2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro Surfing Contest

• 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro Surfing Contest: Description and General Overview

The 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro surf competition was a huge success this year, with a remarkable field of competitors all showing up to bring their A-game to the unpredictable breaks of the North Carolina Outer Banks surfing area. Outer Banks tends to be a surfing location that can either produce mid-size to larger breaks, or flat nothingness some days. One of the semifinalists in the competition named Kevin Schulz was quoted as saying, “I’m really happy we ran today with what the weekend looks like and stoked on making the Semifinals – just got unlucky with no waves coming my way in those last minutes.”

This statement from Kevin reveals that during the 2016 WRV Outer Banks competition, there were some points during the heats where the surf was not producing any breaks that surfers could significantly capitalize on. The weekend brought some rain, clouds, and mild storm activity, though the competition was able to press on. One of the good things about getting some rain and storms during a big contest, assuming there is no lightning present, is that it tends to churn up some nice sized wave breaks.

Even though the break at Outer Banks is not exactly a perfect wave form, the smaller sized quarterpipe-style breaks make for a great outlet for technical surfers to execute super sharp snaps, huge aerial attacks, and excellent rail lines. Since the stakes and the general risk of injury as a result of wiping out on a wave are much lower when the wave size is smaller, competitions like the 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro are a fan favorite since competing surfers are willing to go all out with no hesitation and little fear of injury.


• WRV Outer Banks Pro: Competitor Performances and Final Scoring

It was quite a close contest to call at the 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro, with the judges awarding the 1st place victory to Southern California surf titan Kilian Garland. With a substantial prize money purse on the line, it was a no-holds-barred throw down at Outer Banks that will not be soon forgotten by fans and judges alike. While the rain and stormy weather weren’t exactly favorable in some regards, such as visibility and rider comfort, it did provide some positive aspects as well.

When dealing with a classic surf spot like Outer Banks, which features east coast charms and character, you never know what kind of weather and wave breaks will be waiting for surfers when they arrive. The 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro was definitely an international competition, with pro surfers from many different countries all over the world. In order to provide surf fans with critical info concerning the conclusion of the 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro, the details and scoring from the final round will now be provided here.

• 1st Place – Kilian Garland – Santa Barbara, California:

The Santa Barbara native, Kilian Garland, put on an incredible show at the 2016 WRV Outer Banks Pro. This was definitely a man on a mission, as his grit and determination to win was palpable at this prestigious competition. Garland was vying for every available wave, and not being too picky about what he was going to drop in on. This was in large part due to the fact that some of the sets were really spotty rolling in, with some sets simply dropping off leaving surfers bobbing in the water desperately hoping for a decent break.

Garland understood quite well that he was going to have to take what he could get in terms of available waves at this year’s WRV Outer Banks Pro contest, and he definitely made lemonade out of lemons in terms of squeezing some nice lines out of the sometimes mediocre breaks rolling in. Kilian knew during the contest that he couldn’t count anyone out, and was quoted as saying he made sure to never get his hopes up too much as he approached the finals.

Kilian’s rail maneuvering was probably one of the most impressive aspects of his surfing at this year’s WRV Outer Banks Pro. When it came to the final round head to head battle between Kilian Garland and Jordan Lawler, it ended up being almost no contest at all. In Kilian’s Wave 1 heat, he managed to bring in a strong score of 8.00, demonstrating high-level skill on his cutbacks and snaps. With regard to his Wave 2 scoring, Kilian was able to earn an even better score than Wave 1 by bringing in an 8.27. His total final round scoring finished out at 16.27, which ended up beating the runner-up Jordan Lawler by a towering margin of over six entire points.

• 2nd Place – Jordan Lawler – Sydney, Australia:

Struggling mightily in the final round, Aussie surfing star Jordan Lawler continued battling strong in spite of scoring poorly overall. Even though his scores were less than impressive in the final, he still was able to come away with the 2nd place runner up finish and the 2nd place cash prize of $1,500.00. Certainly Jordan was quite happy with his prize money, and podium 2nd place finish, but it seemed like he was definitely a bit disappointed in how he performed in the final round.

The Aussie Jordan Lawler wasn’t able to find any big opportunities in his Wave 1 performance, coming away with a paltry score of 4.33 overall. At this point in the competition the waves were starting to taper off and they weren’t really producing anything that Jordan could easily capitalize on. He was able to make some marginal improvements in his Wave 2 performance, though it wasn’t enough to put him back in the running to win the event. Jordan’s Wave 2 scoring came out to be 5.83, giving him an overall final scoring average of 10.16. While it wasn’t enough to get him the win, Jordan Lawler still fought hard and we can expect to see a major comeback from him in the near future.

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