Excitement, Stunts, and Victories: Revealing the Unforgettable Highlights of the 2016 Copenhagen Open Professional Skateboarding Showdown!

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One of the most interesting and innovative aspects of the major professional skateboarding event known as the Copenhagen Open, was that in the 2016 CPH Open there was a decision to hold the competition in several different spots throughout the city. The CPH Open is an extremely diverse showcasing for elite professional skateboarding, given that there are many different competitive categories corresponding to various niches in skateboarding.

Austyn Gillette 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

For example, there are specific contests within the broader context of the 2016 CPH Open such as bowl-skating contests, ledge and stair contests, vert contests, street oriented contests, and more. There is such a diversity in the different competitive skateboarding variants that this event can appeal to so many types of skateboarding fan out there. Few other large scale skateboarding competitions anywhere in the world are capable of incorporating so many unique mini-contests into their scheduling, which makes for a more diffuse and multi-dimensional event overall which tends to hold people’s attention much better than a single-location contest.

The professional skateboarders at this event put on quite a show for the judges and spectators, bringing the world’s greatest skateboarders all together in Copenhagen from August 10th to the 14th, 2016. For the benefit of any skateboarding fan who missed out on coverage and the results of the 2016 Copenhagen Open event, some of the most high profile contest results within the broader CPH Open will now be

TJ Rogers Switch Flip Backside Tailslide 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Event Results for Street Super Finals in the 2016 CPH Open

The Street Super Finals contest taking place at the 2016 Copenhagen Open was an extremely heated competition, and was perhaps a main focal point at this year’s CPH Open. Nyjah Huston managed to come in 1st place in the Street Super Finals, and this dominating 1st place finish was really no surprise to anyone since Nyjah has been so frequently dominating the professional street open contests in recent years. Street Super Finals provided judges and audience members with an up close and personal look at the true titans of street skateboarding, and where these athletes are directing the progression of the sport in 2016.

Marek Zaprazny Fakie Switch 50 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

1st Place Street Super Finals – Nyjah Huston (USA):

1st Place Street Super Finals – Nyjah Huston (USA) 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Dominating the Street Super Finals contest in the 2016 CPH Open, Nyjah Huston used this competition as yet another opportunity to demonstrate to the world that he is still a reigning king of professional street skateboarding. Utilizing ledges, rails, and big kicker gaps to his ultimate advantage, Nyjah hit all of his best tricks with nearly unbelievable precision and skill. At times, he even manages to make it look easy. Coming in 1st place at the Street Super Finals is yet one more major accolade that Nyjah Huston can add to his long and illustrious record.

2nd Place Street Super Finals – Luan Oliveira(Brazil):

2nd Place Street Super Finals – Luan Oliveira (Brazil) - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

One of Nyjah Huston’s biggest competitive rivals in professional street skateboarding, Luan Oliveira gave Nyjah a serious run for his money in taking 2nd place runner up position in the Street Super Finals. Luan Oliveira definitely competes in the same caliber as Nyjah does, and it is not uncommon to see these two street skating titans competing for the top spot in a major street competition such as this one. Luan’s 2nd place finish can be attributed to his envelope-pushing flip trick difficulty, making advanced tricks like the hardflip look easy and being able to throw those kinds of tricks over large gaps and stair sets.

3rd Place Street Super Finals – Axel Cruysberghs (Belgium):

3rd Place Street Super Finals – Axel Cruysberghs (Belgium) - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

The Belgian street skateboarding monster Axel Cruysberghs managed to take the 3rd place podium finish at the Street Super Finals, and he did so by using the street skate training and practice he has garnered from years of ripping choice spots on the Belgian street skating scene. Believe it or not, Belgium is actually home to a fairly thriving street skateboarding scene, and elite riders like Axel dominate it. Utilizing the available street features in the Street Super Finals to his complete advantage, Axel’s smooth final heat landed him firmly into the 3rd place position for a major boost to his morale, his career, and to the street skating scene back in Belgium.

Event Results for the Bowl Jam at Faelledparken

Transitioning (no pun intended) into the vert stages of the Copenhagen Open competition in 2016, was the high profile bowl centered contest referred to as the Bowl Jam at Faelledparken. The bowl/vert park at Faelledparken is a relatively massive park design, featuring a broad range of different vert, quarterpipe, and transition elements.

Bowl Jam at Faelledparken - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Riders participating in the bowl jam at the 2016 CPH Open skateboarding competition had to make use of a simply colossal deep-bowl section, which directly connected with another large and winding bowl section with multiple right-angle transition points leading into the deepest section. Part of what made this bowl jam competition such a popular niche contest was the sheer spectacle of witnessing the field of professional skateboarders ride on a scale and a level which few people on the planet could even dream of reaching.

1st Place Bowl Jam - Pedro Barros (Brazil):

1st Place Bowl Jam - Pedro Barros (Brazil) - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Representing Brazil at the 2016 Copenhagen Open was Pedro Barros, an elite skateboarding athlete who is as well-rounded in his skillset as he is confident on his board. Pedro has been doing extremely well for himself in the 2016 skateboarding season, winning some major events and placing highly in several others.

Pedro Barros made excellent use of the large scale vert features in the Faelledparken skate park setup, and he also expertly utilized the massive transition features as well. Barros earned himself a well-deserved 1st place victory in the CPH Open Bowl Jam via a skillful combination of over-the-coping stalls and hand-plants on top of some of the huge 10+ feet tall vert quarterpipes, in combination with multiple big-air spins and multi-grab spins.

2nd Place Bowl Jam – Sam Beckett (United Kingdom):

2nd Place Bowl Jam – Sam Beckett (United Kingdom) - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Riding out of Her Majesty’s United Kingdom, Sam Beckett ended up taking the 2nd place podium finish at the Faelledparken Bowl Jam contest in the 2016 CPH Open. This 2nd place finish definitely marked a high point in Beckett’s career, and it is likely that this high placement in a major contest may earn him some new high tier sponsorships and endorsements.

Sam Beckett is the kind of vert skateboarder who has exceptional flow in the bowl and pipes, in the sense that his grinds, board/nose tail slides, and his transition maneuvering seems to move seamlessly through the many obstacles and ramps packed into the Faelledparken park setup. Even if taking 2nd at the Faelledparken Bowl Jam doesn’t earn Beckett any major new sponsorships, it is easy to assume that the morale booster from this high profile runner up finish will definitely carry into the next big contest(s).

3rd Place Bowl Jam – Rune Glifberg (Denmark):

3rd Place Bowl Jam – Rune Glifberg (Denmark) - 2016 Copenhagen Open Pro Skateboarding Competition

Bringing in the 3rd place finish in the Faelledparken Bowl Jam for his native country of Denmark, fan favorite Rune Glifberg emerged from his somewhat solitary training protocols to wow the crowds and try out some innovative tricks in front of a major audience. Rune is known as a confident and daring vert skateboarder, willing to push the limits of what is physically possibly within the realm of bowl and vert skating.

Glifberg is able to throw his tricks, both grabs, spins, and otherwise, farther into the air above the coping than many other competing vert skateboarders riding on his skill level. His insane airs and hang time in massive bowl setups like the one at Faelledparken are often what endear him to judges and fans alike, and this is clearly reflected in Rune Glifberg’s 3rd place finish in the 2016 Copenhagen Open Faelledparken Bowl Jam contest.

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