2016 Street League Men’s Super Crown Results

2016 Street League Men’s Super Crown Results


Taking place on October 2nd, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, the 2016 Street League Nike SB Men’s Super Crown event was a huge success, and served to shakeup the Nyjah Huston and Luan Oliveira domination of the Street League offering a new winner this time around. The park setup at the Galen Center at USC was a world-class street design, featuring tons of different rails, tabletops, banks, quarterpipes, and other expertly crafted features. Nike SB Street League Skateboarding has become a kind of gold standard in the world of pro street skating competition in the world today, and the 2016 SLS Super Crown event was nothing short of being among the most exciting events this outfit has ever put on.

Unquestionably the top street skaters in the world, riders like Nyjah Huston, Luan Oliveira, Paul Rodriguez, Cody McEntire, and Shane O’Neill showed us once again that there are no limits to their greatness, and that they are capable of constantly pushing the envelope and upping the ante. For the benefit of street skateboarding fans all over the globe who might have missed out on the 2016 Nike SB SLS Men’s Super Crown event in L.A., or those simply looking for a bit more detail behind this year’s contest, rider performances, scores, and rankings will now be addressed here.


1st Place – Shane O’Neill:

Taking home the World Champion spot at the 2016 Nike SB Street League Skateboarding Super Crown event, Shane O’Neill did his best to upset the current Nyjah Huston/Luan Oliveira contest hegemony that has been running for a while now. He was successful in achieving this end, and offered fans and judges alike one of the best performances anyone had ever seen out of O’Neill. The run section was one area of performance where Shane O’Neill did outstandingly well, but it was actually in the best trick section of the event where he really revved up his skating.

This was O’Neill’s fifth appearance at the prestigious Super Crown event, and his presence at the event this time around really allowed for a different competitive dynamic, wherein it was never actually clear whom the primary front runner was in the contest. This dynamic made the 2016 Men’s SLS Super Crown that much more enjoyable to watch, and kept judges and spectators on the edge of their respective seats the whole time.

2016 has been a major year for Shane, with his earlier winning of the Golden Ticket at the Tampa Pro competition, and then another 1st place victory in Barcelona, Spain at the 2016 Nike SB SLS Pro Open event. During the best trick section of the contest, Shane O’Neill was able to land a switch bigflip front boardslide, and this insane trick earned him a 9.0 score for that specific maneuver. While it did take O’Neill three separate attempts to finally stick the switch bigflip front boardslide in the best trick section, his exhaustive efforts finally did pay off, and in a big way.

There weren’t too many scores of 9.0 or above at the event, and O’Neill definitely needed to snag this particular 9.0 to stay hot moving into the next rounds. Shane’s 9.0 scored switch bigflip front boardslide would actually turn out to not even be his highest scored trick of the event, since in the fourth attempt round O’Neill was able to execute a nollie tre front boardslide on one of the course’s main rails for a scoring of 9.4 overall. The level of precision demonstrated in this one maneuver was seriously impressive, and showed in that one moment that O’Neill definitely had the chops to take the #1 spot at the 2016 Men’s Super Crown.

The only other skateboarder who was able to surpass Shane O’Neill’s 9.4 nollie tre front boardslide at the entire event turned out to be Chris Joslin, who brought in the unthinkable single-trick score of 9.5. In order to earn the insanely high single-trick score of 9.5, Joslin had to (after three consecutive missed attempts) finally land his blindside ollie to fakie from the wall of a quarterpipe over a gap to another quarterpipe. This incredible transition gave Joslin the highest scored trick, and beat out O’Neill’s biggest trick at 9.4.

Shane O’Neill managed to finish out the 2016 Nike SB SLS Men’s Super Crown event with a total score of 36.4 overall, although it was a bit of a tense ending. This is to say that first place was not guaranteed to O’Neill toward the end of the competition, but the fate was sealed after Chris Joslin and Nyjah Huston ended up having to bail out of the final tricks of the contest. O’Neill’s victory here is serving to solidify what has already been a tremendous year for this competitor, and has likely boosted his morale to even higher levels. With this in mind, he is going to be someone to watch in terms of who is going to dominate the Street League moving forward.


2nd Place – Nyjah Huston:

Even when he doesn’t win first place, the crowds and judges can always count on Nyjah Huston to compete at an elite level and put on an excellent show for viewers, which is exactly what he managed to do again at the 2016 Men’s Nike SB Street League Super Crown event. Nyjah fought hard against Shane O’Neill’s impressive performance, and never once did he allow O’Neill to dominate him or take a significant lead in points rankings.

At the conclusion of the runs section of the event, Nyjah and Shane were actually very closely matched, with Shane at 17.2 and Nyjah at 16.5 overall. Nyjah had a strong performance moving into the best trick section of the event, though he was not able to upset Shane O’Neill as O’Neill continued to absolutely steamroll through the best trick section. Huston started with a gap to nose bluntslide which seemed to work quite well for him, and the judges agreed, awarding him an 8.8 score for that trick. His bluntslide execution in this instance was nearly flawless, and considering how difficult it is to catch a bluntslide after airing a substantial gap, he definitely earned every bit of the 8.8 score he earned as a result of it.

Nyjah was able to put up a 9.0+ score next in the best trick section, when he managed to stick a kickflip front boardslide to earn himself a whopping 9.3 from the judges. This 9.3 score would turn out to be integral in terms of boosting Nyjah’s overall scoring to keep him in high contention for the win, and at least finish well on the podium. Unfortunately for Nyjah, he started losing some steam toward the end of the contest, which was exactly when he needed to have some clutch executions to possibly take the win.

The crowd and the judges likely knew it was over for Nyjah when on his last trick attempt, he was forced into bailing from his attempt which was definitely a kind of anti-climactic state of affairs for the young consummate professional. One has to wonder if Nyjah had already thrown in the towel to some extent by the time his final trick attempt came around, since it is unlike Nyjah to bail when this much is on the line. Although in typical Nyjah fashion, he was able to lose the top spot with grace, humility, and the kind of sportsmanship that has made him a huge favorite in the world of men’s professional street skateboarding. Huston finished out the 2016 Nike SB SLS Men’s Super Crown in Los Angeles with a final scoring of 34.6, taking second place by a margin of 1.8 points behind the leader Shane O’Neill.


3rd Place – Cody McEntire:

While Cody McEntire didn’t have as many of the crazy 9.0-9.5 scores that propelled some of his competitors to high positions in the 2016 Super Crown event, he performed quite well in the runs section, which allowed him to boost his score to a position where he could still finish strong after dragging behind in the best trick section. Starting with his performance in the best trick segment of the contest, Cody was able to execute an extra smooth bump to flat backslide flip, which earned him a single-trick score of 8.0. Raising the stakes ever so slightly on Cody’s third attempt in the best trick section, he was able to nail a switch flip backside lipslide for an 8.3 that moved his standings up by a small margin. This lipslide was an extremely smooth transition from his switch flip, and there was absolutely nothing at all sketchy about the execution of that trick. With that being said, it was strange to some observers that Cody did not score higher than only 8.3 with that maneuver.

Cody really kicked things into gear when he ended up landing his best single trick of the entire 2016 Nike SB SLS Men’s Super Crown event, which turned out to be a nollie bigspin heelflip overtop the bump down into the flat section. Using the bump to flat dynamic was something McEntire was able to do quite successfully during his performance at the Men’s Super Crown this year, and in this particular instance it ended up bringing him a single-trick score of 9.3.

By earning a 9.3 from his nollie bigspin heelflip, McEntire dramatically improved his chances of placing high on the podium, which he was able to do when he finished in third place overall. Every skateboarder in the field of this event has their own style and riding specialty, and the kind of bump to flat transfer combination that earned Cody an elite 9.3 single trick score in this competition is something that is becoming a signature element of his competitive repertoire. Cody’s final scoring value at the 2016 Super Crown event in L.A. came out as a 34.4, only two points behind the second place finisher.


4th Place – Luan Oliveira:

A seasoned veteran of the Nike SB Street League circuit, Luan Oliveira put on a great show for everyone involved at the 2016 Super Crown event. Luan is a street skater who has become accustomed to somewhat dominating these events, and so taking a 4th place spot, while not necessarily a bad finish by any standard, is likely not something he is used to or takes lightly. In spite of not quite making the podium this time around, Luan Oliveira still was able to execute some outstanding tricks and put some new highlights into the book. One of Oliveira’s best moments of the entire competition was in the best trick segment, when he was able to land a high-hanging backside flip overtop one of the biggest boxes in the entire street course setup. This massive backside flip brought Oliveira a whopping 9.1 from the judges, and definitely helped him to stay in contention toward the latter stages of the competition.

Luan stayed pretty focused on this type of box gap skating at the 2016 Men’s Super Crown event, and it worked to his advantage for the most part although it left some people thinking that if he would have expanded his targets this year he might have been able to rank a bit higher than fourth place by the end of the competition. Although he definitely put up a solid performance, some were wondering if perhaps Luan was holding back a bit this time around, or at least skating a bit more conservatively to avoid any catastrophic scores or wipeouts. It is possible that this strategy did not work to his advantage, and we will see whether or not he is more aggressive moving into the next competitions. By the end of the 2016 Nike SB Street League Skateboarding Men’s Super Crown event, Luan Oliveira finished up with a total scoring value of 33.5, which turned out to be only 0.9 points behind third place finisher Cody McEntire.

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