2016 Monster Energy One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing Competition

• 2016 Monster Energy One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing Event Setting and Summary

Kicking off the 2016-2017 ski season with a major bang, the 2016 Monster Energy One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing competition was a true crowd pleaser. Big air skiing events are generally a massive fan favorite, which is no surprise given that big air skiing athletes dedicate their training to going as big as they possibly can, all while engaging in high level acrobatic maneuvering.

The One Hit Wonder competition was held at Thredbo Alpine Village and Resort in New South Wales, Australia. Thredbo is a world class Winter/Summer alpine resort, which is nestled within the Snow Mountain range in New South Wales. A perfect venue for this Monster Energy sponsored Big Air skiing competition, Thredbo saw favorable weather conditions allowed for the competitors to express their big air launch skiing skills to the fullest possible extent.

This is to say that absent any inclement weather at the event, the skiers didn’t have to worry about being obstructed as they made their launch from the massive ramp at the event. When the weather is bad, or snow is falling heavily, big air skiing athletes can be severely encumbered during their launch approach and in those kinds of conditions it can even become impossible to achieve a successful launch, hang time, and landing.

Given that Australia is kind of an unexpected venue for a big air skiing competition, it makes sense that this is their only AFP Freeskiing event that holds a gold ranking. This is a competition that heavily incentivized the contest participants to give 110% off the jump launch, given that there was a major winner-take-all cash prize that went to the 1st place winner.

• Competitor Performances and Final Scores

The 2016 Monster Energy One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing Competition definitely attracted the best of the best within the big air skiing world, and it attracted international competitors from all over the world. This was reflected in the top three podium finishers at the event, given that each of the podium finishers were from different countries.

This helps to bring even more positive attention to the sport of aggressive, technical skiing events such as the 2016 One Hit Wonder showdown at Thredbo Alpine Resort in NSW, Australia. Within the competitive field at the event, there were a total of sixteen competitors, and each of these world class extreme skiers brought something unique and different to the table making this a highly stimulating and enjoyable event for judges and spectators alike.

• 1st Place – Alex Hall – Salt Lake City, Utah:

Taking the 1st place finish at the 2016 Monster Energy One Hit Wonder Big Air skiing competition, Alex Hall put on a performance that truly sent a shockwave through the professional skiing world. Alex managed to take home the 1st place spot by a simply massive margin, it was basically no contest at all.

The primary reason for his huge victory and unprecedented performance at the One Hit Wonder competition was his successful execution and landing of the first ever Switch Triple Cork 1800 maneuver. Watching the footage of Alex executing this trick is simply jaw-dropping, as he manages to hang in the air for about three seconds in total all while rotating and corking his body at the same time.

It is honestly hard to believe that Alex managed to pull this trick off, and what makes it even crazier is that Alex Hall is only seventeen years old. With this legendary trick in the books, and a major 1st place win under his belt, it is safe to say we can expect from great things in the future from Alex Hall.

• 2nd Place – Birk Ruud – Stabekk, Norway:

Norwegian big air skiing phenomenon Birk Ruud managed to take home the 2nd place runner up position at the 2016 One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing competition, and he did so by setting a new personal record for himself. Birk seemed very confident moving into his launch, and his high comfort level definitely showed based on the fact that he was able to throw his first ever Switch Triple Cork 1620 with a successful landing.

Seemingly inspired by Alex Hall’s insane Switch Triple Cork 1800, he decided to go for a similar trick, albeit with a slightly lower rotation total. His fearless style managed to earn him the 2nd place finish, and his willingness to try something completely new to his trick repertoire ended up paying off in spades. Birk Ruud definitely helped to make the 2016 One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing event the incredible success it turned out to be, and he is sure to be back competing again in the near future.

• 3rd Place – Fabian Bosch – Engelberg, Switzerland:

Skiing out of Engelberg, Switzerland, Fabian Bosch put on quite a show at the 2016 One Hit Wonder Big Air Skiing competition. Across his different launches, he managed to put together a series of tricks which earned him the 3rd place podium finish. Essentially all of Fabian’s launches were very clean, and though he didn’t achieve any major personal records or first ever trick executions, his solid performance was enough to beat out the remaining thirteen competitors who showed up to compete in the 2016 One Hit Wonder big air contest.

Incorporating a handful of different switch and regular positioned launches, with a series of cork and spin oriented maneuvers, Fabian once again demonstrated to the world why he is an elite big air skiing athlete. Given that Fabian managed to make the podium at the 2016 One Hit Wonder competition, this should make for an exceptional start to his primary competitive skiing season and help propel him into a series of successful contests this winter.

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