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2017 Surfing Travel And Portability Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide For Surfing Travel Equipment In 2017

When it comes to putting together a comprehensive set of surfing gear for the 2017 season, there is a wide array of items to consider. Of course many people will immediately gravitate to the big items, obviously the surfboard itself, wetsuits, waxes and all the more standard surfing fare. What about travel and portability equipment […]

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2016 Austin X Games Coors Light Moto X Freestyle

• Moto X Freestyle Competition Locale and Track Type

For the 2016 Austin X Games Coors Light Moto X Freestyle final round, competitors get to use all of the available ramps and launches on the track to do all of the best tricks and maneuvers they can possibly pull out to receive the best score. In this competition type, the Moto X Freestyle Final, riders have a specified time allotment to perform any tricks they want using any available track features.

There are essentially two preliminary rounds in the Moto X Freestyle event which each last one minute fifteen seconds, and a final Top Score, which is considered when determining the winners of this competition. Whether a rider wants to perform a series of big whips, flips, spins, off-bike or bar hanging maneuvers, it is left to their discretion in terms of how best to attack their multiple heats in order to achieve the general goal of maximizing score potential.

This is an event where spectators get to see some pretty amazing things, since athletes tend to pull off some of their biggest tricks in the freestyle event given that they have so much freedom to try whatever they want. There is also a major potential for serious crashes, since riders will generally be going extremely big off of the launch ramps so that they can achieve some of the most massive tricks that are humanly possible.

Some riders will prefer to hit the launch ramps with a straight-on trajectory, while others prefer to stagger their launch approach for the purpose of getting a much more oblong, whip-oriented launch trajectory. The freestyle motocross event at the 2016 Austin X Games is truly amazing; audiences and judges never know what astounding things they will see, and the competitors certainly made the most of their freedom in this event.

• Competitor Performances and Final Scores

Spectators and judges watching the 2016 Austin X Games Coors Light Moto X Freestyle were treated to quite a remarkable event, with each and every competitor pushing the envelope as far as possible on the track. Josh Sheehan ended up winning the entire event, since he was able to put up two consecutive elite scores that gave him a commanding final score.

Anyone watching this event knew full well that every competitor was willing to give it 100% no matter what the risks were, and there were some minor wipeouts but mostly there were just amazing and successful tricks with corresponding expert landings. The elite athletes in this competition were matched by the world-class quality of the track facility, and it was maintained to an immaculate standard to ensure the utmost safety for riders and the consistency of track conditions.

• 1st Place – Josh Sheehan:

Coming in 1st place with some serious momentum and a healthy margin of victory was Josh Sheehan, who managed to pull off some insane tricks in the Moto X Freestyle event. Sheehan killed his performances in both Run 1 and Run 2, earning a 91.33 and 93.33, respectively.

He did so by incorporating a range of tricks including massive back-and-forth tail whips, huge whip spins, and over-handlebar maneuvers that were majorly firing up the crowd and judges out in Austin. Sheehan made the 2016 Moto X Freestyle event even more of a crowd favorite than it usually is by giving it everything he had, and that effort was definitely reflected in his back to back 90+ scores.

• 2nd Place – Rob Adelberg:

Taking 2nd place in the Moto X Freestyle event was Rob Adelberg, and like Josh Sheehan, Rob was able to put up two consecutive 90+ scores. When a motocross athlete is posting multiple 90+ scores in the freestyle event, you know that they are doing everything they possibly can to ensure that their runs are as unique as they can be.

Adelberg brought out all of his best tricks for the Moto X Freestyle final, showing everyone in attendance what he is capable of on the track. Starting out his run with a massive modified backflip, Rob was able to spin his backflip in a staggered fashion so as to launch laterally from the vertical launch ramp into the dirt-landing bank. During this opening backflip in this run, Rob was able to perform a hands free maneuver in order to up the points value for that trick.

For the remainder of Adelberg’s second run, he pulled off multiple additional backflips, and an insane trick wherein he was able to completely leave his dirt bike and only hold on by the rear of his seat. That was probably his most spectacular trick from the event, and helped propel him into earning a towering 91.66 total score for 2nd place.

• 3rd Place – Clinton Moore:

Clinton Moore managed to take the third place spot in the Moto X Freestyle competition, and he did so only losing to second place Rob Adelberg by a tiny margin of about 0.5 points overall. He was quite close to earning second place through his performance in both Run 1 and Run 2, utilizing a jaw dropping series of tricks which were perhaps the most innovative of any competitor in the Freestyle Moto X event. By employing a series of huge backflips, and one of the biggest superman tricks in the entire event, Clinton Moore was able to wow the judges and the audience to a major degree.

If nothing else, Clinton Moore was extremely consistent in his performance, given that he earned a 91.00 in both Run 1 and Run 2. With a final event score of 91.00, Clinton used some of the best available tricks in his arsenal, and even with his phenomenal performance he only barely beat out the 4th place finisher. 4th place earned a Run 1 score of 90.66 and a Run 2 score of 91.00, so clearly there was some extremely tight competition to make it into the 3rd place finish. The freestyle event is never disappointing, and this year’s freestyle Moto X definitely delivered on all counts.

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