6 of the Best Park and Pipe Snowboards for the 2017 Season

6 of the Best Park and Pipe Snowboards for the 2017 Season


#1 – 2017 Flow Merc Park Snowboard:

Available in both Black and White variations, the 2017 Flow Merc park snowboard is a solid option for those snowboarders who absolutely cannot get enough of the park and halfpipe riding formats. The Flow Merc board is such a versatile option, largely due to the fact that it is available in so many different sizes and dimensions. From 150cm, through 153cm, 156cm, 156cm (wide), 159cm, 159cm (wide), and 162cm (wide), the 2017 Flow Merc park board offers a wide range of options for riders of all sizes and styles.

With a relaxed rocker type, a relatively softer flex, and a twin tip shaping, the Flow Merc is a supremely mellow ride that gives snowboarders exceptional control and feel in the pipe and the park. A Tru-Flex core design that utilizes poplar wood and a Biaxial Laminate construction, the 2017 Flow Merc is a park snowboard that will give riders many years of solid and durable performance. With a retail pricing of roughly $350.00, the Flow Merc is a very affordable park board for the 2017 season.

#2 – 2017 Lib Tech TRS FP XC2 BTX Park Snowboard:

Featuring a highly detailed and interesting graphic design, the 2017 Lib Tech built TRS FP XC2 BTX park snowboard is a cut above the rest with regard to competitive park board designs. This is a true premium park board, and although it is among the highest quality boards available in 2017 it is available in a narrower range of dimensions than some competitive models. The available board dimensions for this 2017 Lib Tech park board are 154cm, 157cm, and 159cm, which should be an adequate option range for the majority of park snowboarders though there are definitely going to be some people who might not be effectively accommodated by this size range and that’s something to keep in mind when making considerations.

This Lib Tech park board for 2017 offers riders an extremely aggressive rocker and camber type, with a shortened and sharper rocker for excellent pop and accuracy ratings. The flex ratings for this board are very moderate, in the sense that the designers sought to achieve a solid balance between flex and stiffness in this board. Featuring a TNT Base, Magne-Traction edges that include serrations that turn ice to powder and offer near perfect edge-hold, and birch wood internal sidewalls, this is a park board that offers superior performance in all aspects of technical snowboarding types. At around $750.00 this is by no means a cheap or even terribly affordable board, but it is intended for those riders who want the next-level in performance.

#3 – 2017 Ride Agenda Park Snowboard:

For another highly versatile and affordable park snowboard, the 2017 Ride Agenda park snowboard is a great option with a smooth aesthetic. This is a board that features a bright red, black, and white graphic color scheme, with more black on the top and mostly red on the bottom where the “Ride” logo is primarily positioned. The Ride Agenda board is another one for 2017 that offers snowboarders a large range of dimensions and sizes, which can be a great characteristic for those above and below average sized riders. With 147cm, 152cm, 153cm (wide), 156cm, 157cm (wide), 159cm, and 161cm (wide) as the available sizing range, virtually anyone can find a Ride Agenda park board variation to suit their individual needs.

The 2017 Ride Agenda park snowboard offers a twin rocker construction and a genuine twin tip build, making sure that technical snowboarders will feel comfortable riding regularly, riding switch, riding fakie, or any other directional variation. The 2017 Agenda by Ride incorporates a full body aspen wood core, which is one of the best woods to use for the goal of preserving the most flexibility and pop through the life of the board. The sidewalls on the 2017 Ride Agenda board are also quite nice, as they incorporate Ride’s proprietary “Slimewalls” design that utilizes urethane to absorb edge impacts instead of getting blasted and damaged by them. At around $360.00, this is another park snowboard that is quite affordable relative to its high quality.

#4 – 2017 K2 Bottle Rocket Park Snowboard:

The 2017 K2 Bottle Rocket park snowboard is another board that falls into the relative category of premium quality and price point, while also having a limited range of sizing and dimensional options. The sizing options for the K2 Bottle Rocket include a 148cm model, a 156cm, and a 160cm model giving riders of different sizes only a few choices to hopefully meet their own individual board requirements. The 2017 Bottle Rocket seeks to embody a kind of classic, more conventional board design, and one that uses a flatter rocker section. However, where the design gets more innovative is in the sense that the 2017 K2 Bottle Rocket extends the rocker to the nose and tail of the board instead of only having it in the center.

This allows for a significant extension of the riding surface, and gives a snowboarder the ability to catch landings on their nose and tail more easily, in addition to the ability to float and press more smoothly. Another really amazing innovation built into the 2017 K2 Bottle Rocket is the inclusion of a composite Ollie Bar that uses a material construction profile of Kevlar, carbon fibers, and urethane layering. Set in the center section of the board, the Ollie Bar offers park and pipe snowboarders a level of pop and Ollie-height ability that few other park boards can offer. At almost $500.00 this is a park board falling on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but if huge and effortless ollies are important to you it could be the best choice in 2017.

#5 – 2017 Salomon Huck Knife Park Snowboard:

For a uniquely designed park snowboard from a trusted designer in 2017, look no further than the 2017 Salomon Huck Knife park board. Available in a stunning electric blue on black background, this is a board that has a nice aesthetic that stands out among the pack. It also has a fairly extensive range of sizing options, which include a 148cm, 152cm, 155cm, 155cm (wide), and a 158cm option as well, so in that sense average height riders are well covered by these options but the Huck Knife park board might not accommodate taller riders very well. With one of the more unique camber designs on the market in 2017, the Salomon Huck Knife features a Quad Camber construction that allow for smooth cruising in the park, and even exceptional float in the powder as well.

With a medium flexibility rating and a genuine twin tip shaping, the Salomon Huck knife is somewhat conventional in a variety of different aspects. With an aspen wood core and carbon stringer boosters in the nose and tail, this is another park board that is designed to pop hard. Everything about this board is geared toward bounce and elasticity in pop and landing, making it a great option for riders that like a snappier feel. At over $400.00 this 2017 Salomon Huck Knife park snowboard is essentially in the median price range for high quality park snowboards in the 2017 season.

#6 – 2017 Arbor Relapse Heritage Park Snowboard:

One of the arguably more hip and stylish park snowboards available to riders in 2017 is the Arbor Relapse Heritage park board. This is a model that has a very rustic, earthy aesthetic, featuring a brown hardwood top and a brown/beige color scheme on the bottom of the board where the “ARBOR” logo runs vertically in large font. With exceptional edge-to-snow contact, the 2017 Arbor Relapse Heritage park snowboard has a relatively softer flex that works to accommodate virtually any contour a rider takes while carving hard on any surface. This is a great selection for park and pipe riders who want an overall softer, more forgiving flex profile, and it still maintains its high degree of pop in spite of a somewhat mushier flex feel.

With a twin tip design and a 100% poplar wood core construction, the 2017 Relapse Heritage by Arbor takes classic board designs and makes them new again. This is definitely one of the truest park boards to come out in years, and is an awesome choice for any riders who simply need to have a soft flex on their board. With a 155cm, a 158cm, and a 159cm (wide) available to park snowboarders in 2017, this Arbor board is somewhat limited in its dimensional options but it more than makes up for those limitations with superior build and design quality. At around $400.00, this board is an absolute steal relative to its world-class build.

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