2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

With the 2017 USA BMX season really starting to hit its stride this year, we turn our attention to a recent BMX competition that took place in Louisville, Kentucky. This USA BMX contest race was called the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race, and it was held at a world class facility known as the Freedom Hall in Louisville. This facility is known for many things, but perhaps first and foremost it is known for being the previous hosting grounds for the UCI World Championships.

The BMX racing track was a high skill level and quite demanding course for the racers, and this was definitely an intensive event serving as the first major three-day USA BMX National competition for the 2017 season. This massive National BMX competition drew in a wide variety of primary factory teams, and some examples of the big name teams that showed up at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race include Doublecross, C-Yaa, Throdown Factory Team, Answer-Rennen, and a handful of other big teams.

Another team that had a really successful run at this BMX competition was a relatively new factory team on the scene known as Full Tilt. The team members riding for Full Tilt were easy to spot at this competition, since their vibrant turquoise team riding colors were leading the pack in several racing classes at this event in Louisville, Kentucky. Covering the professional classes is the priority here, for multiple reasons but more or less due to the fact that this is the BMX racing category that tends to yield the highest skilled and most intense races.

The top five finishers in the main class race were United States native BMX athletes, and they were athletes that come from all parts of the country, illustrating the broad reach and popularity of the USA BMX racing outfit. The incredible precision and agile maneuverability of the BMX athletes in this race was nothing short of amazing, with the unique skillset of BMX racers on display for all the judges and fans in attendance at the Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Given that this is one of the first National competitions of the 2017 USA BMX contest schedule, BMX fans will definitely want to check out the stats, rankings, and overall results from this race. To benefit those fans and anyone else interested, a summary and the final round results from the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race will be shared here now.

1st Place – Triston Judd – Seagoville, Texas:

Triston Judd - 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

Handily securing the first place victory at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race, Triston Judd was really giving the fans and judges an amazing display of skill at this competition. Triston has an uncanny ability for expertly timing his big moves out on the track, as he was definitely able to do at this race. One major example of Triston Judd’s amazing timing and reflexive responses during races is in his tendency to be able to execute insane holeshots and threads around the characteristic hard banking turns that partially constitute BMX racing tracks like the one used at Freedom Hall for this event.

Another way in which Triston Judd utilizes technical BMX skills to dominate on the race track is in the rhythm sections of the BMX racing course, where it can be extremely important to be able to execute perfect timing in order to preserve momentum and hold a lead or a position in the pack without losing any ground to other competitors. This is a sport where the race track can reach points of very high density in terms of racers bunching up together, and that is another point at which Triston Judd is able to thrive since his explosive power can advance him out in front of the pack when he needs to make that kind of move.

Considering that Triston Judd is only about eighteen years old right now, he is in a position where he can seriously dominate the professional USA BMX circuit for many years to come. Already prospering quite a bit early on in the progression of his career, Triston Judd has a primary big name sponsorship of Gold’s Gym right now, with more big sponsors likely on the way if Triston can keep performing as well as he did at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Riding out of his hometown of Seagoville, Texas, Triston represents the southwest portion of the United States in terms of his background as a BMX athlete. With many impressive accolades and achievements already under his belt throughout his career with the USA BMX racing outfit, this victory is yet one more major accomplishment for this young BMX professional. Triston Judd is without a doubt one of the up and coming young pros to keep an eye on, given that he is positioned to become a primary leader in this league.

2nd Place – Louis Kaminski – Eden, New York:

Louis Kaminski - 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

Finishing out the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race held at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky in the second place runner-up podium spot, Louis Kaminski had a solid race at this contest. Louis seemed like he had his sights focused squarely on the race leader, Triston Judd, and was trying as hard as he could to overtake the dominant leader in this competition. Kaminski started out the race with a solid start out of the gate, and in the early portions of the competition he was pedaling aggressively and holding a lot of speed through the turns and rhythm areas of the track.

He held a steady pace through at lot of the racing progression, although about halfway through the race his intensity appeared to diminish just a little bit. Louis was jockeying for position mostly with fellow competitors Brian Thierwechter and Nathan Scott, as the leaders of the pack were vying desperately to control the lead in this race. As the end of the race started to get closer, we saw Louis Kaminski hitting his second wind and beginning to get some of his power back into his track movement, allowing him to seal the deal over the eventual third place finisher, Brian Thierwechter.

Racing out of his hometown of Eden, New York, Louis Kaminski has been riding BMX for about a decade now, and has a lot of experience in his record at this point in his career. Although not necessarily the most stylish or technically advanced racer, Louis Kaminski has tremendous power and speed which tends to be enough to place him high in the rankings at major events. He uses a racing style that sometimes appears to be more brute strength than tactful strategy, but whatever works is definitely the best course of action when competing at this elite level.

In spite of the fact that New York is not the best place in the world for BMX training since the winters are so long and harsh, Louis Kaminski has managed to maintain a disciplined training regimen utilizing different indoor training areas during the winter season. Kaminski is clearly a determined and headstrong individual, both on the BMX race track and off. He is an extraordinarily consistent and dedicated racer, and an asset to the 2017 USA BMX racing and competition league.

3rd Place – Brian Thierwechter – Sandwich, Massachusetts:

brian thierwechter - 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

Taking up the third place podium rounding spot at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race at the Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, another northeastern native named Brian Thierwechter had another impressive performance among many at this competition. Brian is the type of racer that has an incredible eye for making tight holeshots and threading his trajectory line through tight passes, and unlike Louis Kaminski’s brute strength racing style, Brian’s racing philosophy is more closely characterized by seizing opportunities in a tactical way.

Brian Thierwechter is currently racing for the prominent factory team known as C-Yaa, and is clearly doing quite well on the team’s behalf given that he was able to make the podium at this prestigious competition. That is definitely going to help increase the C-Yaa factory team’s profile in many different contexts, and across various leagues and competition outlets. Their team has been having a lot of success over the last season up until today, and their momentum doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The 2017 USA BMX season would not be the same without the C-Yaa factory team competing in these contests, and especially Brian Thierwechter in particular. There are few other BMX athletes who can think on their feet quite like Thierwechter can, and this fast acting reflex on the track is a major force in terms of allowing him to win races and secure podium spots like he did at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race this year.

Riding out of his hometown of Sandwich, Massachusetts, Brian Thierwechter shares the quality of being a northeastern U.S. native just like the second place finisher, Louis Kaminski. Brian has been training on BMX bikes since he was a young kid, and his experience definitely shows in terms of his expert muscle memory and sharp reflex out on the track. Brian Thierwechter is so precise on his BMX bike while competing, it is almost as though he takes BMX competition to the level of martial artistry. With this third place finish at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race, Brian Thierwechter can expect to see some serious improvements in terms of his rankings within this league.

4th Place – Nathan Scott – Henderson, Nevada:

Nathan Scott - 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

Missing the podium by a rather slim margin at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race event at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, racer Nathan Scott was able to secure for himself the fourth place finish here. Nathan Scott was contending closely with Brian Thierwechter at this race, and although there were some moments during the race where Nathan came close to challenging Thierwechter’s lead over him, he wasn’t able to do it before the conclusion of the race.

Nathan Scott is definitely one of the most well-rounded BMX athletes competing at this event, demonstrating a high level of track control, pacing awareness, and technical ability as well. He utilizes his broad and all encompassing skillset on the BMX track to his utmost advantage, but the one place he tends to be slightly lacking is in terms of raw power and explosiveness on the track. Nathan is able to make up for it though, and he does so in terms of being one of the smartest racers out there today in the 2017 USA BMX contest season.

Nathan Scott - 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race Results

Riding out of this hometown of Henderson, Nevada, Nathan Scott is another athlete who was lucky enough to get an early start into the sport of BMX freestyle and BMX racing. Coming from Nevada, it many places in the state it is temperate year round in terms of climate allowing for year round intensive BMX training. All of Nathan Scott’s training background has been paying off in spades lately, and especially in light of his fourth place finish at the 2017 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Race at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. That finish should do quite a bit in terms of bolstering Nathan’s rankings and league standing within the USA BMX outfit, and help to propel him into the many remaining competitions scheduled during the 2017 season.

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