2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

With yet another awesome 2017 WSL competition held in Australia, the 2017 Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW saw big waves and heat waves too!

With a series of crazy heat waves slamming their way through Australia, the 2017 World Surf League is back in New South Wales for yet another wild early-season competition! The 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia was off the hook, showcasing some of the best technical mid-size wave shortboard surfing of the season so far. Running from February 1st through the 5th, the Tweed Coast Pro saw the victory go to an Australian-native professional named Ty Watson, with United States pro Cam Richards closely challenging his win and coming up short by just over one point.

Cabarita is an especially beautiful location in New South Wales, Australia, and it certainly held true to that reputation for the Tweed Coast Pro event this year in spite of being extremely hot in Australia right now. The waves were breaking soundly as well, with breaks that weren’t terribly large but carried swift speed and barrel shape, making them excellent breaks for technical-style, quarterpipe style surfing. From aerials, alley-oops, and all kinds of cutback snap variations, the fans and judges were treated to quite a remarkable array of maneuvers and tricks out in the lineup at Cabarita.

2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

​Although we saw solid performances from a broad range of the foremost professionals in the World Surf League men’s division, Ty Watson really let everyone know how it’s done at Cabarita. With some of the most creative and complex bottom turn-cutback-bottom turn-aerial combinations, Ty Watson is a surfer who truly understands how to make his lines connect and continue through to additional maneuvers. It makes sense that the 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro saw so much technical and combination surfing out in the Cabarita, NSW lineup, and this is largely because the breaks are such effective tubes and barrels for launching into aerials and continuous lines.

2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

Even though the Tweed Coast Pro probably wouldn’t have been much fun for big wave surfing fans since the breaks weren’t all that big, those who enjoy trick and aerial centered surfing will definitely appreciate reading more about this awesome 2017 men’s WSL competition. To help out those professional surfing fans that want to know more about the conclusion of the 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro, a comprehensive summary and final contest results will now be presented here.

1st Place – Ty Watson – Australia:

To the major satisfaction of himself and Australian surfing fans all over the world, Ty Watson has secured the first place victory at the 2017 Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro contest at Cabarita, NSW, Australia. The Aussie native put on a clinic out in the lineup at Cabarita, demonstrating hands down the best trick and aerial surfing of anyone in the field at this year’s Tweed Coast Pro. Ty had a slightly above average performance in the quarterfinals, positioned in the fourth heat of that round. In the quarterfinals Ty was matched up against fellow Aussie surfer Wade Carmichael, and those two Aussies had a seriously intense battle for who would move on passed the quarterfinal round.

Ty Watson - 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

Of course Ty Watson was able to seal the deal, but it was an amazingly close call with a tiny margin of only 0.25 points overall separating Watson and Carmichael at the conclusion of Heat 4, Quarterfinals. Watson earned a solid Wave 1 scoring value of 7.45 points in Heat 4, Quarterfinals, which was the highest wave scoring of his heat in that round. For Wave 2 his performance lagged a bit, bringing in a 6.25 point individual wave score. This rounded his Heat 4, Quarterfinals final score out to 13.70 points, with an average wave score of 6.79 points in that heat.

To his advantage, Ty Watson was able to turn up the heat heading into the semifinals, definitely rising to the occasion and the challenge of doing battle in the semifinal round where the pressure is on. One of the reasons Watson was able to raise his scoring up quite a bit in the semifinals had a lot to do with the fact that he started executing more aerials and trick combinations, adding in a wide variety of layback and conventional snaps and cutbacks as well. Not only is Ty Watson an expert at aerial combinations, but another one of his biggest strengths in the lineup is making layback snaps look effortless and flowing.

In this way, he is able to substantially boost his round and heat scores using relatively simple cutback maneuvers. As a result of adding in more technical tricks and combos, Watson broke sixteen for his semifinal round scoring. His Wave 1 scoring came in at 7.75 points, and a further improved Wave 2 score of 8.50 points in all. At 16.25 points for his overall Heat 2, Semifinals performance, Ty Watson defeated his heat competitor by around five whole points. The average wave score in Heat 2, Semifinals rounded out to 6.78 points in total.

Although Ty Watson was able to keep his momentum moving into the final round of the 2017 World Surf League Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro competition at Cabarita, NSW, Australia, his scoring diminished a bit from his semifinal round performance. Thankfully for Watson, his heat competitor Cam Richards also slowed down a bit in the finals, making room for the scoring margins Watson needed to take the first place victory. Ty Watson had his best surfing of the final round during his Wave 1 performance, throwing a successful alley-oop and a handful of other bottom turn-launch combinations.

When the Wave 1 scoring came in during the final round, things started looking really good in terms of Watson being able to secure the win. His Wave 1 scoring ended up at 8.35 points, giving him the heat advantage of 1.10 points over Cam Richards prior to Wave 2 scoring coming in. Then, when Watson was able to nail a 7.35 pointer for his Wave 2 performance over Cam’s 7.15, he sealed his victory. Watson’s final round score came out to 15.70 points, compared to Cam’s 14.40 points. The average wave scoring in the final round was 7.53 points in all.

2nd Place – Cam Richards – United States:

Representing the United States on the podium at the 2017 World Surf League Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro men’s surfing competition at Cabarita, NSW, Australia, Cam Richards managed to secure the second place finish. Cam was actually dominating the field at the point of the quarterfinal round, bringing in the highest individual score of the quarterfinals and a near nine-club scoring. Cam Richards is yet another successful technical and shortboard style surfing expert in the primary competitive field in the World Surf League, and that skillset served him well in the Cabarita lineup.

In Heat 1, Quarterfinals, Cam Richards was pitted against another outstanding surfer named Mateus Herdy, and that proved to be a very close contest in and of itself. Cam actually was put at a one point deficit once the Wave 1 scores were officially posted, since his Wave 1 scoring was a 7.00 pointer compared to Herdy’s solid 8.00 pointer. At that time he was in serious danger of getting knocked out of the competition, and in spite of Mateus Herdy delivering another strong wave score during the Wave 2 segment of Heat 1, Quarterfinals, Cam Richards kicked in the clutch and did what needed to be done to hang on.

Cam Richards - 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

Cam Richards delivered in a major way during Wave 2, bringing in a near nine-club scoring of 8.90 points compared to Herdy’s Wave 2 score of 7.75 points. At this point of Heat 1, Quarterfinals, the exciting conclusion of Mateus and Cam’s showdown came forward with Cam having a 15.90 pointer, winning out over Herdy’s 15.75 pointer. Cam was able to move on to the semifinals, after contributing to the overall average wave score of Heat 1, Quarterfinals that rounded out to 7.91 points.

Similar to his excellent run in the quarterfinals, Cam Richards kept his momentum going even more in Heat 1, Semifinals. In fact he was able to surpass his outstanding quarterfinals performance, again earning the highest overall score in the semifinals. Another common thread from Cam’s performance in the quarterfinals to the semifinals was that he had close to nine-club scores both times. His Wave 1 scoring leveled out at a whopping 8.75 points, giving him the early advantage he would end up needing to defeat Timothee Bisso in the first semifinal heat.

Timothee proved to be another worthy competitor against Cam Richards, with only one point separating the two elite surfers at the conclusion of Heat 1, Semifinals. Cam’s Wave 2 scoring in the semifinals rolled in at 7.75 points, a somewhat diminished yet solid score, compared to Timothee Bisso’s Wave 2 scoring of 8.25 points. With Cam earning a 16.50 point final score at the conclusion of the semifinals, and Bisso coming in with a 15.50 point final score, Cam yet again succeeded to move on to the final round of the 2017 Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro event at Cabarita, NSW, Australia. The average wave score was another high one that Cam helped to generate, standing at 8.00 points at the conclusion of the semifinals.

Heading into the final round of the 2017 Tweed Coast Pro, Cam Richards was sitting in a great position to perform well at the conclusion of the event. Although he worked hard, avoided errors, and put up a few highlight combinations and lines in the final round, he simply fell short of defeating Aussie surfer Ty Watson for the victory. Although the first place victory eluded Cam Richards this time around, he still had a strong run and his second place finish will definitely improve his rank and standing as the 2017 World Surf League season continues.

Cam got off to a decent start as the finals got going, first putting up a 7.25 pointer for his Wave 1 scoring. 7.25 points is never bad for a single wave score, but Ty Watson was just surfing too good at that point and secured a more than one-point lead over Cam before Wave 2 surfing had even started. Cam would have had to earn more than a nine point score to win, and when his Wave 2 scoring came in at 7.15 points it became clear he was not going to be able to win anymore. The average wave score in the finals was 7.53 points, a median level average throughout the event.

3rd Place – Timothee Bisso – St. Francois, Guadalupe:

Representing his relatively obscure homeland of St. Francois, Guadalupe, Timothee Bisso certainly helped to put Guadalupe on the map when he secured the third place podium rounding finish at the 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro competition at Cabarita, NSW, Australia. Timothee had some rocky moments as he progressed through the ranks of the competition, barely making it through the quarterfinals after getting lucky with his heat matchup doing poorly in the quarterfinal round. In Heat 2, Quarterfinals, Timothee Bisso was pitted against another Aussie surfer named Thomas Cervi.

Timothee Bisso - 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

Fortunately for Bisso, Cervi was unable to perform at a high level given that his runs were lacking in terms of tricks and combination maneuvers. Timothee’s Wave 1 scoring in Heat 2, Quarterfinals rolled in at a cool 7.00 points, giving him a confident two-point advantage over Cervi early on in the heat. When Timothee won again in the Wave 2 scoring after earning a 6.75 pointer, his final scoring in the quarterfinals was then solidified at 13.75 points. The average wave score in Heat 2, Quarterfinals ended up at 6.35 points, one of the lower averages of the event.

Moving into the semifinal round of the 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro, Timothee Bisso actually turned up the heat quite a bit and started putting up some higher scores. Unfortunately for Timothee, right when he was able to improve his scores he was pitted against a much stronger surfer in Cam Richards, and therefore was knocked out of the event into third place when he fell short of Cam’s final score. Timothee brought in a Wave 1 scoring of 7.25 points, and at that point Cam had already established a 1.50 point lead after the first wave.

Timothee had a large scoring deficit to overcome if he wanted to move on into the final round, and he simply was not able to make it happen. Bisso’s Wave 2 scoring rolled out at 8.25 points doing everything he could to overcome Cam Richards, but at a final score of 15.50 points compared to Cam’s 16.50 points, Bisso lost by one point. With an average wave scoring of 8.00 points in Heat 1, Semifinals, Timothee contributed to a solid average in his final heat of the 2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro competition.

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