2017 Pirtek Snocross National at Canterbury Park, MN

2017 Pirtek Snocross National at Canterbury Park, MN


Featuring a stacked field of some of the best Snocross professionals in the business, the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National at Canterbury Park, Minnesota was such an awesome race to really get things going in the brand new 2017 season. With the 2016-2017 winter season clearly bringing back the now infamous and also loved meteorological phenomenon known as the “Polar Vortex”, the temperatures and snowfall totals have been quite good to Minnesota so far. That being said, Canterbury Park in Minnesota provided a picturesque venue for the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National as part of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, with athletes competing fiercely for the podium spots as the season gets going.

Although Minnesota rarely has a winter that actually disappoints in terms of the snowfall and temperature necessities of Snocross competitions, 2016-2017 is shaping up to be an extremely bountiful winter with regard to the quality of snowmobile racing. Many different professional racing teams were represented at the event, with Hentges Racing having an exceptional day by taking first place, and having two of their team riders make the top five.

Hentges is a team that has been having a lot of success over the last couple years, and clearly their team is off to a powerful start into 2017. Along with Hentges Racing having a successful run at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National, Minnesota was also represented favorably on their home turf. Logan Christian, a native of Fertile, Minnesota was able to secure the second place podium spot at this high profile race, and he raced with an extreme drive that was almost enough to secure him the victory but Kody Kamm had him beaten by the end.

While the northern United States was well represented in the top five with Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in the running, Europe also had multiple athletes in the top five with Sweden’s Adam Renheim and Petter Narsa taking home the third place, and fourth place spots, respectively. For all of those snowmobile racing and Snocross fans out there who missed out on the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National event at Canterbury Park in Minnesota, the final results and rankings at the conclusion of the race will be presented below.

1st Place – Kody Kamm – Hentges Racing:

Bringing in the first place victory for the Hentges Racing Team, Snocross professional Kody Kamm was out there showing everyone how it’s done at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National at Canterbury Park. Kody is a racer that has both a remarkable degree of control over his sled, and also a sense for when to execute aggressive passes and when to lay back and survey the formation. He is also very smooth connecting over jumps and track transitions, which is definitely one of the more important technical sled skills involved in the Snocross racing format.

Kody Kamm currently races for Hentges Racing, and in the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National event he was riding on a Polaris built snowmobile. Kody has had some variations in his sled preferences over the years, and lately Polaris has evidently been working quite well for him. In addition to having Polaris as a major sponsor, Kody Kamm is also sponsored by such companies as Monster Energy, Ergodyne, EVS, Wells Fargo, V Force 3, and a host of other big name brands.

Kody is currently racing primarily in the National Circuit, with his primary class being the Pro Open category. A native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kody Kamm has basically grown up training in this region, which has left him well prepared for taking on the Pirtek race at Canterbury Park, Minnesota. Racing with a bib number of fifty-three at this competition, Kody Kamm is off to an outstanding start in 2017, and proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in terms of the coming AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series races.

2nd Place – Logan Christian – Christian Brothers Racing:

Off to an amazing start in the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National event at Canterbury Park, Logan Christian lost his lead later in the race but still managed to take the second place podium finish at the event. A second place finish at this major AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series is a big deal in terms of getting some momentum going early on in the 2017 season, and Logan Christian seemed quite satisfied with the result if perhaps a little bothered by the close loss of his first place lead. Such is the name of the game in professional Snocross racing, and at this level the athletes compete extremely hard for the top spots.

Snocross racing in the AMSOIL league is definitely a risk and reward game a lot of the time, and Logan Christian needed to put a bit more risk in play if he wanted to take first at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National. Instead he appeared to take more of a conservative approach toward to the final segments of the racing sequence, missing a couple opportunities to thread his way into a position to challenge Kody Kamm for who would hold the lead.

In addition to having Arctic Cat as one of Logan Christian’s biggest and most prominent sponsorships, he also has a variety of other major sponsors that back his career. Some of these additional sponsors include AMG Peterbilt, Country Cat, Arctic Wear, Camso, Fox Shox, Virus, CTec2, C&A Pro Skis, Cycra, Hayes, and a host of other sponsors as well. At the present time Logan Christian’s primary circuit classification is the National Circuit, and his primary class is the Pro Open category.

Logan Christian is currently racing as a member on the Christian Brothers Racing outfit, and as such his sled in the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National was a beautiful Arctic Cat built snowmobile. Using the torque, acceleration, and power of his Arctic Cat sled at the Pirtek race, Logan masterfully navigated the rather difficult track at Canterbury Park. Racing out of his hometown of Fertile, Minnesota, this second place win at Canterbury is an even more special event for Logan Christian’s career with the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, since he had the opportunity to represent his home state in the competition racing with the bib number forty-three.

3rd Place – Adam Renheim – Boss Racing:

Earning the third place podium finish at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National event at Canterbury Park in Minnesota, Adam Renheim really showed a lot of skill and promise, as he is one of the relative newcomers in the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series. Adam was competing with the bib number 311 at the Pirtek race, although it would have been tough to make that number out at times considering how fast Renheim was ripping through the straights and the transition sections.

This is a professional Snocross athlete who knows quite well how to execute passes and make moves when he’s out in the open, and spectators can often find Adam really going all out when he is making a run for the front end of the formation. Currently, Adam Renheim is on track to really improve his AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series rankings if he continues to race the way he did at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National competition. Right now Renheim is racing for the Boss Racing Team, where he seems to have discovered a good fit for his career at the moment.

Riding out of Lima, Sweden, Adam Renheim has a lot of impressive sponsorships in addition to his primary Ski-Doo sponsorship. Although Ski-Doo is a massive one, some of his other sponsors include FXR, Lucas Oil, Dahlin, Fleet Farm, Dayco, Beaupre Aerial Equipment, ROX Speed FX, Xtreme Air Vents, as well as several others. Adam Renheim is now racing in the National primary circuit, with his primary class designated as the Pro Open category.

In terms of his racing hardware and the sled he was on at the Pirtek race, Adam Renheim was expertly racing a Ski-Doo built snowmobile that is certainly serving him quite well at the moment. Ski-Doo definitely has a good sponsorship with Adam Renheim, considering his performance at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National got the Ski-Doo brand into the top five at the event. Rounding out the podium at Canterbury Park is sure to be one of the highlights of Adam Renheim’s 2017 racing season, and we can expect to see a lot more from this fierce racer in the competitions to come.

4th Place – Petter Narsa – Hentges Racing:

Representing another big success for the Hentges Racing Team at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National race at Canterbury Park, Minnesota, another one of their team members was able to secure the fourth place spot. Petter Narsa is without a doubt one of the most valuable assets on the Hentges Racing Team, and he proved his worth in spades yet again at the Pirtek race. Petter Narsa has been having a lot of success since starting to compete with the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, and apparently he is bringing that inertia into the 2017 competitive season. Narsa is one of the most fun competitors to watch throughout the range of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross field, and he is someone who thrives on the more technical aspects of the racing.

For example, at the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National we often saw Petter Narsa going really big off of the various rollers and gap spanners built into the track, tending to get more air and hangtime than many of the other competitors in the race. This kind of hard-charging and technically focused sled racing is a hallmark characteristic of Petter Narsa’s racing style, and often works well for him as long as he chooses his trajectories carefully and successfully. Petter Narsa has proven himself to be an indispensible asset for the Polaris racing team, and the Polaris brand in general, which makes it easy to see why Narsa and Polaris appear to have such a positive relationship going thus far.

Although Polaris is without a doubt his biggest and most important sponsorship, that is not to say that Petter Narsa does not have some additional sponsorships that are also integral to his overall career in the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series. Without naming every single one of them here, some of Petter’s other big sponsorships include Pirtek, FXR, Walker Evans Shocks, Woody’s, Starting Line Products, Camoplast, 139 Designs, Royal Enterprises, Ice Age Manufacturing, and a handful of other sponsors as well. At the current time Petter Narsa is engaged in the national primary circuit, with his primary class designated as the Pro Open category.

Even though that kind of Snocross racing style can introduce a bit more risk into the equation at times, the fact of the matter is that without that kind of risk it can be very difficult for a rider to excel in a large pack of competing Snocross racers. Petter Narsa was another Snocross athlete competing in the 2017 Pirtek Snocross National that was riding a Polaris built sled. Clearly, Polaris is doing something very right in terms of their research, development, and manufacturing given that they had a total of three of their Snocross athletes make it into the top five at the Pirtek race. Racing with the bib number of fifty-four, Petter Narsa appeared to be feeling good after securing fourth place at Canterbury Park, Minnesota.


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