2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship – Round 12

• 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Round 12 Event Overview

Moving into round 12 of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, we turn our focus to the 250cc MX category of the event. The 250cc MX category is one of the most popular and closely watched aspect of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series, and the Round 12 event on August 27th, 2016 certainly did not disappoint any of the fans, judges, and event organizers in attendance.

The motocross athletes participating in this event have a wide variety of different sponsorships and endorsements, although Lucas Oil was the biggest sponsor profiled at the event. The Round 12 competition took place at Ironman Raceway in Indiana, and served as a perfect place for hosting such a prestigious professional motocross showdown.

• Competitor Performances and Final Scoring

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Round 12 event went very smoothly at Ironman Raceway, and the immaculate track and weather conditions provided the 250cc MX racing category athletes with the chance to get a great performance in, unencumbered by inclement weather or poor track conditions. The staff and track crew at Ironman Raceway in Indiana did an absolutely stellar job of preparing the facilities for these elite motocross athletes, and it showed in how well the riders were able to launch and handle their bikes on the track surface.

Cutting hard turns in the track berms and launching across massive gap distances, the motocross racers participating in the Round 12 event at Ironman Raceway kept a surprisingly broad range between the shifting race leader and the last place riders. This is to say that unlike some races where the entire race field of competitors get bunched up and stay in a close aggregate throughout the duration of the contest, during Round 12 at Ironman Raceway the leaders were able to pull ahead and put some serious distance and range within the field that day.

As far as evaluating the field of competitors present at the 250cc MX category at Round 12, many of the top finishers were all from the east coast or Midwestern United States. These elite 250cc MX racers brought everything they had to Round 12, and left it all out on the track on that hot day in August, 2016. For the benefit of any and all professional motocross fans and riders interested in learning more about the results of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship – Round 12 event, the winner and podium finalists of the race will now be addressed and discussed here.

• 1st Place – Austin Forkner:

Having been a professional motocross athlete for some time now, competing across multiple event categories but mainly in the 250cc MX category, Austin Forkner ended up being the 1st place winner at Ironman Raceway. Winning the Round 12 event at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship was no small feat for the Richards, MO native, and he definitely had to fight hard against the runner up finalists to take 1st place.

Riding for the Kawasaki professional team, Austin Forkner is by no means a stranger to tough competition from elite motocross athletes. His handling of the Kawasaki 250cc bike he was riding on August 27th was truly exceptional. Watching Austin time his cutbacks and near-horizontal berm turns on the track at Ironman Raceway was jaw-dropping at times. Austin Forkner is a versatile rider that can handle just about anything the track or his competitors are able to throw his way, and he showed the world yet again why he is an elite motocross athlete by taking 1st in this Round 12 event.

• 2nd Place – Aaron Plessinger:

Motoring his way into 2nd place at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Round 12 event, Aaron Plessinger looked visibly pleased with his performance at the conclusion of the event back on August 27th, 2016. Plessinger was riding out of Hamilton, Ohio as his hometown, and he definitely made all the people back in Hamilton who were rooting for him that day quite proud indeed. Aaron Plessinger is a rider on the 250cc MX Yamaha Pro Team, and he certainly knows his way around the throttle on his Yamaha 250cc bike.

His touch in terms of acceleration through straights, acceleration over big jumps and gaps, and through extremely tight terms is always expertly balanced and timed. Some riders will end up being either too late, or too heavy on their throttle timing, but Aaron is rarely ever seen suffering a mistake like that. He is an extremely focused rider, and appears to only be zoned into his own trial out on the track, and relatively uninterested or unfazed by movements of other riders competing against him. This can be a major strength in motocross competitions, since taking your focus away from your own track lines for even one second can end up costing the race. With the 2nd place finish at Ironman Raceway in the books, Aaron Plessinger is now looking forward with confidence to his upcoming competitive events.

• 3rd Place – Cooper Webb:

As the final competitor to grace the podium at the Round 12 event of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, Cooper Webb was able to outperform the remainder of the field and take 3rd place. Out of a simply massive field of forty riders in the 250cc MX event, taking 3rd place is no small feat and certainly Cooper and his team realize this. Cooper is another rider on the Yamaha Pro Team, and another who definitely understands the ins-and-outs of squeezing every last big of performance from his Yamaha 250cc dirt bike.

A Newport, North Carolina native, Cooper Webb has been competing in 250cc MX events for quite some time, and has nearly mastered the art of competing on a 250cc as opposed to, let’s say, a 450cc competition category. One of Cooper’s biggest strengths in the Lucas Oil Round 12 event was found in is launch, hang time, and landing abilities over the gaps in the track.

While other riders tended to be more timid over the gaps, Cooper tends to open up full force across them which actually buys him tiny fractions of time in the race when he is hitting landing zones far beyond the average rider. With his broad skillset on a 250cc dirt bike, we should expect to see a lot more from Cooper as the 2016 season wraps up.

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