2017 Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air at Moscow, Russia

The 2017 Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air at Moscow, Russia



For the fifth time since the year 2005, Moscow, Russia has been the hosting location for major Big Air Snowboarding competitions, and January 7th, 2017 saw another successful big air contest take place there. The 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air event in Moscow, Russia was held at a gigantic scaffolding-constructed big air jump that was built at the Krylatskoye Sports Centre in Moscow. Russia is naturally a great location for snowboarding competitions due it its frequent snowfall and very low temperatures, and the heart of Moscow was an excellent place for the Men’s Big Air contest.

Serving to kick off the 2017 season for the FIS Snowboard World Cup contest progression, the Moscow competition saw some very close and intense rivalry between some of the professional snowboarders making this an especially entertaining spectacle for everyone involved. Thankfully for the Russians who showed up to watch the event held at the Krylatskoye Sports Centre, a Russian FIS Snowboarding athlete managed to secure the first place victory at the event. In this way, the Russians definitely represented their homeland quite well at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air contest in the heart of the nation’s capital of Moscow.

One other reason that this competition was so much fun for the fans and the judges in attendance was that it was a night time event, and with the bright lights overhanging the colossal scaffolding jump the competitors looked even more eye-catching than usual as they flew through the night sky. The insanely large big air jump was expertly constructed for the event, with a near flawless geometry that allowed each of the athletes to confidently throw a broad array of envelope-pushing tricks and combinations while competing in Moscow.

The Americans had a tough time in Moscow however, considering that there were no United States competitors at all within the top five finalists at the conclusion of the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air contest in Moscow. The Norwegians had a great run in Moscow, however, with two of their snowboarding athletes making it into the top five at this event. For the informational benefit of snowboarding fans all over the world, the final results and overview analysis of this January 7th, 2017 FIS big air competition in Moscow, Russia will now be offered below.


1st Place – Vlad Khadarin – Russia:

Bringing his homeland of Russia the glory at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition, Russian-born professional snowboarder Vlad Khadarin was seriously on fire at this prestigious FIS event. Vlad has everything that a true big air snowboarder really needs in order to excel and succeed in competition, but most of all he rides with a kind of fearlessness and complete commitment to his lines that a professional of his caliber simply must have in order to be victorious. With a wide variety of highlights and amazing trick executions to consider with regard to Vlad Khadarin’s performance in Moscow, among the most impressive were a double backflip, double corkscrew, and a really spectacular double flair rotation.

A flair combination is essentially a reverse flipping rotation that incorporates a 180-degree twist in the process, and a double flair is basically a repetition of this overall procedure. Vlad made his combinations almost look easy at times, which is no simple feat considering the elite level of the ambitious tricks and combos he was throwing out in Moscow, Russia. To make things even better for Vlad’s first place victory in Moscow, this was actually one of his rookie performances, so to take first at one of his first big competitions is an incredible achievement for his growing career.

It is tough to imagine a better start to a career in the FIS Snowboard World Cup division than winning such a momentous competition, but to also do it in your home country must make it even sweeter. Not only did Vlad win the whole event, he also did it by a margin of about eight points, representative of a massive and commanding victory that was not seriously contested by any other competitor. Finishing out the event with a total final score of 182.25 points, Vlad Khadarin truly exhibited a powerful win at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition in Russia.

Competing with a bib number of twenty, Vlad was awarded a substantial World Cup points allocation as a result of his win. Earning a total of 1000.00 World Cup points toward his rookie FIS ranking, Vlad Khadarin could not have executed a better start to his career in any possible way. His performance was more or less perfect, and based on that we might be looking at a new dominating force in the FIS Snowboard World Cup men’s division.



2nd Place – Antoine Truchon – Canada:

Canadian big air snowboarding expert Antoine Truchon was able to take the second place podium spot at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air event in Moscow, Russia with an impressive array of successfully executed trick combinations. Antoine is without a doubt one of the most fun to watch big air snowboarding professionals within the FIS, and this is due in large part to his creative flair and sense of innovation in terms of designing his trick combinations. He is the type of big air rider that is good at switching up his strategies, and he is strong from many different approach types.

Launching and landing in switch or fakie positions is never a problem for Antoine Truchon, and he is someone who appears to be quite comfortable with both off-axis rotational tricks and straight-on rotational tricks as well. Front flips are a trick that many big air snowboarders either love or hate, and Antoine is able to use front flips and front flip combinations to his major advantage within the FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air division. Some riders will stay away from front flips because of the potential for making mistakes while leaning into the forward rotation, but Antoine Truchon has the distinct ability to make this kind of difficult rotation look almost easy.

This second place finish actually marks perhaps the most stand-out highlight in Antoine’s FIS Snowboard World Cup competition, considering that it is his highest ranked contest result to date within his stats profile. His only other podium finish while competing in the FIS league was also at another big air contest at Stoneham, where he was able to take third place. Antoine was competing with a bib number of seven at the Moscow, Russia contest, and he was able to finish out the competition with a really strong final points total.

At the conclusion of the event, Antoine Truchon was awarded a total of 174.75 points by the contest judges, which came out to be more than ten points ahead of the third place finisher. In this light, it is clear to see that Antoine’s second place ranking was not really in jeopardy at all leading up to the conclusion of the contest, and he held a commanding position in second all the way to the finish. In terms of his World Cup points award allocation, Antoine Truchon received a total of 800.00 WC points overall. In virtually all possible ways, the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition in Moscow, Russia was a massive success for Canadian rider Antoine Truchon.



3rd Place – Fridtjof Tischendorf – Norway:

Snowboarding his way into the third place podium position at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition at the Krylatskoye Sports Centre in Moscow, Russia, Fridtjof Tischendorf had a really solid performance that led him to round out the podium. Representing his home country of Norway at this competition, Fridtjof is another one of the relative rookies getting a start to his career in the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup season. At the conclusion of the Moscow competition, Fridtjof earned his first podium finish since starting out with the FIS, though this is by no means his first contest with this league.

He has had five World Cup starts so far within the progression of his rookie career, with the Moscow competition being perhaps the highest point of his short career so far. Fridtjof Tischendorf is clearly a very tough and ambitious snowboarder, having grown up training in the world class facilities in Norway where he honed his craft as an elite snowboarder. Bringing his solid skills and extensive trick repertoire to the huge scaffolding big air jump at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition in Moscow, Fridtjof executed some really outstanding off-axis rotational tricks that definitely helped him to secure his third place spot.

One of his best tricks was a rodeo flip big spin, where he was able to get at least a 720-degree spin into a rodeo style modified-axis flip. That trick had the crowd going crazy and the judges very impressed, and likely had a lot to do with Fridtjof making the podium at this event. Competing with the bib number of five, Tischendorf finished out the event with a commanding margin of about seven points above the fourth place finisher, Seppe Smits. Tischendorf’s final scoring total at the conclusion of the competition came out to 163.75 points overall, and in addition to his impressive final score he was also awarded a significant World Cup points allocation. His World Cup points award total came out to 600.00, representing a huge boost to his comprehensive FIS Snowboard World Cup ranking early on in his career.


4th Place – Seppe Smits – Belgium:

Fan favorite and FIS mainstay Seppe Smits was able to take home the fourth place finish at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air competition at Moscow, Russia after a hard fought contest overall. Seppe was out there in his typical impressive form, and although he did not make very many mistakes at all, he did not perform well enough to make the podium at this event. Perhaps he was being a little bit conservative or reserved at this competition to bide his time, as the 2017 FIS season is just getting started and he could be trying to pace himself for the entirety of the contest schedule.

Whatever the factor was, Seppe Smits was not performing at the same level of risk that he usually does, but even still he was able to dominate most of the competitive field. To give a brief background on Seppe Smits stats and rankings within the FIS, he has a total of nine podium finishes under his belt, and two FIS victories within his competitive history with this league. Competing with the bib number of three at the 2017 Men’s Big Air contest in Moscow, Seppe Smits finished out the event with a total final scoring value of 156.75 points overall.

In terms of his World Cup points award allocation he received as a result of taking fourth place, Seppe Smits was given a total of 500.00 FIS World Cup points that serve to be a major boost to his rankings as the 2017 season picks up momentum. Seppe Smits had a great performance in Moscow even though he missed the podium by a decent sized margin, and based on his history in the FIS we can expect some more solid competitions out of Seppe in the 2017 season.


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