2023 CMA Awards | Congratulations, Kate Kowalchuk!

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2023 CMA Awards | Congratulations, Kate Kowalchuk!

Press Release – 2023 CMA Awards

2023 CMA Awards

At the Annual General Meeting on December 17, 2023, the 2023 CMA Awards were confirmed by the Board of Directors, and awarded as follows:

Ambassadors Award – Jan and Bettie de Vries

For long standing exceptional effort or achievement which reflects favourably on the CMA or furthers the works and aims of the CMA

The Media Award – Kate Kowalchuk

Exceptional favourable coverage of motorcycling by the media, electronic or print (except within motorcycling).

White Memorial Trophy – Trystan Hart

Donated by Ron & Eve White

Best performance by a Canadian rider in all disciplines / later changed to best performance by a #1 Plate winner

Bert Irwin Memorial Cup – Owen McKill

Donated by Ontario Region

Best Performance at the ISDE

M. Duff Trophy – Maverick Cyr

Best Amateur National Rider

No. 1 Plate, Mini Road Racing – Michael Galvis

No. 1 Plate, Trials – Michel Fortin-Belanger

Congratulations, and thank you to all our Award Winners for helping make this year a success!

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