2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

Taking place in Sydney, NSW, Australia, the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro surfing final has concluded and yielded a winner that took first by tremendous proportions. In spite of Silvana Lima’s huge victory in the finals, the rest of the competition was much more hard fought and there were a lot of amazing moments leading up to the finals. While the surf conditions weren’t exactly perfect during the competition, the sets were decent and the breaks at Sydney, Australia were definitely sufficient for the competitors to get some nice lines in. The 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro marked one of the biggest women’s professional surfing events of the entire year in 2016, and it certainly lived up to the expectations and hype in terms of the intense competition between the field of athletes involved in this prestigious women’s professional surfing competition.

Luckily for the surfers competing in the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro event, the weather at the event was quite nice for the entire duration of the contest. With largely sunny skies, decent breaks, and mid-ranging temperatures, the spectators, judges, and competitors got to enjoy a few beautiful days of competition at Sydney, NSW, Australia. Although it was so nice outside during the event, the air of intense competition was definitely in play at the same time since the winners of the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro had the opportunity to seriously improve on their rankings and overall standing in the World Surf League if they performed well at this competition.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that we saw so many incredible displays of women’s professional surfing brilliance at this event, which will be discussed in the round analysis later on. Although every surfer in the contest performed differently and with their own stylistic qualities, on the whole this was an event where everyone was on their highest level of performance due to the importance to athlete rankings as a result of this contest. In order to benefit any surfing fans that ended up missing this tremendous competition in Sydney, Australia, round recaps, rankings, and final scoring from the event will now be broken down here.

Quarterfinals Recap and Analysis:

Beginning our analysis with the quarterfinals of the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro surfing contest, we saw some quite strong performances in the quarterfinals and then some weaker ones as well. Starting out in Heat 1, Quarterfinals there was a very close matchup between surfers K. Andrew and A Quizon. This was a tight competition between these two titans of women’s professional surfing, and both athletes scored fairly well in this heat.

K. Andrew was able to narrowly beat out A. Quizon for the number one spot in the first heat of the quarterfinals, and in that heat Andrew took a scoring total of 11.17 points overall. Trailing very closely behind was A. Quizon who came in with a score of 10.90 points in total, meaning she was less than 0.30 points behind K. Andrew illustrating just how well matched these two athletes really were. Both of them looked solid out on the breaks at Sydney, and the average wave score for their Heat 1, Quarterfinals came out to 5.52 points overall.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

Next up in Heat 2, Quarterfinals there was yet another really tight contest between competitors P. Anderson and B. Macaulay, and this one was actually even closer than Heat 1, Quarterfinals. Heat 2 saw P. Anderson leading in the number one spot with a scoring total of 10.06 points overall, and she only took the number one in her heat by a tiny fraction of one point. Coming in second place within the context of Heat 2, Quarterfinals was B. Macaulay who ended up earning a heat score of 9.93 points in total, putting her only about 0.10 points behind the first place slot in the second quarterfinal heat. It was definitely quite close between these two athletes, but P. Anderson’s quick, hard snaps and expert cutbacks allowed her to just barely slide by B. Macaulay for the number one spot in Heat 2, Quarterfinals. The average wave score in the second heat of the quarterfinals came out to be exactly 5.00 points.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

The third heat of the quarterfinals at the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro saw a break in the running theme of extremely tight competition and close calls, with a broader margin of victory in terms of heat three scoring. This heat saw a matchup between surfers I. Nichols and T. Blanco, with Nichols out-surfing her competitor by a much more significant margin than was previously seen in the quarterfinals up to that point in the contest. I. Nichols finished out Heat 3, Quarterfinals with a scoring total of 13.34 points overall, which was a relatively impressive score and the second highest throughout the entire quarterfinals. Nichols ended up beating out her heat competitor by a margin of over three whole points, with T. Blanco bringing up the rear at a scoring value of 9.10 points overall. Nichols had some extremely clean drop-ins during her heat three performance, and all of her waves were very solid overall so the 13.34 score was no surprise to anyone after watching her surf. The average wave score for Heat 3, Quarterfinals was the highest overall throughout the quarterfinals at a total of 5.61 points.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

Sally Fitzgibbons semi final.

Heat 4 of the quarterfinals was one of those interesting heats where one competitor ends up completely dominating, and the other one ends up choking or performing quite badly. The fourth heat of the quarterfinals actually saw the number one highest score of the entire round, which belonged to surfer S. Lima. Matched up against C. Ho, S. Lima gave a remarkably powerful performance in Heat 4, Quarterfinals which landed her the towering heat score of 15.84 points over C. Ho. Having a difficult time executing anything significant in the fourth heat of the quarterfinals, C. Ho was only able to bring in a 4.50 point score overall. In this way, S. Lima was able to beat C. Ho by the staggering margin of over ten whole points. S. Lima was truly on the ball in Heat 4, Quarterfinals, and executed a performance that was actually flawless by most accounts. Ironically, and because of C. Ho’s low scoring, this heat had one of the lowest average wave scores of the quarterfinals at 5.09 points in total.

Semifinals Recap and Analysis:

Heading into the semifinals of the 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro event in Australia, the competitive field had narrowed significantly leaving only the hardest competitors left to battle it out in the sunlit Sydney breaks. Beginning with Heat 1, Semifinals we saw a very close and well-matched heat that pitted two Australian female surfing titans up against each other to see who would advance on to the final round. The two competitors in the first heat of the semifinals were Philippa Anderson and Keely Andrew, both of whom were quite keen on moving forward and were definitely surfing like they wanted it badly.

In spite of Keely Andrew’s best efforts, Philippa Anderson ended up beating her by a tiny margin to advance on to the final round. While Anderson did finish out Heat 1, Semifinals in the lead, her Wave 1 score of 4.53 points led judges, fans, spectators, and fellow surfers to believe that perhaps she was going to be knocked out of the contest since her Wave 1 scoring had her behind Keely Andrew who scored 5.17 on Wave 1. Philippa was able to salvage her semifinal lead however, after earning a Wave 2 scoring of 5.10 points compared to Keely Andrew’s 4.30 point score.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

All wave scores factored in, the final scoring for Heat 1, Semifinals had Anderson in the lead at 9.63 points overall compared to Andrew’s 9.47 points. With these numbers in mind, it is clear to see that this was perhaps one of the closest calls of the entire 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro event. Heat one of the semifinals saw an average wave scoring of 4.78 points overall; an average that turned out to be much lower than the second semifinal heat average.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

As the semifinals progressed into the second heat, we saw a matchup between Brazilian surfer Silvana Lima and Australian Isabella Nichols. Things were going wonderfully for Isabella Nichols as the semifinals were just getting started for her, given that she was able to bring in Wave 1 scoring total of 8.00 points even. With such a commanding lead under her belt halfway through Heat 2, Semifinals, it definitely looked like Nichols had a major edge over her competitor Lima who managed to earn a Wave 1 scoring total of 6.33 points. Everything changed in a big way moving into Wave 2 scoring however, because Nichols ended up getting her second wave scoring thrown out due to a call of Interference on her part.

2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro

With her Wave 2 score wiped out and DQ’d, Isabella Nichols was in a tough spot and had to finish out with an 8.00 point score as her total overall scoring in Heat 2, Semifinals. Since Silvana Lima’s Wave 2 scoring came in at 6.63, an actual improvement over her first wave score in the semis, she was able to win the heat with a final total of 12.96 points overall. The average wave score in Heat 2, Semifinals came out to be 6.99 points, which was among the highest averages in the entire competition. Due to the result of Heat 2, Semifinals and Isabella Nichols having her second wave score thrown out, it would end up being Silvana Lima and Philippa Anderson moving on to compete head to head in the final round of the 2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro event.

Final Round Recap and Analysis:

The final round of the 2016 World Surf League Sydney International Women’s Pro turned out to be an intensely competitive and tumultuous part of the contest, and one that saw a tremendous amount of pressure on the athletes that were able to reach the final. Silvana Lima and Philippa Anderson were clearly feeling the pressure of the moment, and everything that was on the line. Anderson was perhaps a bit more influenced by the pressure of the final round, and this is demonstrated by her slight decrease in scoring when compared to her performance in the rest of the contest. Anderson had a Wave 1 scoring value of 4.33 points, and a Wave 2 scoring value of 4.27 points, giving her a total final round score of 8.60 points overall.

If nothing else Anderson was certainly consistent in the final, though her efforts were not enough to beat Silvana Lima who went on to take first place in the competition. Anderson was simply too conservative through the final round, and was not able to take enough risks in her wave runs to really boost her scores up to the point where she could realistically outdo Lima and put her away. Silvana came in with a Wave 1 scoring of 6.17 points, and she too stayed somewhat consistent through the round with a Wave 2 score of 5.13 points. When it was all said and done Lima came away with a total round score of 11.30 points, and the first place spot at the monumental 2016 Sydney International Women’s Pro event in Australia. This was definitely a major win for Silvana Lima’s 2016 season, and a big boost for her overall career. The average wave scoring in the final round came out to be 4.98 points in total.



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