2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Halfpipe at Copper Mountain, CO

2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park & Pipe Men’s Rankings Breakdown


Given that the freeskiing aspect of the 2017 FIS proceedings is perhaps the most important element of the overall FIS outfit, the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup men’s rankings are going to be some of the most critical information that fans can track in order to get an idea of what is happening in professional freeskiing. The FIS is more or less the gold standard for elite freeskiing, and already in 2017 we have seen some really amazing performances come out of this contest series.

It is difficult to overstate how competitive this freeskiing league is, and due to the fact that it is an international league there is a chance for competitors from virtually all countries on earth to prove themselves on the world freeskiing stage. The 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park & Pipe men’s rankings have already seen some moving around and shuffling as the 2017 season gets off to a solid beginning, and even though there are many events still to occur in this season we already have a decent idea of where the rankings are going.

There are varying categories in the freeskiing arm of the FIS that have their own rankings value, and these include a halfpipe ranking, a big air ranking, and a slopestyle ranking as well. In addition to these ranking categories, perhaps the most important ranking value is referred to as the Men’s Overall category and this ranking takes into account aspects of each ranking subgroup.

The park and pipe freeskiing rankings are much different than many other professional skiing ranking systems, and for the most part this is due to the reality that other ski cross and downhill freeskiing categories are racing-centric and therefore the scoring and points systems are different. For this reason, the park and pipe rankings have their own characteristics and methods of evaluation that take the more technical aspects of freeskiing into account. In order to keep FIS freeskiing fans up to date, the current rankings breakdown for the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Division will now be detailed below.


2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park & Pipe Rankings: Men’s Overall

#1st Place – Henrik Harlaut – Sweden:

At this moment, the coveted and utterly prestigious designation as first place ranking within the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park and Pipe category is held by Swedish freeskiing professional, Henrik Harlaut. This is a truly stylish freeskiing pro, and the 25 year old Swedish skier can always be seen from afar due to his long and flowing dreadlocks. Harlaut has without a doubt been making an indelible mark on the FIS in recent years, as his stats profile summary breaks down into two major FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup victories along with four other major podium finishes.

In 2016 he had a spectacular first place win at a big air competition at El Colorado, and this was a critical win for Henrik as it netted him 1000.00 WC points toward his ranking. Heading up the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park and Pipe leaderboards right now with 25.80 league points, Henrik Harlaut is doing everything he can to train and gear up for a very intense season of competition. He will have to fiercely defend his position if he has any intention of holding onto his precarious first place league spot, one that he is holding onto by a margin of only one point at the moment.

#2nd Place – Kai Mahler – Switzerland:

One of professional freeskiing’s hottest commodities these days is the Swiss athlete Kai Mahler, who happens to be holding onto his second place overall FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup positioning at the moment. He is in a very advantageous positioning this early in the 2017 season, and can easily overtake Henrik Harlaut to seize the first place ranking spot if he is able to secure a victory or a podium finish at an upcoming FIS competition. Kai’s second place overall Freestyle Skiing World Cup ranking position is currently sitting at 24.80 points in total, meaning he is only one point behind the first place league leader.

Kai Mahler is the type of freeskiing athlete that basically lives in the park and the halfpipe, and is among the best technical skiing professionals on the planet without a doubt. His style is unmatched in the pipe, and his hangtime ability is nothing short of spectacular most of the time, allowing him to achieve the massive rotations and grab combinations that have gotten him so highly ranked in the FIS. One of the most highly skilled Swiss representatives of the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup, Kai Mahler is among the younger athletes in this league at only twenty-one years old. At the present time, Kai Mahler has secured one FIS first place victory under his belt, though if he is able to keep his momentum going we can probably predict another first place victory in 2017 or at least a podium finish.

#3rd Place – Fabian Boesch – Switzerland:

Another elite FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Park and Pipe athletes is Fabian Boesch, who is currently holding the third place podium rounding league position. Fabian has some serious work to do in terms of building up his World Cup ranking points total, and there is a fairly substantial points margin sitting in between himself and the second place overall freestyle skiing ranking holder. Fabian Boesch is right now hovering at a level 19.00 points in his third place overall league positioning, which is more than five entire points behind the second place league position holder, Kai Mahler. In this context it is going to take some seriously strong performances from Fabian in order to boost his World Cup points to the level where he can overtake either the first or second place league position holders.

He will have a lot of chances to do so in the coming months, given that there are many more competitions scheduled early on in the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup contest series. Fabian Boesch is not yet even twenty years old, making him one of the youngest and most successful freeskiers in the entire FIS league. With four FIS podium finishes on his stats record and one first place victory, Fabian Boesch is already very well positioned to succeed in the 2017 season. With even an Olympic games start in his record, Fabian Boesch is among the most elite freestyle skiing athletes anywhere on earth.

2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park & Pipe Rankings: Men’s Halfpipe

#1st Place – Kevin Rolland – France:

Representing France in the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup competitive league, Kevin Rolland has been making some major waves in the halfpipe category of the freeskiing FIS bracket. Standing at first place ranking within the FIS halfpipe freeskiing classification, Kevin Rolland is hovering at 100.00 WC halfpipe points overall. At 100.00 points in his FIS halfpipe ranking, Kevin Rolland has a forgiving points margin between himself and the second place runner up ranking with exactly 20.00 points separating first and second place.

The two top skiers in the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Park and Pipe halfpipe rankings are both French, and they are both very closely competing for dominance in the halfpipe rankings category. Kevin Rolland actually has a phenomenal FIS statistics record, with an Olympic medal, an FIS World Cup Championship first place victory, six basic World Cup victories, and an amazing total of thirteen FIS podium finishes. Given that he has a forgiving lead in the halfpipe category, we can expect that Kevin Rolland will probably be commandeering the first place position for quite a while in the halfpipe classification.

#2nd Place – Benoit Valentin – France:

An additional French freeskiing professional who is excelling within the FIS freeskiing halfpipe category is Benoit Valentin, who is right now holding strong at second place in the halfpipe rankings. At the present time Benoit is standing at 80.00 points altogether in the halfpipe rankings scoring, which has him positioned very effectively to remain in second since the third place podium rounder in the halfpipe category is a full 20.00 points below Valentin. While 20.00 WC halfpipe points may not seem like a substantial lead for Benoit Valentin to be holding over third place, it is in fact a very sturdy lead since the point values are much higher in the FIS halfpipe freeskiing rankings.

Benoit Valentin is the type of freeskiing professional that tends to be absolutely fearless in the halfpipe, throwing anything he wants to throw with little to no hesitation at all. He is without a doubt one of the biggest crowd favorites in the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Park & Pipe category, and with 80.00 WC points in the halfpipe category we can assume that Benoit Valentin will likely hold the podium for the majority of the season. Although Benoit does not yet have a first place FIS freeskiing victory under his belt, he does have nine FIS podium finishes so far in his career, which indicates that perhaps he is past due for his first complete victory in a major FIS competition.

#3rd Place – Aaron Blunck – United States:

Bringing the United States into the spotlight in the 2017 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup halfpipe rankings, Aaron Blunck has been holding it down in the past few seasons to the point that he is standing in the third place ranking at the moment. Holding at 60.00 WC halfpipe points at the present time, Aaron Blunck is showing the rest of the field how it is done, and at only twenty years old, Aaron is another one of the younger athletes making their mark on the FIS freeskiing halfpipe category. Aaron Blunck is a FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup athlete who has a storied career in the FIS so far, with a total of two FIS World Cup victories in his stats along with six FIS podium finishes in his career at this point. Blunck is an exceptionally tactical freeskiing professional, who knows how to be conservative when he needs to be while also being creative and innovative when it is called for.

Aaron Blunck is often king of the halfpipe, with an Olympic games start in his record as well. While he is not exactly a veteran competitor in the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup, he does have an impressive eighteen FIS World Cup starts in his profile which sets him up as someone who has accomplished a lot in the FIS to date. Aaron actually won a first place victory at the Copper Mountain, Colorado halfpipe competition recently at the end of the 2016 competitive season, which marked a major milestone in his overall career progression. That particular win alone netted Blunck 600.00 FIS points and served as a huge proponent for the progression of his career. With his storied record in mind, we can expect some pretty amazing halfpipe performances out of Aaron Blunck in the 2017 season, and it is possible that he could even move into the first place FIS halfpipe spot by the end of the 2017 season.

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