2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Held in the iconic surf location at Maroubra, NSW, Australia, the 2017 World Surf League Carve Pro marked one of the most exciting competitions so far in the 2017 season! Click here now for all the important details and final results of this intense pro surf competition in Australia!


As the 2017 World Surf League competitive series begins to really get moving for the year, we have the 2017 Carve Pro Men’s Professional surf competition held at Maroubra, NSW, Australia. This competition was held from January 19th through the 22nd, 2017, and featured some of the best professional surfers on the planet battling it out in the Maroubra wave breaks. This was an especially energetic competition, which can likely be attributed to a lot of different factors, but primarily it has so much to do with the reality that this is the time when pros can get themselves into position to improve their standings and rankings through 2017.

Maroubra - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Failure to get into a good position early on in the season can make for more uphill work later on, and so these beginning season events can be some of the most significant targets for the WSL men’s competitive field. The weather and surf conditions for the 2017 Carve Pro at Maroubra, NSW, Australia were ranging from moderate to favorable at this contest, with sunshine present albeit through a rather dense haze that was present for some of the event duration.

The breaks were definitely cooperating with the surfers at this competition, and clearly the Australians competing at this event were loving the conditions given that three out of four finalists in this contest were Australian-native surfers. With breaks ranging from about six to ten feet tall, the wave size and speed was absolutely perfect for technical surfers who love to air out of the lip and do all kinds of aerials and spins back into the wave surface. This kind of technical, over-the-lip aerial was a relatively common sight at the 2017 Carve Pro at Maroubra, making this a competition that was one of the most fun to watch we have seen in quite some time.

Maroubra North End Point - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Unfortunately for the Australian surfers at the event, who fought hard and surfed with incredible intensity, an American surfing professional named Cam Richards beat them all by the wildly slim points margin of only 0.20 points. This is a uncommonly tight margin of victory even by WSL standards, which made the final round of the 2017 Carve Pro competition an exceptionally exciting and action packed one to follow. For the purpose of informing surfing fans and enthusiasts all over the world about this awesome 2017 WSL men’s professional surfing competition, summary details and final results will be offered below.

1st Place – Cam Richards – United States:

Cam Richards had an outstanding performance at the 2017 Carve Pro competition at Maroubra, NSW, Australia, although his earlier round performances were not nearly as strong as his later rounds proved to be. In fact, he placed only in the middle range of competitors left in the quarterfinals, and in spite of that he went on to take the first place victory podium spot at the conclusion of this event.

Beginning out in his quarterfinals round, Cam Richards was still finding his groove out in the Maroubra breaks, though he was already showing signs of consistent surfing by that point. Bringing in a Wave 1 scoring of 6.25 points and a Wave 2 scoring of 6.50 points, Cam Richards had a consistent edge already that afforded him a 12.75 point total quarterfinal round scoring. He was able to defeat his heat competitor, the Brazilian surfer Victor Mendes, by a solid margin of over two whole points. The average wave scoring in Cam’s quarterfinals heat number two came out to be 5.85 points in total.

Cam Richards - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Heading into Cam’s first heat semifinals performance, it was clear that he had become exceedingly comfortable out in the Maroubra lineup. This was abundantly obvious when Cam started putting up way higher scores than he had earned earlier on in the contest, even turning in a nine-club individual wave score in the semifinals. Cam Richards was getting much more technical in the semifinals, clearly motivated to do everything he could to secure a victory at this high profile surfing competition. From his faster cutbacks, to over the wave aerial shots,

Cam was showing everyone that he had what it takes to be victorious at this level. Cam’s Wave 1 scoring in Heat 1, Semifinals came in at 7.75 points, which was the highest individual wave scoring at that particular point in the semifinals. Then, for his Wave 2 scoring, Cam Richards went all out and earned himself an incredible 9.35 point score that secured his win in the semifinals. His total semifinal round scoring came out to be 17.10 points, and the average wave scoring was quite high in his heat at 7.96 due to Cam’s massive wave scores.

Cam Richards - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Once again in the final round, Cam Richards had another staggering performance although it was not impressive enough to outdo his exceptional semifinal round surfing. In the final round Cam was matched up against Australian surfer Kalani Ball, and Kalani definitely gave him a run for his money in terms of who was going to take the first place position. Cam Richards only beat Kalani Ball by a tiny scoring margin of 0.20 points in all, which had to be a rough loss for Kalani and an elated victory for Richards at the same time. Cam brought in a Wave 1 scoring value of 8.50, and in this way he was certainly able to keep his momentum going from the semifinals.

2nd Place – Kalani Ball – Australia:

Australian professional surfer Kalani Ball was one of the biggest stand-out surfers at the 2017 Carve Pro WSL surf competition, and he was able to compete with such ferocity and precision that he very nearly won the entire contest. Coming in at the second place runner-up podium position, Kalani Ball represented his home country of Australia quite effectively on his home turf. It was easy to sense the territorialism of this young Aussie surfing professional, not in the sense that he was at all unsportsmanlike, but simply that he was surfing with such a fearless intensity to the point where it was obvious that he wanted this win especially bad.

Starting out with his quarterfinals performance, Kalani was already looking good, as he was able to tie for the second highest scoring total in the entire quarterfinals. He improved as he progressed through Heat 4, Quarterfinals, with his wave scores going up a whole point between the first and second wave. Kalani started out the fourth quarterfinal heat with a Wave 1 scoring of 6.50 points, and as good as that wave was, he stepped it up even more in the second wave scoring. For his Wave 2 ride, Kalani earned a solid 7.50 point scoring value, which put him at a total quarterfinal scoring of 14.00 points altogether. In Kalani’s fourth heat of the quarterfinals, the average wave scoring came in at 6.49 points.

Kalani Ball - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Moving into Kalani’s semifinal performance, he was matched up against another Australian competitor named Monty Tait in Heat 2, Semifinals. This proved to be an effectively placed matchup, with only about two points separating the competitors at the conclusion of Heat 2, Semifinals. Kalani showed a remarkable degree of consistency in his surfing during the second semifinals heat, and this is easy to prove given that he received a Wave 1 scoring of 6.75 points, and a Wave 2 scoring of 6.75 points. Rounding him out at 13.50 points for his overall semifinals scoring, Kalani was able to win over Monty Tait who only put up an 11.15 point score after his two individualized wave scores. With an average wave scoring of 6.16 points, the bulk of that average is definitely attributable to the strong performances of Kalani Ball in the semifinals.

Kalani Ball and his matchup against Cam Richards in the final round of the 2017 WSL Carve Pro competition at Maroubra, NSW, Australia turned out to be one of the most intense segments of the event. Sometimes competitors can fizzle out or choke under the pressure of surfing in the final round, but that was definitely not the case this time around. Cam Richards was no easy opponent for Kalani, and Cam was able to take an early lead of almost one whole point over Kalani after the Wave 1 scores were in. Kalani’s Wave 1 scoring came in at 7.65 points, to Cam’s whopping 8.50 point Wave 1 score. Kalani actually came back to earn a higher Wave 2 scoring over Cam Richards with a 7.90 point score compared to Cam’s 7.25 pointer, but it turned out to not be enough to win. Kalani lost by only 0.20 points, marking one of the closest WSL contest victory margins in quite some time. The average wave score in Kalani’s Heat 1, Final round came in at 7.83 points.

Kalani Ball - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

3rd Place – Perth Standlick – Australia:

The third place podium rounder at the 2017 WSL Carve Pro competition at Maroubra, NSW, Australia was another Aussie professional named Perth Standlick. Perth was simply killing it out on the breaks at Maroubra, and he was one of the only competitors to bring in a nine-club scoring at the 2017 Carve Pro. In fact, Perth Standlick had the highest individual scoring total during the quarterfinal round, which was where his nine-club scoring was earned. Although Perth was able to dominate in the quarterfinals, his dominant surfing stature would diminish somewhat later in the competition and see him bumped down into the third place position.

Starting off with Standlick’s dominating performance in the quarterfinals, the Australian surfer brought in a Wave 1 scoring of 9.00 points, which had the fans and other surfers going nuts due to how well Perth had surfed in that part of his Heat 1, Quarterfinals performance. Perth’s performance waned slightly as he moved into the Wave 2 segment of his quarterfinals heat, and he was able to bring in a 7.50 point Wave 2 scoring at that point. Working with a 16.50 point scoring total in his Heat 1, Quarterfinals performance, Perth Standlick had more than enough points to advance into the semifinals with some serious momentum. The average wave scoring in Perth’s first quarterfinal heat came out to be 7.81 points, which was definitely one of the higher averages to come out of the 2017 Carve Pro.

Perth Standlick - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Perth Standlick wasn’t able to score as highly in the semifinals as he did in the quarterfinals, and this ended up knocking him out of the contest unfortunately. The Australian surfer performed quite well again in the semifinals, with his Heat 1, Semifinals performance getting him very close to advancing on to the final round. Perth had a Heat 1, Semifinals individual wave scoring of 7.25 points for his Wave 1 scoring value, and made slight improvements up to a 7.50 wave scoring for his Wave 2 designation. This set him up for a 14.75 point total score in the semifinals, and even though this is a strong and even impressive scoring value, it was not enough to advance him past Kalani Ball for a spot to compete in the finals. In Perth Standlick’s Heat 1, Semifinals matchup against Cam Richards the average wave scoring came out to be 7.96 points all around.

Perth Standlick - 2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

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