North America, for multiple reasons. One reason it is so intense is the sheer depth of snow terrain that is available there, and to give readers an idea of the depth, it is not terribly uncommon for snowmobile riders to get stuck in the deep snow even while traveling downhill!

A major landmark and favorite riding area found at Revelstoke in British Columbia is known as Frisby Ridge, and this is a prime location where the aforementioned phenomena of getting stuck in powder so deep that it even hangs riders up on downhill sections tends to happen most often. Even if riders would prefer not to ride in snow that deep, and if their preferences are more closely related to maintained and groomed trail sections, Revelstoke has plenty of calmer trails like these that can be more conducive to beginning snowmobile enthusiasts. Revelstoke offers true alpine snowmobiling, with much of the trail networks taking riders between six-thousand and eight-thousand feet in altitude.

Revelstoke, British Columbia - 8 of the Most Popular Snowmobiling Locations in the U.S. and Canada

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