5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

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Full House At The Skate Park Of Tampa

Held at the prestigious Skate Park of Tampa, the 2017 Tampa Pro was an unrelenting series of outstanding performances from the world’s foremost skateboarding professionals. This competition is definitely one of the biggest events in skateboarding in the spring portion of the season, and in keeping with the high profile nature of this event, the venue saw crowds that pushed the capacity limits of the skate park!

This tells people how much the Tampa locals love this massive skateboarding competition, and also how this event tends to draw a lot of people from the surrounding areas to come and watch. This is because there are few other places or competitions in the world where you can see skateboarding at this level, and so true fans will rarely miss a chance to watch these professionals compete.

The park itself was in great shape for this competition, although many of the competitors confined themselves to the street section of the park. The street section includes a couple of kinked rails, a pyramid box section, some transition quarterpipes, roll-ins, and other features that the skateboarders at the 2017 Tampa Pro were able to use to their advantage.

In a way, the relatively limited scope of the park features at the 2017 Tampa Pro actually helped to encourage riders to be as expressive and innovative as possible, in order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the field. The kinked rails were being used a lot during this contest, which makes for an entertaining event since it forces skaters to try a wide variety of different grinds, slides, and combinations on these rails.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

The 2017 Tampa Pro Was An International Affair

The 2017 Tampa Pro not only drew massive crowds to the event held at the Skate Park of Tampa, it also drew in some of the best international skateboarders in the world. Competitors from the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and other countries all made their way to Tampa to compete in the 2017 Tampa Pro. Vying for dominance at this event turned out to be an especially competitive affair at the 2017 Tampa Pro.

It could be said that the aspect of nationalism and international pride had a lot to do with the extra energetic competition we got to see at the 2017 Tampa Pro, since each athlete from another country wants to represent their homeland as best they can. In addition to seeing many different skateboarders from other countries at the 2017 Tampa Pro, we also saw a massive array of different sponsors there that helped to further heighten the energy and excitement at this event.

In terms of the podium finishers and top five finalists at the 2017 Tampa Pro, we saw some of the usual suspects in there like Luan Oliveira and Nyjah Huston, but we also saw Louie Lopez take first and that is a more rare occurrence. Seeing a skateboarder take first who maybe doesn’t have as many big wins under their belt can be the most satisfying outcome, since it is nice to watch great performances from a variety of different riders. For those skateboarding fans who missed out on coverage of the 2017 Tampa Pro, we have included a brief breakdown of this event to get you caught up.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

1st Place at 2017 Tampa Pro – Louie Lopez:

Taking first place at the 2017 Tampa Pro was a somewhat newer and lesser known skateboarder named Louie Lopez. Lopez comes from Hawthorne, California, and has been taking the professional skateboarding world by storm as of late. His smooth and agile skating style makes him a favorite on the kind of street skateboarding course that was in play during the 2017 Tampa Pro.

Among all of Louie’s biggest highlights during his successful run at the 2017 Tampa Pro, it is hard to top his line where he executed a nearly perfect backside ollie to tail-plant down on the ledge, to a backside smith 180 transitioning out on the wedge transition, finishing out with a frontside kickflip disaster onto the lower hip. This masterful combination was a highlight of the entire competition, and demonstrated Louie’s remarkable ability on the street course.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Louie is the kind of ultra precise street skateboarder that can plant laser accurate grinds over pyramids and kinked rails, and watching him hit crook grind combinations at the Skate Park of Tampa course was one of the coolest parts of this entire event. Few skateboarders can get their timing and aim as precise as Louie Lopez can, and this is one reason among many that he is really moving up in terms of the professional skateboarding rankings in the world today.

It is always good to see newer athletes coming in to shake up the skateboarding world, and given that this is a sport that is constantly evolving, people like Lopez are absolutely vital to the longevity of the sport. He already has a broad range of major sponsorships, and some of these include Flip Skateboards, Converse, Spitfire Wheels, Volcom, Indy, Rockstar Energy, Hard Luck Bearings, Hardies Hardware, and more.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

2nd Place at 2017 Tampa Pro – Luan Oliveira:

A clear cut veteran of the Nike SB Street League Skateboarding outfit, Luan Oliveira has definitely become a household name in the world of professional skateboarding. This is a skater that requires no introduction, and has a reputation of dominating the Nike SB SLS circuit along with such high caliber skateboarders as Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston, Shane O’Neill, and several others. It is important to note that the Tampa Pro competition is a favorite of Luan Oliveira, and this claim is backed up by the fact that he has won this contest twice throughout his illustrious career.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Among Luan’s biggest highlights from the 2017 Tampa Pro competition, one of the most stand-out tricks from his heats was a massive 360 flip to noseslide on top of a large box. While not a complex combination, this 360 flip to noseslide was very precise and clean, and Luan went really big hitting this one. Going super massive in terms of big air tricks was a theme of Luan’s performance at the 2017 Tampa Pro, and he was able to do this again when he hit a perfect kickflip over the hubba gap built into the Skate Park of Tampa setup.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Luan Oliveira has really built quite a successful career in professional skateboarding over the years, and he has been very well served by the Nike SB Street League Skateboarding competition setup. Luan has amassed an impressive array of sponsorships throughout his career, and among those sponsors are Nike Skateboarding, Flip Skateboards, Diamond Supply Co., Independent Trucks, Matriz Skate Shop, and others. Luan comes from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and is definitely one of the more senior professionals on the Nike SB SLS circuit.

3rd Place at 2017 Tampa Pro – Kelvin Hoefler:

Taking third place and rounding out the podium at the 2017 Tampa Pro was Kelvin Hoefler, another somewhat lesser known professional in the world today. It is always nice to see the underdogs in the league rising up in the ranks, and Kelvin taking third is certainly representative of that trend. Kelvin really put it down on the course setup at the Skate Park of Tampa, and he was one of the crowd favorites at this event due to his fast paced skating style that hits the audience with a barrage of tricks and combinations in a short amount of time.

His quick pacing style is one of the hallmarks of Kelvin Hoefler’s skating philosophy, and in street skateboarding it is important for each athlete to differentiate themselves from the pack and cultivate their own style. That is something Kelvin Hoefler has done quite successfully throughout his career so far, and it has helped him do well in events just like in this third place finish at the 2017 Tampa Pro competition.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Kelvin Hoefler is yet another Brazilian skateboarder, reinforcing the theme of Brazilians loving skateboarding and being naturals at this sport. He has already assembled a really impressive profile of sponsorships for his career so far, and some of these sponsors include Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Rockstar Energy, Diamond Supply Co., Krux Trucks, Everlong Bearings, G-Shock, and several overs. Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Kelvin Hoefler has become another effective skateboarding ambassador for his home country.

4th Place at 2017 Tampa Pro – Shane O’Neill:

Shane O’Neill is another Nike SB SLS skateboarder who is more on the household name side of the spectrum, and he is definitely among the most competent street skating professionals in the world today. Shane had a solid run at the 2017 Tampa Pro, although he wasn’t quite able to break into the podium level finish at this event. He was very close though, as the competition really came down to the wire between Shane O’Neill and Kelvin Hoefler to determine who was going to round out the podium.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Shane has a street skating style that incorporates a lot of really smooth transitions and well connected lines, making him a skateboarder that is spectacular to watch. He can be so entertaining to watch because there is so much flow to his lines; you definitely get the feeling that he is a master of charting out his lines and reading the course as he is competing. He is also especially smooth when executing switch and nollie tricks, which ends up being a powerful weapon in his street skating arsenal.

Skating out of Melbourne, Australia, Shane O’Neill has done well for himself throughout his successful career skating in various formats, first and foremost within the Nike SB Street League Skateboarding circuit. Among his wide array of sponsorships he has accrued through the years, Shane O’Neill is now sponsored by Nike SB, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder, Villager, Glassy Sunhaters, Diamond Supply Co., and a few other smaller companies too.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

5th Place at 2017 Tampa Pro – Nyjah Huston:

Maybe one of the most well known professional skateboarders in the world today, Nyjah Huston is one of Monster Energy’s biggest athlete sponsorships. That is saying a lot, considering the scale and scope of Monster Energy’s presence in the realm of professional extreme sports. Nyjah has been winning major events for years now, and he is another one of Nike SB Street League Skateboarding’s most valuable assets. Nyjah can almost always be depended on to put on an impressive performance, and he is also known for thriving under pressure when he needs to.

One of the most fiercely competitive skateboarders, while also managing to not take himself too seriously, Nyjah Huston is someone who makes his presence known during the biggest professional skateboarding contests like the 2017 Tampa Pro. He is someone who knows how to engage crowds and pump people up, making him a critical representative for the professional skateboarding world today. It would be fair to compare him to what Tiger Woods has been to professional golf; an athlete who energizes competitions and brings in new demographics, broadening the fan base of the sport over time.

5 Tampa Pro 2017 Highlights You Cannot Miss!

Nyjah’s performance at the 2017 Tampa Pro was not necessarily his best ever, given that he took fifth place, but he was still solid on the street course set up at the Skate Park of Tampa. It is possible that he was not 100% invested in this competition, since usually he kicks into gear toward the end of the event, and we didn’t exactly see that burst of energy late in the game this time around. In spite of not making the podium at the 2017 Tampa Pro, Nyjah probably isn’t sweating it, and neither are his array of sponsors. Some of Nyjah’s sponsors as of 2017 include Element Skateboards, Nike SB, Diamond Supply Co., Mob Grip, Hawkers Sunglasses, and Bones Bearings.

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