2016 Hurley Pro Surfing Competition at Trestles

• 2016 Hurley Pro Surfing at Trestles: Event Overview

As we head into halfway point of the famed Hurley Pro at Trestles surfing competition, the first four rounds have been completed and round five is set to begin. The day one conditions at Trestles surf spot at San Onofre State Beach in Southern California were very rough indeed, with the on-shore winds blowing hard and consistent for most of the day.

This contest has attracted the world’s best of the best in the professional surfing world, and it definitely seems that the entire field of pros are stoked for this competition. One of the biggest reasons for the Trestles Pro contest being a favorite of surfers, fans, and judges alike is because of the wave types generated at this classic surf spot.

Trestles surf spot segments out into five major wave break sections, with each respective section having its own wave characteristics. From left to right looking out at the water, the sections are known as Church, Middles, Lowers, Uppers and Cottons. Lowers and Uppers sections of Trestles are known for being the most difficult and dangerous breaks in the area.

Lowers tends to produce steep and right breaking waves or bowling and hollow left breakers, and will usually require a shortboard to navigate effectively. In terms of the breaks in the Uppers section of Trestles, they are almost always steep, long, and sloping right breakers. Running from September 7th through September 18th, the Hurley Trestles Pro contest is sure to be the fan favorite it always turns out as.

• Recap of Round Four at the 2016 Hurley Pro at Trestles

In order to provide information and analysis on the progress of the 2016 Hurley Pro at Trestles, the round four format, competitors, and scoring will now be recapped as the contest moves into its fifth round. Within Heat 1, the three competitors matched up were J. Smith, M. Bourez, and K. Slater. In spite of Kelly Slater’s big wins this season, he did end up having a disappointing performance in Heat 1 when he ended up scoring a 13.16 overall.

Kelly’s Heat 1 score was the lowest of the three surfers he was matched with, with M. Bourez finishing out the heat in 2nd with a score of 14.50. The winner of Heat 1 ended up being J. Smith who managed to receive an impressive 18.50 for his score. The average wave score in Heat 1 of Round 4 ended up being 7.69 in total.

With regard to Heat 2 in the fourth round of the 2016 Hurley Pro at Trestles, the three competitors were F. Toledo, K. Andino, and B. Simpson. The winner of the Heat 2 grouping was F. Toledo, who came in with a fantastic score of 18.97 which turned out to be a full four points ahead of the Heat 2 runner up.

Coming in 2nd place in Heat 2 ended up being K. Andino who finished out the heat with a score of 15.60 overall. Not far behind him in Heat 2 was B. Simpson, who surfed decently into 3rd place with a scoring of 14.14. The average wave score looked a bit better in Heat 2 compared to the first heat, given that it ended up as 8.12.

When comparing the first 2 heats in Round 4 of the Hurley Pro at Trestles to heats three and four, the scores on average and in terms of best wave were considerably lower in heats three and four. Beginning with Heat 3, the winner overall was T. Gudauskas who managed to receive a 14.84 at the conclusion of his Heat 3 performance.

The Heat 3 runner up turned out to be S. Kennedy, who ended up losing the 1st place spot by a small margin of about one point. Kennedy’s 2nd place finish in Heat 3 means he will be back to appear in Round 5. The 3rd place finisher in Heat 3 was J. Parkinson who came in with the worst score in Round 4 of a 10.90. The average wave score in Heat 3 finished out at 6.57.

Like Heat 3, the scoring range was fairly tight in Heat 4 with the leader and 1st place heat finisher ending up as A. Ribeiro. Ribeiro’s score in Heat 4 was a decent one, coming in as a 14.56. Finishing a couple points behind him in 2nd was J. Andre, who managed to get a 12.80 for his Heat 4 scoring. Bringing up the rear in Heat 4 was J. Kerr in 3rd place, ending up with an 11.26 as his final Heat 4 scoring overall. In terms of the average wave scoring for Heat 4, it was the lowest in Round 4 by a slim margin at 6.44 in total.

• Round Five Preview – Hurley Pro at Trestles 2016

Heading into Round 5 at the 2016 Hurley Pro at Trestles, the Heat 1 lineup should be an interesting one. The two surfers currently slotted for Heat 1, Round 5 are going to be M. Bourez, and B. Simpson. Given that both of these surfers managed to score a value in the 14 range in Round 4, they seem to be performing on a similar level and it should therefore be an exciting matchup.

With regard to Heat 2 in Round 5, Kelly Slater will be back out in the surf going up against K. Andino to hopefully keep his chances alive heading into the quarterfinals. Given that Slater has had a somewhat spotty and lackluster run so far at Trestles 2016, it is hard to know what to expect at this point in the contest and anything can happen.

In terms of the Heat 3 matchup in Round 5, S. Kennedy and J. Kerr will be battling it out, hopefully in better weather and surf conditions than have been seen so far at the 2016 Hurley Pro at Trestles. With the heavy on-shore winds that have been witnessed lately in the area, it has been more difficult for the pro surfers in the event to really express their abilities to the fullest possible extent.

For the Heat 4 matchup in Round 5, we can expect to see J. Andre and J. Parkinson squaring off in what should be another highly competitive bout to see who moves on and who will be cut. This is a critical point in the competition, so we can expect to see some exciting things and extreme efforts going forward into Round 5.

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