2019 Men’s Professional Skimboarding: Top 3 Athlete Profiles

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With high-profile skim competitions like the 2019 ‘The Vic’ competition sponsored by Victoria Skimboards bringing elite skimboarding exhibitions to the public, people are starting to get a feel for who the best pro riders are today.

With some of the biggest pro teams in mind, such as Victoria Skimboards, Exile Skimboards, and more, we have compiled a men’s professional skimboarding athlete profile article to help familiarize skim fans to these elite athletes! For any skimboarding fans that want to learn more about these remarkable athletes, continue reading on to find out more.

#1 – John Weber

John Weber, also known as Johnny Weber, is one of the more remarkable frontline professional skimboarders in the world today. One of the things that makes Johnny Weber such a unique talent is that he is currently one of the top five professional skimboarders, and yet he hails from the East Coast!

This is not to suggest that East Coast skimboarders are not capable of reaching the top tier of performance in the world today, but it still stands to reason that most of the world’s elite skimboarders come from the West Coast (mostly from Southern California). This is not a happenstance condition either, since there are actual traceable reasons for why the West Coast tends to develop more elite skimboarders than the eastern coast of the USA.

Obviously one of the biggest reasons for this would be that eastern coastal states in the US do not get nearly the same quality or size of epic shore-break barrels like you would find in SoCal or Hawaii. With this being said, it is sort of a badge of honor that John Weber has been able to reach such amazing levels with his skimboarding, considering that he had to develop his skillset on much less impressive East Coast wave breaks (on average).

Weber hails from Lewes Beach, Delaware, which is where some of the best East Coast skimboarding can be found. Among the most popular skimboarding destinations on the eastern coastline, Dewey Beach, Delaware hosts multiple professional caliber skimboarding competitions each year. If there is an eastern hotspot for skimboarding, in much the same way that Laguna Beach is for the West Coast, Dewey Beach, DE is definitely that hotspot.

Johnny Weber honed his skimboarding skills at Dewey Beach and other solid east coast skimboarding spots, and the goofy-stance rider has made his mark on a number of high-profile east coast skim contests over the years. John Weber has been skimboarding as long as he can remember, and the 6’2’’ 175 pound athlete is currently riding for the Victoria Skimboards Pro Team.

Weber’s favorite skimboarding spot right now is the West Street Beach in Laguna Beach, California. Always working on developing new tricks and perfecting the tricks he uses most in competitions, Johnny Weber’s favorite trick right now is the Backside Wrap.

Victoria Skimboards definitely takes care of their team members, and Weber is no exception. His Poly Lift Shaped 5/8’’ Carbon L skimboard model from Victoria Skimboards is basically one of the best skimboards money can buy today, and John Weber is certainly making good use of it in competition during the 2019 pro season.

#2 – Max Bourne

#2 – Max Bourne

Another one of Victoria Skimboards’ professional team skimboarders, Max Bourne is truly at the top of his game right now in 2019. Max Bourne and Johnny Weber are two of the biggest names on the Victoria team right now, and yet they are entirely different riders with totally different stature and style.

Whereas John Weber is the super tall, lanky, goofy-stance skimboarder with the wrap-and-snap focused style, Max Bourne is quite small compared to Weber and prefers aerial tricks over wave-cutback tricks or board-spin tricks. At 5’7’’ and 120 pounds, Max Bourne enjoys a much lower and tighter center of gravity that ends up working out wonderfully for the arsenal of dazzling aerial tricks that he loves to deploy in practice and competition.

For example, Max Bourne’s favorite skimboarding tricks at the moment are the Superman and McTwist, representing some of the wild aerial maneuvers that Max loves so much to pull off. Like many of the world’s elite professional skimboarders, Max Bourne comes from Southern California and currently resides in Laguna Canyon near Laguna Beach, CA.

Laguna Beach is basically the global birthplace of modern skimboarding, and it continues to be a source of elite skimboarders and a host for some of the best pro skim contests on earth. Max Bourne is a regular-stance skimboarder who has been skimboarding at a professional level for the last six years.

When Max Bourne is not out at the beach skimboarding his favorite spot at 10th Street Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, you could find him surfing Surfline.com or watching surf sports on Fuel TV! Bourne absolutely eats, sleeps, and lives skimboarding at all times, and it is precisely this level of passion that has brought him to the forefront of professional skimboarding in 2019.

Max Bourne’s current skimboard setup from Victoria Skimboards is truly a thing of beauty; his Poly Carbon Epoxy XS with Hybrid Rails, blue on bottom, and yellow on top is definitely helping him win competitions these days. His specific board setup is also uniquely suited to performing the types of tricks that make Max’s style so

#3 – Blair Conklin

Blair Conlin

Riding for Exile Skimboards, Blair Conklin is another one of the current top five professional skimboarders in the world right now. Blair actually just recently finished in 2nd place at the 2019 ‘The Vic’ Pro Skimboarding Competition, sponsored by Victoria Skimboards.

In keeping with the theme of Laguna Beach being the birthplace of some of the best skimboarders in the world, Blair Conklin is another one of those Laguna Beach natives that are currently driving the evolution of pro skimboarding. Blair Conklin definitely has one of the most natural riding styles in the game today, and some of this must be due to the fact that this guy has been skimboarding since he was four years old!

Those athletes who are introduced to their sport at such a young age tend to develop a level of control and fluidity that athletes introduced to a sport later in their life struggle to attain, and Blair Conklin is a perfect example of this. His skimboarding style is so smooth that it almost looks effortless at times, and this is part of what makes him such a successful and fun-to-watch pro skimboarder.

Blair’s home skimboarding break is a somewhat low-key spot known only as ‘Torts’, and his current favorite spot for skimboarding is 10th Street Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. Blair is a regular-stance skimboarder, and he has really been shaking up the skimboarding world in the last few years. Given that Blair was the three-in-a-row United Skim Tour champion for 2016, 2017, and 2018, with 2nd and 3rd place UST finishes in 2011 and 2012 also, it is safe to say that he has achieved quite a bit already within his professional career with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Currently riding the Medium Double Carbon Fiber Hybrid 5/8’’ Competition Weight skimboard from Exile Skimboards, Blair is constantly taking his skillset and tricks arsenal to higher and higher levels. One of the most dominant names in skimboarding today, we can definitely expect to see more big things and possibly more championship victories in the near future for Blair Conklin. Blair is truly one of the biggest assets that the Exile Skimboards team has, and they certainly take care of him for it!

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