2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Mammoth Mountain

Check Out the FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

As many snowboarders and skiers likely already know, Austria is one of the premier alpine locations on the planet for high level snowboarding. This is where the FIS chose to hold a major men’s Slopestyle contest in 2017 and the results were amazing! Click here now for all the details!


Kreischberg, Austria is known throughout Europe for being one of the best alpine sports locations in the world, and it was the hosting facility for the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle finals. This event marked one of the European-located competitions along the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup scheduling, following right on the heels of an FIS competition series in Moscow, Russia. Taking place on January 14th, 2017, the Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria saw a relatively lesser known Norwegian snowboarding professional take the victory.

This was a cool aspect of the Kreischberg competition, since it gave an opportunity to shake up the FIS Snowboard World Cup rankings a little bit and allow for some shuffling around. While Norway was represented in the first place podium victory at the Kreischberg, the rest of the podium was utterly dominated by snowboard athletes from the United States. This competition afforded athletes the potential for a large amount of World Cup points toward their rankings, making this quite a significant contest along the 2016-2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup season.

2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

Another country that was well represented in the top ten breakdown at the Kreischberg Men’s Slopestyle competition was New Zealand, which managed to see two of their professional snowboarding athletes make it into the top ten final rankings. Given that New Zealand is a smaller nation, having two in the top ten is a nice outcome for a high profile competition like the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria. The FIS is truly the gold standard for professional snowboarding competitions these days, and the Kreischberg event definitely did not disappoint. For the informational benefit of competitive professional snowboarding fans all over the world, the final event rankings from the Kreischberg contest will be included down below.

1st Place – Mons Roysland – Norway:

Bringing home the first place victory at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria was Norwegian snowboarding professional Mons Roysland. Mons took the victory by a limited margin, winning it all by less than one point. This was a massive success for Mons Roysland, and he was clearly ecstatic on the podium after taking first place. Not only was it a major milestone in Mons Roysland’s career, but it also afforded him a huge points award package that boosted his rankings substantially. Competing with the bib number of sixty-five, Mons Roysland may prove to be one of the biggest up and coming snowboarders in the entire FIS.

Mons Roysland - 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

This conclusion is built on the foundation that Mons Roysland only has five FIS World Cup starts, and yet of those five he already has a first place victory and a podium finish too. This ratio is extremely impressive relative to most of the athlete’s records in the FIS Snowboard World Cup, and is suggestive of the possibility that Mons Roysland might prove to be a new dominator in the FIS. Mons has the ability to jib and execute technical combinations on rails, boxes, and gap kickers as well as anyone else in the FIS Snowboard World Cup field, and those skills were well on display at the Kreischberg competition.

With snow falling around him and giant snow-covered evergreen trees in the backdrop, Mons Roysland showed everyone how it’s done at the brilliantly designed slopestyle setup. Slopestyle appears to be the strongest aspect of Mons Roysland skillset, given that his previous FIS big air competition performances he had were not nearly as impressive as his slopestyle run at Kreischberg. Mons had a total points accumulation of 84.25 points at the conclusion of the event, compared to an 83.30 point score from the second place runner up. In this light, it is clear that Mons had a very close margin of victory. Mons Roysland earned himself a World Cup points package award of 1000.00 points from winning the first place slot at Kreischberg, which definitely is going to boost his rankings in the FIS in a major way.

2nd Place – Ryan Stassel – United States:

Bringing the United States into the spotlight and onto the podium at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria, Ryan Stassel was able to take home the second place runner-up finish. Ryan Stassel has become something of a mainstay in the FIS Snowboard World Cup over the last couple years, and has focused a lot of his league competition within the Big Air formatting in the FIS. With a total of sixteen FIS World Cup starts to date, four podium finishes, and one World Cup victory under his belt, Ryan Stassel is definitely not a newcomer to the FIS league.

Ryan Stassel - 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

For a professional snowboarder with the FIS who has done so well in the Big Air contest format, Ryan Stassel was certainly demonstrating his versatility by taking the second place finish at the Kreischberg slopestyle event. While a lot of FIS Snowboard World Cup professionals have a kind of one dimensional specialization through either big air, halfpipe, slopestyle, or other broader freestyle events, Ryan Stassel is beginning to open up his career and expand his success into other categories. Stassel rides with an exceptionally clean and crisp style that manages to be technically sharp, but also innovative and creative at the same time.

Sometimes in slopestyle competitions snowboard athletes will try too hard to work style into their runs and end up sacrificing dense trick combinations in the process. That is almost never a problem for Ryan Stassel, who put on a really well balanced performance at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria. Ryan was able to bring in an 83.30 point total score at the conclusion of the event, and in this way he was extremely close to taking the victory from Mons Roysland. Even though he didn’t make the victory at Kreischberg, Stassel’s second place finish still afforded him a major World Cup points award of 800.00 points all around.

3rd Place – Redmond Gerard – United States:

Rounding out the podium in third place at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria, American snowboarding professional Redmond Gerard put on quite a show for the spectators and judges in attendance. Competing with the bib number of eighteen at the Kreischberg event, Redmond Gerard’s podium finish marks a profound milestone in his professional career in the FIS Snowboard World Cup. Redmond is an FIS athlete who has struggled a little bit to succeed, given that out of eight FIS World Cup contest starts this is his first podium finish since beginning his career with the FIS.

Redmond Gerard - 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

Although his stats are not at all the lowest in the league, but so far he has not been able to distinguish himself too much so this third place finish at Kreischberg is a major success for his career. His last competitions were big air events in Milan, Italy, and he ranked 25th and 49th place, respectively in those contests. In that light, a third place finish at the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle event at Kreischberg, Austria is a really big deal for him.

Redmond was able to really thrive at the Kreischberg event, demonstrating a versatile range of technical tricks and combination setups that showed he has been training extremely hard for the 2016-2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup season. Training is an invaluable aspect of success in the FIS Snowboarding league, especially so because athletes at this level are constantly innovating the game to the point where if a competitor stagnates it is quite possible that they will be left behind in the rankings. With someone like Redmond Gerard who has made massive strides and improvements in recent months, it is obvious that his training has been stepped up considerably.

Finishing out the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle contest in Kreischberg, Austria with a final scoring total of 81.35 points overall, Redmond ended up only about two points below the second place runner-up. In this way the scoring margins on the podium at the Kreischberg event were very tight, which is a sharp contrast against other FIS Snowboard World Cup competitions where the margins are a lot wider on the podium. Redmond earned a large points award package as a result of his third place finish at Kreischberg, bringing in a 600.00 World Cup points addition to his overall FIS rankings.

4th Place – Ville Paumola – Finland:

Successfully representing his home country of Finland in the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle competition at Kreischberg, Austria, Ville Paumola brought in the fourth place finish at this event. No stranger to the European professional snowboarding scene, Ville Paumola has developed and honed his riding skills and style in Finland but also in other resorts and facilities around Europe. In this sense, Ville appeared very relaxed and comfortable competing in Kreischberg, and made few mistakes whatsoever through the progression of his different lines and runs at this competition.

Ville Paumola - 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

Competing with the bib number of five at this event, Finnish FIS snowboarder Ville Paumola has a fluidity and a flow to his slopestyle runs that is rivaled by very few other competitors. What is implied by a fluid style is that Ville has a noticeable ability to connect different combinations in his lines without a choppy feel that would have him making a lot of corrections and realignments. These corrections and realignments are rare to see from Ville Paumola, who is a master of planning and plotting his slopestyle lines, and planning strategically for how to maximize the points potential for each line.

Ville is a tactical and strategic genius in the slopestyle game, and while other competitors will sometimes get tripped up on their lines figuring out where they want to move next, Ville seems to always have an airtight plan concerning how he needs to move and respond to different features in the slopestyle setup. This is a critical skill to have for an athlete who wants to be successful in the FIS Snowboard World Cup slopestyle division, and given that this is such a strength of Ville Paumola, we can predict more big successes for Ville’s slopestyle contests as the 2017 FIS season progresses.

Ville finished out the Kreischberg competition with a total scoring value of 80.50 points, which was less than a one point margin between him and the third place podium rounder. In addition to his high ranking finish, Ville Paumola was also awarded a substantial FIS World Cup points package of 500.00 points in all. For an up and coming slopestyle professional like Ville, this addition of 500.00 WC points to his ranking states is a major improvement to his FIS rank positioning as we move farther in the 2017 season. As one of the most entertaining and smooth flowing slopestyle snowboarding professionals in the entire FIS, Ville Paumola likely has a very prosperous future ahead of him in this league.




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