2017 BMX Equipment Buyer’s Guide: Best BMX Gear for the Money

2017 BMX Equipment Buyer’s Guide: Best BMX Gear for the Money

Why Is It Important To Stay Current On 2017 BMX Gear and Equipment?

Even though BMX is a sport where the relatively simple technologies involved aren’t necessarily updated all the time, it is still important to keep current on all the newest equipment and bike component items so you know how to optimize your BMX riding experience. Fortunately, people can enjoy the sport of BMX without a massive budget or the best bike in the world, but that isn’t to say that a higher quality setup won’t improve the overall quality of your BMX sessions.

2017 BMX Equipment Buyer’s Guide: Best BMX Gear for the Money

From BMX frames, to aftermarket pedal designs, to pegs, wheels, tires, handlebars, forks, and more, there are many different categories of BMX hardware that can be dramatically improved some seasons by designers and manufacturers, although some seasons we might not see any major leaps in designs and technology. The 2017 season is definitely one season where we are seeing higher than average rates of new designs and innovations, making this an important season to take a look at new options and consider revamping and optimizing your BMX setup.

BMX Hardware - Best BMX Gear for the Money

Although the pedals, frames, and other BMX bike components are obviously the most critical aspects of a BMX setup, other things like apparel, protective gear, and helmets are also integral aspects of a complete BMX arsenal. Given that concrete and other typical BMX riding surfaces are among the most unforgiving surfaces of any extreme sport, it helps to have full faith and trust in the BMX equipment you are riding with. For the benefit of BMX athletes and enthusiasts all over the world, we will now provide a brief buyer’s guide for the best BMX equipment and components in 2017.

What Are The Best BMX Bike Frames Coming Up In 2017?

#1 – 2017 BSD Safari BMX Frame – Pro Model Reed Stark:

One of the best looking and best designed BMX bike frames for the 2017 riding season is definitely the 2017 BSD Safari BMX frame. This is a pro model frame, that reflects the preferences and riding style of professional BMX athlete Reed Stark. Available in the awesome looking Sahara frame style, or the Clear Raw frame finish, this BMX frame offers flexible options that everyone can appreciate. This is a 4130 chromoly tubing built frame, giving it an effectively light weight and a high strength rating at the same time.

BSD Safari BMX Frame - Best BMX Gear for the Money

This frame is designed to have an extra sleek, unencumbered look, utilizing a frame format that gets rid of brake mounts and cable guides. Equipped with a Mid BB Shell, a 9.5’’ tall seat tube, a tapered chain, and a 7mm thick investment cast dropout along with integrated chain tensioners. Offered in a 21.4’’ and 21.8’’ sizing dimension, the 2017 BSD Safari BMX frame is a fantastic choice for the 2017 season. Retailing at around $310.00, this is a BMX frame that offers exceptional quality for a fair price.

#2 – 2017 Division Lanark BMX Frame:

Coming up next is the 2017 Division Lanark BMX frame, and this is a frame that incorporates futuristic style and innovation along with a minimalist engineering perspective to create a highly functional BMX frame for 2017. Available in two different tones known as ED Black and ED Silver, this is a frame that offers some customizability to buyer’s who want to make their BMX bike setup uniquely their own. In terms of sizing options, the 2017 Division Lanark BMX frame offers a lot of different versions, and these include 20.5’’, 20.75’’, and 21.0’’ in all. Equipped with a 4130 chromoly frame tube design, this is another BMX frame for 2017 that will offer unparalleled strength and resiliency to the rider.

Division Lanark BMX Frame - Best BMX Gear for the Money

This frame also eliminates the brake mounts and cable guides, making it another example of a 2017 BMX frame that is extra sleek and free-floating. With a heat-treated and hour glass shaped integrated headtube formation, the 2017 Division Lanark BMX frame definitely incorporates some outstanding frame design features. Another frame design feature that heavy duty BMX riders will love, the kinds of riders who put a lot of wear and tear on their bikes, is the fact that the 2017 Division Lanark BMX frame is built with extra thick chromoly tubing to resist denting and other minor damage that can compromise the frame over time. This is another elite BMX frame coming out in 2017 that retails around $300.00, making it fairly expensive but worth the money for everything you get.

#3 – 2017 Stranger Iron Mane Frame – Pro Model Dylan Stark:

Another exceptional pro model BMX bike frame available for the 2017 riding season is the 2017 Stranger Iron Mane frame, a pro model dedicated to Dylan Stark. Available in a classic jet black design, the 2017 Stranger Iron Mane frame is created to have the best possible geometry for BMX riding. Featuring a 4130 chromoly heat treated frame tube, this is another highly durable BMX frame for 2017, and one that can take a lot of abuse and keep on rolling. A custom Stranger-brand headtube badge, making this both a stylish and functional frame all at the same time. This frame offers the rider extra wide tire clearance, making this frame totally worry-free in terms of tire and frame scraping.

Stranger Iron Mane Frame - Best BMX Gear for the Money

Featuring a chainstay length rating of 13’’ – 13.25’’, and a headtube angle of 75.5 degrees, this is a fairly standardized BMX frame for 2017 and should fit well for most riders. A total weight of five pounds and eight ounces, this is a frame that has a significant weight to it while still being light enough to whip around easily. The seattube on this 2017 Stranger Iron Mane BMX frame, the pro model for Dylan Stark, is designed to have an angle of 70 degrees which makes for a comfortable ride overall. Selling around $350.00, the 2017 Stranger Iron Mane BMX frame for professional BMX athlete Dylan Stark is the most expensive 2017 BMX frame on our countdown here.

What Are Some Innovative New 2017 BMX Pedal and Grip Designs for 2017?

#1 – 2017 Animal Rat Trap PC BMX Pedals – Mark Gralla Pro Model:

If you’re looking for an outstanding, yet minimalistic and relatively basic BMX pedal design for the 2017 riding season, the 2017 Animal Rat Trap PC BMX pedal is the professional model for BMX athlete Mark Gralla. Mark Gralla, in conjunction with the Animal designers, have come up with a great pedal design that offers riders good traction and balance while also giving a smooth and well tapered surface for the rider to rest their feet upon. These pedals are also designed to mesh well with everyone’s BMX bike setup aesthetic, since they are available for purchase in a red, a blue, a black, and a green color scheme.

Animal Rat Trap PC BMX Pedals - Best BMX Gear for the Money

The 2017 Animal Rat Trap PC BMX pedals are constructed with a nylon composite material, offering lightweight strength and relentless durability overall. They are also designed to have an unsealed bearing rolling internally on chromoly spindle components, giving them smooth movement along all available axis points. For traction purposes, some less sophisticated pedal designs will incorporate knurling that is too pronounced or uncomfortable, while the 2017 Animal Rat Trap PC BMX pedal uses micro knurling for a smooth, yet solid foothold. Also for traction purposes, these Mark Gralla pro pedals from Animal utilize extra corner pins that minimize slipping in high wear areas.  

#2 – 2017 Cult Ricany BMX Grips – Sean Ricany Pro Model:

For an affordable, yet stylish and highly practical BMX grip design in 2017, look no farther than the 2017 Cult Ricany BMX bike grips. These minimalistic and expertly designed BMX grips are being sold in a black, and an army green color scheme, so coloration is somewhat limited here but that is less important than the actual performance of the grips. Using a unique expanding wedge design to hold the grip tight onto the bars, these grips will not be coming off while you are riding which is definitely something to consider when shopping for new 2017 BMX grips.

Cult Ricany BMX Grips - Best BMX Gear for the Money

The 2017 Cult Ricany BMX grips, which are the Sean Ricany pro model grips for this season, are built with an extra soft rubber composite that gives a rider exceptional feel without being too squishy or weak. Featuring a diameter of 32mm, and a length of 160mm, these grips are essentially a standard sizing range, although they might be slightly longer than what some people are used to but this will not really affect ride or performance. The bar ends are plastic on these grip designs, but that is sufficient to hold up against most of the abuses that a grip will endure during BMX riding and training. At just over $10.00, these grips are both affordable and high performance for the 2017 season.

 What Are Some Innovative BMX Wheel and Tire Designs for 2017?

#1 – 2017 BSD Mind BMX Wheel:

In looking for a high performance wheel design to consider for the 2017 season, the 2017 BSD Mind BMX wheel is definitely a product to think about. This is an impressive and premium quality BMX wheel, that also happens to carry a premium price too. If you’re looking to assemble a BMX bike setup that is second to none in 2017, the BSD Mind wheel is a great option. With a Nasa double walled rim design, that also features an internal I-beam construction, the BSD Mind BMX wheels are exceptionally strong and expertly designed. These sophisticated BMX wheels are definitely not your average bicycle wheel for many reasons.

BSD Mind BMX Wheel - Best BMX Gear for the Money

Utilizing a 15mm heat-treated chromoly center axle, and a pressed fit allow cone with chromoly core, the 2017 BSD Mind BMX wheels use only components that are going to further fortify the overall resiliency of these wheels. The total weight per wheel is about two pounds and 7.2 ounces, with an overall spoke length of 186mm in all. These elite BMX wheels are some of the best available in 2017, and should be considered by any intermediate to expert riders who want to step up their bike setup this year. At around $160.00, these are certainly premium BMX wheels with the price tag to match.

#2 – 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX Tire:

For a high quality BMX tire in 2017 that won’t necessarily break your budget, the 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX tire is definitely an option to take a closer look at. Odyssey did some serious engineering to create this tire, and their goals in doing so were to make a BMX tire that was exceptionally fast and light. In fact, the engineers at Odyssey sort of emulated a motorcycle-inspired tire tread dynamic, making the 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX tires wildly quick on paved surfaces. Another design feature on these affordable yet premium BMX tires for 2017 is the low profile groove structuring, which makes for heightened traction and minimized rolling distance at the same time.

Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX Tire - Best BMX Gear for the Money

One of the unique and proprietary designs incorporated into the 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX tires is the dual ply P-Lyte tire casing. This type of casing is pretty amazing, since it is able to both shed rotational weight and increase durability at the same time. These are extremely versatile BMX tires, since they can hold up in street applications, park applications, and even are rated by the manufacturer to be able to handle hard packed trails with ease. Weighing in around twenty-two ounces, the 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX tires are an optimal weight for a competitive BMX bike setup in 2017. At an MSRP of around $30.00 in total, the 2017 Odyssey Pursuit P-Lyte BMX tires are another one of our more affordable items on this countdown, but it is also a high performance tire making these a great deal.

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