2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

Following up the Carve Pro event in Maroubra, Australia, we have another major 2017 WSL men’s professional surf competition held at the Gold Coast of Australia. Click here now to get all the relevant information at final results from the 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro event!

The 2017 World Surf League competitive season has been going quite smoothly so far, and we have already seen a few awesome competitions being staged in Australia this year. To continue on with that Australia trend, we have one of the latest events being held at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia. The 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro is a very high profile and important contest for the WSL professional surfers currently in the league, and given that Burleigh Heads is a favorite among Aussie surfers this event is a big one for the Australia-native surfers especially.

2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

One of the main reasons that so many surfers absolutely love the breaks at Burleigh Heads is that the barrels are very dependable and forgiving most of the time, and the averaging sizing on these breaks are perfect for intense and technical surfing. The Burleigh Heads lineup has waves that are in the moderate size range, and given that they tend not to be massive overhead waves, pros feel more comfortable expressing some of their more envelope-pushing technical maneuvers.

Whereas when the breaks get too large and surfers have to focus all of their efforts and energy onto the task of simply holding their line and making it out of the tube, the more mild breaks like at Burleigh Heads offer a blank canvas to fully express style and creativity. Thankfully for the competitors, judges, and contest administrators, the Gold Coast weather was fantastic at this 2017 WSL event. The 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro offered a rather picturesque setting for the best surfers in the world to do battle in the lineup as the 2017 WSL season really picks up momentum.

Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

The WSL 2017 season still has so much to offer in terms of their Big Wave series, Junior series, and their Men’s/Women’s Pro series as well, although the Big Wave series really hasn’t gotten started yet for the most part. The Gold Coast in Australia is a world famous location for surfing and for other attractions, and therefore this competition got some really big fanfare from the GC locals. In order to provide all the most critical information surrounding this competition, the final results and a summary overview will now be provided here.

1st Place – Oney Anwar – India:

Bringing India into the spotlight of the continuing 2017 World Surf League season, Oney Anwar was able to secure the first place victory at the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro competition on the Gold Coast of Australia. Oney Anwar really had some truly amazing wave performances at Burleigh Heads, and was one of only a handful of other surfing professionals at the competition who were able to put up a nine-club score during the event. Starting out in the quarterfinals, Oney Anwar had a really solid performance that set him up in a strong position to advance into the semifinals and then on to the final round. Already demonstrating profound confidence and foresight in the Burleigh Heads lineup earlier in the event, Oney was able to put up a 7.25 point score in his Wave 1 scoring in the quarterfinals.

Oney Anwar - 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

After that solid 7.25 pointer for his quarterfinal Wave 1 score, Oney Anwar was even more emboldened to take some more risks, and that increase in intensity definitely translated into his Wave 2 scoring and it paid off big time. For his Wave 2, Quarterfinal scoring in the fourth heat, Oney Anwar stepped it up quite a bit by bringing in an 8.50 point score that sealed the deal over his competitor. Oney’s total score in the quarterfinals came out to be 15.75 points, which was enough to defeat his heat competitor, Brent Dorrington, by over one point. The average wave score in Oney’s Heat 4, Quarterfinals ended up at 7.56 points.

Carrying his momentum from the quarterfinals into the semifinals, Oney Anwar literally stepped up his performances and scores with each wave run in the semifinals. The semifinals was also where Oney picked up one of his nine-club scores, which came in with his Semifinals, Wave 2 scoring. As he tended to be pitted against different professional Aussie surfers through his run in the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro, this trend continued into the semifinals where he went up against Australian pro Quinn Bruce. Oney Anwar was able to very confidently put Quinn Bruce away in the semifinals, by a huge margin of four points.

Starting out in his Wave 1 performance in the semifinals, Oney Anwar clocked a towering 8.75 point scoring that already had him sitting almost two points above his heat competitor before the Wave 2 scores had even begun. As if that wasn’t enough, Oney Anwar was able to improve his scoring even more in his Wave 2, Heat 2, Semifinals performance when he put up a solid, rounded 9.00 point score that sealed his semifinal win. Oney’s incorporation of complex cutbacks and snaps, along with impressive aerials, kept his scores high and kept his inertia moving into the finals. His final semifinal scoring total came out to be 17.75 points all around, with the average wave score set at 7.88 points.

The final round at the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads was another really exciting WSL contest conclusion in 2017, and it saw Oney Anwar pitted against Australian surfing sensation Kalani Ball. Kalani has been having some really strong performances in the 2017 season, and he provided a huge challenge for Oney to overcome in the finals. In fact, the Wave 1 scores for both surfers in the finals came in with a tiny margin between them.

Oney Anwar’s Wave 1 scoring in the finals ended up at 9.40 points, with Kalani’s Wave 1 score ending up at 9.65 points. In this way, Oney was actually being beaten after the Wave 1 scores were in, but he was able to overcome that after the Wave 2 performances. The Wave 2 scoring for Oney Anwar was revealed as being 8.80 points compared to 7.75 points for Kalani Ball, giving Oney the victory by a slim margin of less than one point. Oney’s final scoring in the final round was 18.20 points, with an average wave score in the finals set at 8.90 points.

2nd Place – Kalani Ball – Australia:

An Australian native himself, Kalani Ball has really been proving himself in the 2017 WSL competitive season. He showed up at the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro ready to throw down, and in all honesty he was extremely close to taking the first place victory. He missed the win by less than one point, and finished out in second place at this competition. Second place is still a very strong result in terms of league standing and rankings, and Kalani has definitely benefitted quite a bit in securing the second place spot in this competition. Beginning with Kalani’s performance in the second quarterfinal heat, he started out with a really strong wave performance but diminished ever so slightly in his Wave 2 performance.

He was really strong out of the gate in Heat 2, Quarterfinal, bringing in a Wave 1 scoring of 8.50 points overall. He incorporated a lot of technical movement into Wave 1, and demonstrated tremendous speed and strong bottom turns out in the Burleigh Heads lineup. His Wave 2 performance was somewhat less impressive, as he had to work harder to maintain control over his line and couldn’t work in as much technical maneuvering or tricks, bringing in a 6.10 pointer for Wave 2. At the conclusion of Heat 2, Quarterfinals, Kalani Ball finished out with a 14.60 point total overall score. The average wave scoring in the second quarterfinal heat rounded out at 6.61 points.

Kalani Ball - 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

Heading into the semifinals, Kalani Ball continued turning up the heat and actually put up one of the best performances of the entire 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro. The Australian native surfer was able to bring in a 7.75 point score for his Wave 1 scoring in Heat 1, Semifinals. That was after he executed some really impressive aerials and layback snaps, but as good as his Wave 1 scoring was he stepped it up even more for his Wave 2 line. Improving over his Wave 1 score by almost a whole point, Kalani Ball was able to execute a Wave 2 scoring value of 8.50 points. Altogether Kalani was able generate a strong semifinal scoring total of 16.25 points, taking the winning position in Heat 1, Semifinals. The average wave scoring in Heat 1, Semifinals came in at 6.88 points rounded out.

The final round proved to be a very strong performance for Kalani Ball, but unfortunately for him it was not enough to overcome the truly expert surfing coming from Oney Anwar. Kalani’s biggest highlights really came in the finals, where he was close to bringing in a true perfect ten scoring! For Kalani’s Wave 1 scoring he earned an incredible 9.65 point score, which put him at a small early lead over Oney Anwar. Unfortunately for Kalani Ball, however, he was not able to impress the judges so much in the Wave 2 scoring when he earned a 7.75 point score to round his total out at 17.40 points. In spite of Kalani’s expert technical surfing displayed in the finals, his total came in just shy of one point behind Oney Anwar. The final round average wave score settled out at 8.90 points, one of the highest and most impressive averages in the entire 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro competition.

3rd Place – Quinn Bruce – Australia:

Taking the third place podium rounding spot at the conclusion of the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads on Australia’s Gold Coast, yet another Aussie pro surfer was able to positively represent their home country. Quinn Bruce had a fantastic run at the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro competition, and was able to secure third place by a tight scoring margin over the fourth place surfer, Timothee Bisso. Quinn Bruce is an Aussie surfer who clearly feels quite comfortable competing on his home turf, which is a claim easily backed up by his phenomenal wave scores and round scores through his eventual third place elimination before the finals.

Quinn Bruce had an outstanding performance starting out in the quarterfinals, where he was able to put up a nine-club scoring in his Heat 3, Quarterfinal Wave 1 scoring. Although he wasn’t able to keep that nine-club scoring going through his Wave 2 scoring in the quarterfinals, where he received an 8.00 pointer, he still stayed very solid through the quarterfinals. His comprehensive scoring total at the conclusion of the quarterfinals rounded out at 17.00 points overall, besting his heat competitor Kei Kobayashi by a generous margin of over four whole points. The average wave scoring in the third heat of the quarterfinals came in at 7.46 points all day.

Quinn Bruce - 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

Quinn kept it moving into the semifinals, but that was the point at which his performance started to drop off a little bit and compromised his run at a victory. Experiencing a clear drop in scoring, and possibly affected by the heightened pressure on his surfing, Quinn Bruce came in with a 7.00 point Wave 1 scoring and that compromised his ability to surpass the pro surfing titan Oney Anwar. Heading into his Wave 2 performance in Heat 2, Semifinals, Quinn Bruce saw an even greater decrease in his individual wave scoring when his Wave 2 scoring value came up a bit short at 6.75 points. His 6.75 point Wave 2 scoring sealed the deal for his cut from the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro, and his 13.75 point round total fell short of his heat competitor’s scoring by a margin of four points. The average wave score in Heat 2, Semifinals (Quinn Bruce’s final round in the 2017 Flight Centre Burleigh Pro) came in at 7.88 points all around.

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