2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Rankings Breakdown

2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Rankings Breakdown



The FIS Snowboard World Cup is among the most prestigious and high profile professional snowboarding outfits in the world, and features a broad array of international competitors. With that being said, the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup men’s competitive season is already off to an incredible start, with some interesting shake-ups within the men’s rankings profile. This is an extremely competitive league, where the absolute best of the best in freestyle snowboarding go head to head in different events all around the world.

From halfpipe competitions, to big air contests, and slopestyle contests, the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup men’s is a broadly encompassing format that offers competitive variations to suit the preferences of virtually all kinds of snowboarders out there. While other leagues are more one-dimensional in terms of the different competition types they showcase and host, the FIS is known for having all kinds of contest types in order to attract the true snowboarding elite in each category.

In addition to halfpipe, big air, and slopestyle (slopestyle rankings will not be included here since the FIS has not yet released them for 2017) individual rankings, the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup men’s division also has a primary, comprehensive ranking for their athletes referred to as the men’s overall rankings. These are the rankings that take into account the averages of each individual contest format, and in this way the overall rankings are more or less the most important ranking numbers to pay attention to.

Although there are still many more FIS Snowboard World Cup competitions to be held in the 2017 season, at this point nearing the end of January 2017 is a great opportunity to take pause and reflect on the current rankings, and where things appear to be going for the remainder of the season. For the informational benefit of FIS Snowboarding fans all over the world, the entire rankings profile for the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division will be provided here.


2017 FIS Freestyle Snowboard World Cup Rankings: Men’s Overall/Big Air

Starting out with perhaps the most critical 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division rankings, the men’s overall rankings have seen quite a bit of jostling around since the outset of the 2017 competitive season. One of the most clear powerhouses in 2016 and heading into 2017 has been Belgian freestyle snowboarding icon, Seppe Smits. Seppe has been dominating lately, and the rankings profile certainly reflects that conclusion quite a bit given that he is currently positioned in first place by quite a substantial margin. The overall ranking is what is most important in the FIS, and for that reason Seppe is likely quite satisfied with his first place positioning right now. For further men’s overall rankings data, the top overall ranked athletes will be presented below.


#1st Place – Seppe Smits – Belgium:

Currently holding the first place rank within the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division is Belgian snowboarding titan Seppe Smits, who is off to a tremendous start in 2017. So far in 2017 Seppe hasn’t pulled off a first place win yet, or a podium finish, but all the same he was able to bring in a fourth place finish at the big air competition in Moscow, Russia which earned him a solid amount of World Cup points. Right now, Seppe Smits is sitting at an incredible 1930.00 World Cup points, which is an incredible total because of the fact that at 1930.00 points

Seppe is currently beating out his second place ranked challenger by a huge margin of 130.00 points. With this strong lead in mind, Seppe Smits has got a target on his back from all the other competitors but at the same time he also has a large and forgiving lead to fall back on if he were to have a rough contest performance or some other upset. No matter what the season is going to bring for Seppe Smits, at this point in the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup season his overall ranking is quite strong indeed.

Seppe Smits

#2nd Place – Max Parrot – Canada:

Sitting in the second place spot within the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division overall ranking category, the Canadian freestyle snowboarder Max Parrot is definitely holding his own right now. Max Parrot is a profoundly talented rider, who has a total of five FIS Snowboard World Cup first place victories under his belt since joining with the FIS, though he has not won anything since the outset of the 2017 season. With that being said, Max Parrot currently has a strong World Cup overall points total given that he is sitting at 1800.00 World Cup points right now.

While that is a solid positioning to have in his 2017 overall ranking points, he is very closed to being challenged by the third place overall ranked athlete. Given that Max only has about 30.00 points over the third place ranked challenger, he is going to have to really work hard in order to preserve his standing through the duration of the season. Unlike Seppe Smits who can withstand some mistakes due to his heavy points lead, Max Parrot needs to perform well because even one bad competition could drop him down in the rankings.

Max Parrot

#3rd Place – Roope Tonteri – Finland:

Roope Tonteri is a professional snowboarder from Finland riding with the FIS Snowboard World Cup who has been in the top rankings for some time now, and true to his elite status he is still holding the third ranked position in the overall rankings category. Roope is a freestyle snowboarder with a profoundly unique and innovative riding style, and he is without a doubt one of the primary favorites in the men’s FIS Snowboard World Cup. Although Roope is still very favorably ranked through the beginning of the 2017 season, he has not achieved a podium yet this year, nor a top five finish, nor even a top ten finish.

He did receive an 11th place finish at the Moscow, Russia big air competition but of course that is not going to do much for his rankings. At the moment Roope Tonteri’s overall ranking at third place is holding strong at 1768.80 World Cup points, and in this way he has a real shot at overtaking Max Parrot’s second place overall ranking if he can perform well at upcoming competitions. Sitting at almost 50.00 points ahead of his fourth place challenger, Roope has a decent points cushion at his disposal but at the same time he cannot afford too many mistakes if he wants to hold at third in the men’s overall FIS Snowboard World Cup rankings.

Roope Tonteri

2017 FIS Freestyle Snowboard World Cup Rankings: Men’s Halfpipe

#1st Place – Chase Josey – United States:

As any fan of the FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division probably already knows, the halfpipe rankings are very important to overall rankings and represent a critical aspect of the entire FIS freestyle snowboarding outfit. Halfpipe is a very unique aspect of competitive snowboarding with the FIS, and requires a specific skillset in order for an athlete to be successful in the pipe. With that being said, right now American FIS snowboarder Chase Josey is absolutely killing it in the halfpipe specific 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup rankings by a colossal points margin. Josey is sitting at 1600.00 World Cup halfpipe points right now, demonstrating that clearly he is an expert in the halfpipe, and that he focuses almost exclusively on halfpipe training.

Within Chase Josey’s FIS statistics, he has one FIS World Cup first place victory and three podium finishes. In this way Josey is kind of a rookie in certain aspects of the FIS, but clearly within the halfpipe category he is an elite and there is no question about that. With his 1600.00 halfpipe World Cup points right now, Josey has a very forgiving points cushion over the second place halfpipe contender in the sense that Josey is a full 200.00 halfpipe points over his runner-up challenger. One thing is for sure; Chase Josey is going to be one of the most important FIS halfpipe athletes to pay attention to in 2017.

Chase Josey

#2nd Place – Iouri Podladtchikov – Switzerland:

Currently holding the second place ranking in the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division halfpipe category, Iouri Podladtchikov is a halfpipe snowboarder with a style that is as innovative as his name is difficult to pronounce. As a snowboarder from Switzerland, Iouri has been training in all kinds of competitive snowboarding formats in some of the most world-class venues and facilities on the planet for many years now. This training and the elite skills it has yielded for Iouri are regularly on display within FIS halfpipe competitions, and this elite skill is also reflected in Iouri’s commanding halfpipe ranking and score.

Second place is a solid position for Iouri to be in, especially this early in the 2017 season, and right now his halfpipe scoring value is sitting at 1400.00 World Cup points. Although that is a strong points total for his halfpipe ranking, the third place challenger is also doing well and given that they’re only 80.00 points behind Iouri there could be some serious shakeups in this rankings profile as the 2017 season continues to progress. With a total of three first place FIS victories in his career thus far, Iouri Podladtchikov is an outstanding freestyle snowboarder who has a real shot of overtaking the first place halfpipe ranking by the end of the season. Iouri even has an Olympic games medal, which stands as yet one more testament to his elite freestyle snowboarding prowess.

Iouri Podladtchivok

#3rd Place – Patrick Burgener – Switzerland:

Another world-class FIS freestyle snowboarder from Switzerland, Patrick Burgener is currently holding the third place position in the 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Division halfpipe rankings. Patrick is someone who exhibits amazing confidence and commitment in the halfpipe, and is a rider who rarely if ever strays away from pushing the limits and trying new things. At this time, as we approach the conclusion of January, 2017, Patrick Burgener is sitting at a total of 1320.00 World Cup points within the context of the halfpipe division. The men’s halfpipe rankings look like they could possibly see a lot of shaking up as the 2017 season progresses, and this is because of the fact that there are some very close margins in between the leading men’s halfpipe athletes.

For example, while Patrick Burgener sits at 1320.00 World Cup points in the halfpipe category right now, the fourth place ranked challenger is at 1300.00 World Cup points, which is only a margin of 20.00 points between third and fourth place. A margin this small essentially means that it will be very easy for some rankings shuffling to take place, and Patrick is going to have to work very hard to retain his position, much less to advance in his halfpipe rank. With one first place victory in an FIS competition under his belt, Patrick Burgener will definitely be looking to secure another first place finish in the 2017 season. With so many things motivating Patrick in 2017, he is going to be another very important FIS freestyle snowboarder to keep eyes on this season.

Patrick Burgener



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