2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

The 2017 World Surf League season is beginning to pick up pace, and the SEAT Pro Netanya competition in Israel is a great example of that! Click here now for all the details, analysis, and final results from this unique WSL men’s surf contest!


A relatively rare destination for professional surfing competitions, and the World Surf League in general, Netanya, Israel became the hosting ground for the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya competition. This was one of the most important and high profile WSL men’s professional surfing competitions of the 2017 season so far, for multiple reasons but perhaps most importantly in the context of being worth a total of 1500.00 ranking points to the first place winner of the event. This implies that the winner of the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya stands to win a highly substantial amount of league ranking points upon taking the first place podium spot at the competition, and this has the potential to radically improve a surfer’s ranking and league standing early on in the 2017 World Surf League competitive event scheduling.

2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

While not exactly the most exotic or beautiful surfing location on the planet by any means, Netanya, Israel is still a great surfing spot that tends to see some highly significant wave break sizes on many occasions throughout a typical weather year. At times, the wave break lineup at Netanya can exceed ten feet tall, and in this light it is clear that Netanya can offer some large breaks without a doubt. Conditions can be highly variable and change quickly at Netanya, and luckily enough for the competitors at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya WSL men’s professional surf contest they were favorable enough to have a great competition yielding successful and impressive displays of elite echelon surfing.

The athletes competing in the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya really went after it, and similar to another recent WSL men’s competition in Australia, there were a lot of technical aerials and other highly technical surfing out in the Netanya breaks. Whenever this is the case and wave breaks are conducive to more technical surfing like at this Netanya competition, the display of specific tricks and innovative maneuvers gets even more amazing and these kinds of contests are generally a lot of fun to watch. It is always better for everyone involved from fans, to judges, to contest administrators and promoters when the surf conditions are good, and thankfully that was the case this time around. To help fill in surfing fans everywhere, the final results of the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya in Israel will now be presented here.

2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

1st Place – Peterson Crisanto – Brazil:

Peterson Crisanto has everything that a successful professional surfer really needs to be successful in the World Surf League. From his style, speed, and technical abilities, Peterson is quickly making a well known name for himself in the pro surfing world. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya competition in Netanya, Israel, where Peterson Crisanto was able to secure the first place victory by a very comfortable margin indeed. Starting out in the quarterfinal round, Crisanto participated in the fourth heat and was already dominating his competition.

Matched up against Francisco Carrasco, Crisanto blew him out of the water given that he more than doubled Carrasco’s heat scoring. Peterson started out strong in his Heat 4, Quarterfinals matchup, bringing in an initial Wave 1 scoring of 7.83 points altogether. That was already a solid performance, but Peterson was able to up the ante yet again with his Wave 2 scoring as well, with the judges awarding him an almost nine-club score of 8.90 points. All around, Peterson Crisanto finished out his fourth heat quarterfinals performance with a total scoring value of 16.73 points, and the average wave score for that heat was 6.06 points overall.

Peterson Crisanto - 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

Moving on into Peterson Crisanto’s semifinals performance at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya, he continued to improve steadily and ratchet up the intensity of his surfing. This is certainly reflected in his scoring levels, and although he did not dominate to the degree that he did in the quarterfinals he still beat his heat competitor by a comfortable margin. Crisanto started getting a bit more technical in the semifinals, as he began to see that the victory was actually within his grasp.

His Wave 1 scoring came in at 8.37 points, and as if that wasn’t good enough already, he also brought in a Wave 2 scoring of 9.80 points. His nearly perfect-ten scoring was well enough to put him in the lead over his heat competitor Jonathan Gonzalez. Peterson Crisanto had a comprehensive total scoring value of 18.17 points at the conclusion of the semifinals, which happened to be the highest single round score of the entire 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya competition. The average wave scoring in Heat 2, Semifinals came out to be 8.55 points.

Heading into the final round, Peterson Crisanto was in a very advantageous positioning as he prepared to go head to head with Jorgann Couzinet for the total victory at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya contest in Israel. In Heat 1, Finals, Peterson had his work cut out for him with Jorgann Couzinet who is truly another elite professional surfer. Even with a worthy opponent against him, Crisanto still put Couzinet away with style and confidence out in the Netanya lineup.

Starting out with his Wave 1 scoring, Crisanto was able to bring in an extremely solid 8.77 point total that essentially sealed the deal over Couzinet considering that Crisanto established an early two point lead at that point. Although it was already pretty clear what the outcome was likely to be after the Wave 1 scores were in, the competition pressed on and Crisanto’s Wave 2 scoring ended up at 7.73 points. All in all, Crisanto finished out the competition with the first place victory and a final scoring total of 16.50 points. The average wave scoring in the final round came out to be 7.30 points, another high average that Crisanto definitely helped a lot to generate.

2nd Place – Jorgann Couzinet – France:

Among the most premier French professional surfers on the planet, Jorgann Couzinet certainly demonstrated his prowess by taking home the second place podium finish at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya competition in Israel. Couzinet had one of his strongest performances at the Netanya event take place in the quarterfinals, which is where our coverage picks up. Interestingly enough, Jorgann Couzinet was matched up against another French surfer in the first heat of the quarterfinals, so in this regard it was a battle of the French professional surfers in the first heat.

Jorgann Couzinet - 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

It was actually quite a close matchup between Couzinet and his opponent Adrien Toyon, with less than one point margin between the competitors after the Wave 1 scores were in. Jorgann Couzinet’s Wave 1 scoring in the quarterfinals came in at 7.10 points, and he was able to step it up even more for his Wave 2 scoring which came in a bit higher at 7.93 points all around. These two individual wave scores earned Jorgann Couzinet a comprehensive Heat 1, Quarterfinals scoring total of 15.03 points, which was only about 1.25 points above his matchup competitor, Adrien Toyon. With an average wave scoring of 7.20 points in the first quarterfinal heat, this was certainly a high scoring bout yielding Couzinet as the victor.

Jorgann Couzinet had a slightly diminished performance in Heat 1, Semifinals at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya compared to how well he did in the quarterfinals, but even still he had a strong run in the semis. Jorgann seemed to be very comfortable out in the Netanya breaks, and the moderate size and speed of these waves seemed to work out effectively for his surfing style. He was also highly consistent in terms of scoring in the semifinals, with his Wave 1 scoring value coming in at 6.93 points overall.

When the Wave 2 scoring came in it was clear just how consistent Couzinet’s performance was, considering that his totals between waves one and two only shifted 0.03 points. His Wave 2 score was set at 6.90 points, bringing his comprehensive total up to 13.83 points in the semifinals. There was not even a one point margin between Jorgann’s scoring in the semifinals and that of his opponent, Pedro Henrique, and in this way Jorgann was quite fortunate to be able to advance into the finals. The average wave scoring in Heat 1, Semifinals came in at 6.67 points, which was a roughly median average comparatively speaking.

3rd Place – Jonathan Gonzalez – Tenerife:

Representing his small home nation of Tenerife, Jonathan Gonzalez has cultivated a highly unique and innovative surfing style that has taken him to the pinnacle of professional surfing. Taking the third place podium rounder spot at the 2017 WSL SEAT Pro Netanya, Jonathan Gonzalez had a moderate performance for most of the event before really hitting his stride in the semifinals. In the semifinal round in fact, Jonathan Gonzalez nearly had a perfect ten on one of his individual wave scorings that was without a doubt his biggest highlight of the 2017 WSL Netanya competition.

Starting out in the third heat of the quarterfinals, Jonathan Gonzalez had a sort of lackluster start when he earned himself a Wave 1 scoring of only 4.63 points. Although for mid level WSL surfers a 4.63 point scoring might not be so discouraging, but for a surfer as skilled as Jonathan Gonzalez it was a bit below his ability. He picked it back up in his Wave 2 quarterfinal scoring though, performing to his ability and bringing in a 6.50 point score to salvage his round. If he hadn’t recovered in his Wave 2 performance it is likely that his heat competitor Dimitri Ouvre would have advanced in his place, considering that Gonzalez only ended up taking the Heat 3, Quarterfinal victory by less than a point with a final score of 11.13 points. The average wave scoring in the third quarterfinal heat came in at 5.37 points, one of the lower averages of the competition.

Jonathan Gonzalez - 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

The semifinals was the point at which Jonathan Gonzalez was able to really kick his abilities into gear, and surf with a technical flair that earned him a nearly perfect ten scoring. Starting out with his Wave 1 scoring, Jonathan put up a solid line that earned him a 6.67 point individual wave score. That was an effective score for any WSL surfer, but his heat matchup against Peterson Crisanto proved too much for him to overcome. In spite of how dominating Crisanto’s surfing was at the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya competition in Israel, Jonathan Gonzalez still came close to surpassing him, only falling short by less than two points.

Jonathan Gonzalez came in with a 9.37 point Wave 2 scoring, which was an awesome moment of the 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya that had the fans and other surfers cheering for Jonathan’s exceptional Wave 2 run. If he would have put up a stronger Wave 1 score in the semifinals he truly could have upset Peterson Crisanto’s dominating run at the Netanya competition. Jonathan Gonzalez’s final scoring in the second heat of the semifinals came in at 16.04 points, which ended up as one of the most impressive round scores in the whole event. With one of the best average wave scores in the entire 2017 SEAT Pro Netanya, Jonathan Gonzalez’s Heat 2, Semifinals average rounded out at 8.55 points.

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