See What Happened At the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro at Boomerang Beach


As Australia continues to battle through incredible heat waves, with bats falling out of the sky dead with 122 degree (F) temperatures being seen in certain areas of Australia, the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro pressed on and yielded some really outstanding surfing. Keanu Asing, the first place winner at this competition, had an amazing run at this event and seemed to completely thrive on the conditions and competition he was facing this time around.

Keanu Asing is a Hawaiian surfer who absolutely dominates in the kind of conditions and wave dynamics that were present at this competition, making it understandable that he was able to secure first place over Wade Carmichael by nearly two whole points. The 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro was held at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia, with Boomerang being a major favorite among Aussie surfers who love to hit really tight, fast moving breaks that allow for snappy and technical surfing.

In spite of the extremely hot weather moving through Australia lately, the professional surfers at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro were able to push through the heat and demonstrate some really amazing surfing. As this is another competition that is going to contribute to the athlete rankings in the 2017 World Surf League season, it is quite understandable that the surfers at the Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro were going all out in an attempt to secure a higher WSL ranking before the season hits full stride.

For all those professional surfing fans, and World Surf League fans in particular, we have compiled a detailed summary along with final contest results from the 2017 Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro event at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia. All that information and more can be found here, and for many more informative articles, check out the many titles at VarialTV’s extensive archive. 3

1st Place – Keanu Asing – Hawaii:

Keanu Asing is an elite Hawaiian surfer who has been bringing so much innovation and next-level surfing to the WSL over the last handful of seasons. Already lighting up the competition in the major lead up to the 2017 primary contest season, Keanu has secured the first place victory at the 2017 Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro held at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia. Given that the latest competitions in the 2017 WSL season have largely been held in Australia, it is clear that the Aussie surfing professionals have been surfing extra hard on their home turf in an attempt to secure some early season wins.

In the case of the 2017 Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro, the competition came down to a final round battle between Aussie surfer Wade Carmichael and Keanu Asing, with Keanu winning out by a small but clear victory scoring margin. Wade Carmichael provided a significant challenge for Keanu Asing in the finals, and Keanu was definitely able to rise to the occasion putting up two nine-club scores in a row with one nearing a perfect ten!

Starting out with Keanu’s run in the quarterfinals, he was pitted against Bruce Mackie, who Keanu managed to defeat by a very large scoring margin of nearly five whole points. Keanu already had his contest momentum moving powerfully forward by the time the quarterfinals rolled around, surfing very close to his peak performance with several eight and nine club scores. In Heat 2, Quarterfinals, Keanu had a strong start once the Wave 1 scores had come in, and established an early round three point lead over competitor Bruce Mackie.

With a Wave 1 scoring of 8.17 points overall, Keanu was already making it clear he was in it to win it at Boomerang Beach, with his heat competitor only managing a 5.17 pointer. After Wave 2 scoring was in, Keanu saw a minor scoring decrease, but his 7.83 point Wave 2 score was enough to secure his passage to the semifinals. With a total quarterfinal scoring value of 16.00 points at the end of the round, Keanu moved himself into position to compete in the semifinals. The average wave scoring in Heat 2, Quarterfinals came out to be 6.79 points, the highest average in the quarterfinals.

Heading into the semifinals, Keanu Asing was able to continually ramp up his performance and his scores as well. Keanu is an expert technical surfer who was very well served by the medium size breaks at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia, which is clearly evident after reviewing his scores. Keanu competed in Heat 1, Semifinals where he went head to head with Brazilian surfer Rafael Teixeira, who posed a larger challenge to Keanu’s contest run than his previous competitor, Bruce Mackie.

Keanu’s Wave 1 scoring in the semifinals came in at 8.50 points, establishing a mild early round lead of almost one whole point. Despite surfing at a truly elite level in the semifinals, Rafael challenged Keanu to a significant degree, but after Wave 2 scores were in it was a wrap for Rafael and Keanu was moving on into the finals. Keanu’s Wave 2 scoring value was 8.93 points, very close to a nine-club scoring, and it brought his semifinal round score total up to 17.43 points overall. The average wave scoring in Keanu’s Heat 1, Semifinals came in at 7.94 points, which would have been a lot higher without Rafael’s six-pointer bringing down the average.

To the amazement of the fans and judges present at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro, Keanu continued to turn up the heat moving into the final round of the contest. Not only did he put up two nine-club scores in the finals, his Wave 2 scoring was extremely close to a perfect ten. Matched up against Wade Carmichael in the finals, Keanu Asing had to deliver in a major way if he was going to secure the first place victory. For the Wave 1 performances, it was already becoming obvious that Keanu was unstoppable at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro since he was able to deliver a 9.00 score for Wave 1 compared to Wade’s 7.83 pointer.

In all fairness to Wade Carmichael, who performed quite well indeed, he mounted a very impressive challenge to Keanu’s lead in the Wave 2 scores. It wasn’t enough to displace Keanu Asing though, since Keanu came in with a 9.73 pointer for his Wave 2 scoring while Wade earned a 9.13 pointer. When it was all said and done, Keanu took the first place victory with a final round score of 18.73. The average wave scoring in the finals came out to 8.92 points in total.

2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro at Boomerang Beach

2nd Place – Wade Carmichael – Australia:

As one of the primary Australian representatives at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro, Wade Carmichael definitely was on his game at this competition. That is quite clear in the context of Wade taking the second place podium finish at the conclusion of the contest, and if Keanu Asing hadn’t been surfing so perfectly it probably would have been Wade on the top of the podium. In spite of narrowly missing the first place finish Wade still received major boosts to his rankings and World Surf League standing as a result of his second place finish, and was able to increase his profile just as the 2017 WSL season really picks up momentum.

Leading off in the quarterfinals with a rather shaky round, Wade Carmichael was matched up against professional surfer Matthew McGillivray. Fortunately for Wade’s progression through the contest, his heat competitor was lacking in terms of his performance and only earned a 9.80 score in total. Meanwhile, Wade was able to earn a 5.50 pointer for his Wave 1 scoring and a much stronger 8.00 point Wave 2 score, rounding his overall Heat 4, Quarterfinals total score out to 13.50 points.

Handily defeating Matthew McGillivray by a margin of almost four entire points, Wade Carmichael was able to surf his way into the semifinals at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro by salvaging his round with a Wave 2 8.00 point score. In a sense, the quarterfinals were sort of a comeback round for Wade Carmichael, when he demonstrated steely nerves out in the lineup at Boomerang Beach. The overall average wave scoring in Wade’s Heat 4, Quarterfinals rounded out to 5.83 points, an average significantly lowered by Matthew McGillivray’s 3.37 point Wave 1 score.

Moving on into the semifinal round, Wade Carmichael was positioned against a fellow Aussie professional surfer named Shane Campbell. Shane provided a much tougher challenge than what Wade went up against in the quarterfinals with Matthew McGillivray, and thankfully for Carmichael he was able to rise to the challenge and narrowly defeat Shane Campbell by a slim margin of less than one single point.

Though Wade Carmichael was able to secure the top spot in Heat 2, Semifinals, at the point when Wave 1 scores came in Wade was actually losing by a fraction of a point. He was able to turn it around in the Wave 2 scoring category however, when Wade earned himself a towering 8.77 point individual wave score to bring his semifinal round total up to 16.44 points in all. Compared to Shane’s final score in the semifinal round of 15.73 points, it is clear that this was not an easy win for Wade. The average wave scoring in Heat 2, Semifinals rounded out to 8.04 points, one of the highest averages in the competition.

The final round showdown between Keanu Asing and Wade Carmichael was definitely up there with the biggest highlights at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro, and it saw Wade executing the best surfing of his entire contest run. Carmichael certainly thrived under pressure in the finals against Keanu Asing, although Keanu’s surfing was simply too hot for Wade to match, let alone surpass.

Keanu Asing was absolutely killing it in the Boomerang lineup, and even with Wade’s impressive surfing it just wasn’t enough at a final round score total of 16.96 points overall. Wade’s Wave 1 scoring in the finals was 7.83 points, with a really impressive follow-up Wave 2 score of 9.13 points, and it was obvious that Wade was doing everything he possibly could to maximize his final round scores. The average wave score in the finals was a quite high average, landing at 8.92 points overall.

2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro at Boomerang Beach

3rd Place – Shane Campbell – Australia:

Rounding out the podium at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro event at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia, Aussie native surfer Shane Campbell was able to steadily improve throughout the competition. Shane was really surfing within the six-point range in the quarterfinals, bringing in a Wave 1 scoring of 6.20 points and a Wave 2 scoring of 6.60 points.

In spite of his consistency in the quarterfinals, Shane was still having trouble integrating a lot of higher level tricks and technical maneuvering into his lines and was therefore having difficulty breaking out of the six-point range. Even still, Shane was able to earn himself a total of 12.80 points in the quarterfinal round of the 2017 Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro. Shane’s Heat 3, Quarterfinals saw an average individual wave scoring of 6.00 points, with both heat competitors earning consistent 5.00-6.00 point wave scores.

Although the semifinals marked the end of the line for Shane Campbell at the 2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro at Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia, he still surfed valiantly in the semis and seriously improved his scoring too. Going head to head against Wade Carmichael was a massive challenge for Shane, and he was able to hold his own in a major way. Shane earned a much improved 7.83 point Wave 1 scoring, and took a very slight lead over Wade after the Wave 1 scores were official.

Campbell even held on again in the Wave 2 scoring series within Heat 2, Semifinals when he put up a 7.90 pointer, but Wade out-surfed him by almost a whole point and took the lead from Shane. Third place is still a strong finish for Shane Campbell, and will serve as a major boost to his league stature within the 2017 World Surf League contest series. The average wave score in Shane’s Heat 2, Semifinals was 8.04 points all around.

2017 WSL Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro at Boomerang Beach


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