2016 Tampa Pro Men’s Skateboarding Final

2016 Tampa Pro Men’s Skateboarding Final



For many years now, the 2016 Tampa Pro has been a hub of amazing skateboarding talent and it has even seen the beginnings of a wide range of major professional skateboarding careers. This was an event that brought together street skateboarding competitors from a variety of different walks of life, stylistic preferences, and skating teams. With a diverse mixture of sponsorships and skateboarding camps present at the 2016 Tampa Pro, this was an event that was definitely responsible for consolidating the skateboarding world at least temporarily.

Competing in the showdown for first place at the 2016 Tampa Pro were many of skateboarding’s usual suspects like Nyjah Huston, Luan Oliveira, Cody McEntire, and a handful of other skateboarding mega stars. In addition to these usual suspects were some lesser known names as well, showing up for the chance to boost their career and compete with the greats. The 2016 Tampa Pro was an especially enjoyable contest in the sense that when it came down to the wire, the major pros who tend to win many of the events were knocked out of contention and some other guys were able to take home a win and subsequent podium finishes.

In addition to being a diverse competition in terms of sponsorships and skate teams, the 2016 Tampa Pro also turned out to be an internationally diverse contest with riders coming in from all over the world to compete on this elite level. The park facility prepared for the 2016 Tampa Pro was perfectly maintained for the event, with its brilliant combination of primarily street skateboarding features with subtle vert transitions interspersed within the overall design on display for the world to see.

Given that every park in the world has its own qualities, characteristics, flow dynamics, and angles, the competitors were able to use the unique park features to their optimum advantage at the 2016 Tampa Pro men’s skateboarding competition. For anyone who happened to have missed any coverage or reporting on the 2016 Tampa Pro competition, event summary and final results will be covered in the remainder of this analysis.

1st Place – Shane O’Neill:

Bringing in the first place victory at the 2016 Tampa Pro event was experienced street skateboarding professional Shane O’Neill, who was especially on point at this prestigious annual contest. Shane’s victory at the Tampa Pro is a great sign for those fans of professional skateboarding who enjoy it when the lesser known pros get to win a big competition, since it shakes up the rankings and prevents any kind of monopolizing of the various leagues and their respective titles.

To add to the theme of general diversity at the 2016 Tampa Pro, Shane O’Neill is actually an Australian pro skateboarder who is from the city of Melbourne. It was there in Melbourne, Australia where Shane was able to develop his skateboarding talents, and those talents were surely on display in force at the 2016 Tampa Pro. Shane’s first place win has served as a significant boost to an already successful career, and it is likely that he will be looking at even more sponsorships in light of his win.

Some of Shane O’Neill’s already prestigious sponsorships include Primitive Skateboards, Thunder, Monster Energy Drinks, Diamond, Spitfire, Nike Skateboarding, and more. Shane’s skateboarding style exhibited during the 2016 Tampa Pro was extremely fluid and confident, and he made especially good use of the varying vert transitions on the course in terms of weaving those into his street lines and keeping the inertia and rhythm built into his runs.

Shane is a skateboarding professional that is tough to disrupt once he gets into the zone, and that is exactly what happened with his victory in Tampa. He simply got into the groove of how he intended to skate, and was able to execute on just about everything he planned on bringing out at the 2016 Tampa Pro. His first place win was well deserved by all accounts, and we can certainly expect more big things for Shane O’Neill especially heading into the 2017 season.

2nd Place – Carlos Ribeiro:

Skating his way into the second place runner up podium finish at the 2016 Tampa Pro event was professional skateboarder Carlos Ribeiro. Carlos was skating at the Tampa Pro with his typical jovial attitude; this is a skateboarder who can typically be found with a smile on his face at any given time, and someone who clearly enjoys their job. Perhaps his ability to seemingly always derive a sense of joy from skateboarding is what keeps Carlos Ribeiro going, but in any event he was definitely in great form at the 2016 Tampa Pro.

Carlos was able to really put some pressure on Shane O’Neill’s lead heading into the latter stages of the competition, although Shane was simply performing too well to be bested by anyone at that contest. That wouldn’t stop Carlos Ribeiro from giving it everything he possibly could, and in spite of taking second place he still executed some seriously impressive and memorable runs at the 2016 Tampa Pro event.

Carlos is another skateboarder at the 2016 Tampa Pro who is sponsored by a wide ranging list of popular companies and businesses, some of which include Glassy Sunhaters, CZM Skateshop, LRG, Indy, Nike Skateboarding, Andale, and more. In keeping with the international theme on the podium at the 2016 Tampa Pro competition, Carlos Ribeiro is actually a Brazilian skateboarding professional who is known to compete in different events, competitions, and leagues all over the world.

Skating out of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Carlos Ribeiro demonstrated his gritty street style for everyone to see at the 2016 Tampa Pro event, and it certainly worked out to his advantage. The course was filled with the kinds of banks and pyramids that work great with Carlos’s hard charging flip-trick filled riding style, and this is one major factor that allowed him to confidently finish out in second place at the 2016 Tampa Pro contest.

3rd Place – Tom Asta:

Bringing up the podium finishers in third place was skateboarding mainstay Tom Asta, who was quite focused and determined to place well at the 2016 Tampa Pro competition. With skateboarders like Asta it is critical that they make these kinds of rankings, such as the third place podium finish he achieved at the Tampa Pro, for the purpose of staying on the roster at major competitions. Tom Asta definitely skated well at the 2016 Tampa Pro, and was clearly set on earning his keep at this intense competition.

Although Tom Asta is more of an east-coast guy at heart, given that his hometown is found in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, his sponsorship profile looks a lot more like a west-coast skateboarder. With companies like Santa Cruz, Ricta, eS, MOB, Thunder, Electric, and FKD, one might assume that Tom Asta was more of a west-coast skateboarder. Regardless of Asta’s skateboarding affiliations, his quick pacing and impressively smooth transition skating style allowed him to round out the podium in third place at the 2016 Tampa Pro. With very few mistakes, bails, or falls,

Tom Asta was able to stay up throughout the duration of the competition and this element of consistency in his riding was surely a major factor in the judges decision to award him the third place overall finish in the contest. Although Tom Asta has not maintained the most impressive record in the league(s) he is able to remain a mainstay in professional street skateboarding due to his perseverance, his consistency, and his ability to impress with unique innovations on classic tricks and maneuvers.

4th Place – Nyjah Huston:

One of the major titans of street skateboarding today, and a man who really requires very little introduction, Nyjah Huston was able to snag the fourth place spot at the 2016 Tampa Pro competition. Although he likely would have preferred to at least finish out in the top three podium circle, Huston still seemed fairly satisfied with simply hanging on in fourth place since this wasn’t exactly his best competitive performance of the season by any means. Nyjah Huston tend to exhibit the ability to adapt to whichever park or skateboarding venue he is competing in, but to some degree he did not seem to be extremely stoked on the 2016 Tampa Pro skating venue.

Nyjah is still holding on to his impressive portfolio of big name sponsorships, and these include but are not limited to Element Skateboarding, Nike Skateboarding, Diamond, Ricta, MOB Grip, and Monster Energy Drinks is certainly among his primary sponsors. In spite of his resume and win list that is seemingly a mile long and growing all the time, it was clear that Nyjah was not exactly in his best form while competing in the 2016 Tampa Pro. Whether it had to do with his health or conditioning, whether it had to do with his confidence or enthusiasm levels at the time, or perhaps his focus was waning a bit for the event, but whatever it was it was obvious that Nyjah was not at 100% of his skill level for the 2016 Tampa Pro.

Even though this was the case, Huston still kept his skateboarding on a level that was sufficient to take home a halfway decent finish rating through the Tampa Pro’s conclusion, and when his bigger tricks weren’t hitting as well he adapted and moved into a slightly more conservative approach to salvage his contest scoring and judgment rating. Perhaps it was an east coast and west coast thing, and since Nyjah Huston is a loyal Southern California native maybe he just wasn’t feeling the east coast vibe at the 2016 Tampa Pro event. No matter what it was that had him off his game at this competition, everyone knows that Nyjah is part of skateboarding’s true elite echelon and will back on top in no time flat.

5th Place – Micky Papa:

Rounding out the top five skateboarders finishing at the 2016 Tampa Pro competition was the Canadian street skater Micky Papa. Micky is fast becoming a mainstay name in the professional skateboarding world, and his risky, high stakes street style is helping him to cultivate a reputation for himself as an extreme street rider. Coming from Vancouver, British Columbia exposed Micky Papa to an interesting and unique segment of street skateboarding abroad, which is the skating scene of the Pacific Northwest; the scene of Seattle, Washington, of Burnside in Portland, Oregon, and all the magnificent spots and sets in between.

The Pacific Northwest has birthed some very compelling trends and techniques in skateboarding, and in many ways Micky Papa embodies the contemporary extension of those particular skateboarding roots. Micky Papa has an extensive catalogue of trendy and highly popular names in the world of modern skateboarding who are backing his career, with an overview of his sponsorships looking something like Nixon, Diamond, Markisa, Venture, RDS, Blind, Mountain Dew, Switchmade Productions, Lacorda Threads, Grizzly Griptape, and more.

When watching Micky’s unique street skateboarding style, and his performance at the 2016 Tampa Pro event in particular, it is no surprise that he is in high demand by cutting edge sponsors and skateboarding companies operating today. Micky seemed a bit tentative starting out his performance at the 2016 Tampa Pro, but quickly found his rhythm and adapted to the flow of the park being used for the competition. Once he really hit his stride, Micky kept his momentum going and finished out strong in fifth place in the final rankings of the 2016 Tampa Pro. This was a nice finish for Micky to grab for his career, and although he didn’t quite make the podium the top five is still a nice achievement to carry him into the remaining contests of the season.



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