10 of the Most Insane Big Air Snowboarding Jumps in the 2015-2016 Season


1.  Jonas Boesiger and a massive Indy

For our first image of the round up, this selection features professional snowboarder Jonas Boesiger throwing a massive Indy grab over-rotation. Jonas has been having a strong 2016 season, and his current FIS rankings are quite good heading into 2017. This image comes from the 2016 World Snowboard Tour Fridge Festival, which was an event taking place April 15th, 2016 in Obertauern, Austria. The 2016 Fridge Festival saw fantastic riding conditions, as one can clearly see from looking at this picture. While Jonas was not able to clinch the victory at the 2016 Fridge Festival, he was able to execute some successful massive airs and big grabs, as is shown here.


2. Roope Tonteri soars above the lip with a huge Stalefish

Taken at the FIS Snowboarding World Championships in Kreischburg, Austria, Roope Tonteri soars above the lip executing a huge Stalefish grab while incorporating a cork rotation as well. Tonteri has had an excellent season in 2016, with some of his season highlights including a major first place victory at the FIS Men’s Big Air World Cup competition at Moenchengladbach in Germany, in addition to several other top ten men’s pro FIS Big Air events in 2016. Tonteri continues to up his game as the 2016 season progresses to its conclusion, and is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2017 without a doubt.



3.  Billy Morgan is seen hitting Roast Beef grab

Pictured here competing in the Mountain Dew sponsored Dew Tour, professional snowboarder Billy Morgan is seen executing a Roast Beef grab while simultaneously pulling off an inverted spin into an expert landing. Billy Morgan has been able to compete across a wide range of platforms from the Dew Tour, to FIS Snowboarding World Cup competitions, to a host of other professional snowboarding outlets through 2016. Billy has had several top three finishes throughout his 2016 season, including his third place podium finish at the Men’s Big Air World Cup competition in Germany from early December, 2016.



4. Seppe Smits at Buttermilk Mountain in Colorado

Flying high across a pristine bluebird sky day at Buttermilk Mountain in Colorado, professional snowboarder Seppe Smits is truly a rider at the top of his game throughout the 2015-2016 season. This image definitely reflects the fearless and fluid qualities that tend to characterize Seppe Smits and his overall riding style and strategy. Here Seppe is pictured executing a Frontside Tailbone combined with a conventional upright rotation, which was expertly landed by Smits during his Winter X Games performance depicted here. Seppe has seen many strong finishes throughout the 2016 snowboarding season, and has been in the FIS Big Air World Cup top three rankings on and off all year.



5.   2016 Aspen X Games snowboarding at the Aspen X Games

This image captures a launch from the 2016 Aspen X Games snowboarding competition, more specifically from the Men’s Slopestyle event a the Aspen X Games. Featuring one of the Burton sponsored Men’s professionals at the Aspen X Games, this massive big air launch features a combination grab defined by utilizing both a Frontside Nosebone and a Melon grab at the same time on either edge of the snowboard. This represents a fairly complex grab combination, and makes this picture worthy of the top 10 big air countdown being presented here.



6.  Mark McMorris hitting a Tailgrab Across the Gap

Aside from having exquisitely beautiful scenery and blue sky backdrop, this stunning image of 2016 Winter X Games competitor and X Games silver medalist Mark McMorris launching powerfully from the lip of a perfectly shaped jump captures the true essence of professional big air snowboarding. Tipping back a gigantic Tailgrab across the gap, McMorris demonstrates his ability for the spectators and judges at the 2016 Winter X Games. Not only is this image a great big air showcase, it also is an effective display of perfect blue sky Colorado big air snowboarding conditions.



7.  Air & Style competition at Innsbruck, Austria

Shown here is one of the professional snowboarders competing in the 2016 Air & Style competition at Innsbruck, Austria as they make their flight across the gap and into the safe landing zone. This picture is especially gnarly for the way it shows on an up-close-and-personal level just how the famed Air & Style big air setups are constructed and situated for hosting the Big Air segment of the Air & Style tour. Innsbruck, Austria is one of the foremost ski towns in the world, and therefore a quite fitting place to host one of the premier big air snowboarding events in the world today. The professional quality of the Air & Style launch and landing designs are truly outstanding, and clearly every safety precaution is taken with the netting and padding laid out to keep the gap safe in the event of rider errors.



8.  Janne Korpi Hitting a Massive Spinning Slob Grab

Depicted within this image is one of the competitive heats from the FIS Snowboard World Cup Big Air series in Antwerp, featuring Finnish snowboarding sensation Janne Korpi. Having competed in both the 2006 Winter Olympics and the 2010 Winter Olympics, Janne Korpi is no stranger to stiff competition, and he really brought his A-game to the big air setup in Antwerp for this particular FIS Big Air World Cup contest. FIS is definitely one of the biggest names in professional big air snowboarding competition, and this Antwerp event was no exception to that reputation. Hitting a massive spinning Slob grab over the gap here in Antwerp was one of Janne’s major highlights from the competition, and in spite of the gloomy weather makes for a pretty cool image.



9.  Audi Snowboard Series and European Cup Slopestyle

Audi Snowboard Series and European Cup slopestyle in Davos, Switzerland.

This impressive high altitude big air shot comes to us from a 2015-2016 World Snowboard Tour event as part of the Audi Snowboard Series. Set in Davos, Switzerland, this competitive tour stop along the Audi Snowboard Series featured many different professionals competing for the top spot and the prize money that went along with it. Shown here is a towering backflip being thrown from the windblown and absolutely colossal launch kicker from the Davos World Snowboard Tour event sponsored in part by Audi.



10.  Farrel’s Roast Beef Grab Inward Frontflip

Coming out of the Transworld Snowboarding season edit for professional big air snowboarder Lyon Farrell, this brilliant shot from Farrell’s Breckenridge sessions definitely makes the cut for a few reason. For one thing, Farrel’s Roast Beef grab inward frontflip combination is simply jaw dropping by itself, but imposed against this perfect bluebird day at Breck, this picture is practically perfect. If this shot doesn’t make you want to get out and ride, nothing will! Lyon Farrell continues to push the envelope in his big air snowboarding career, bringing us more outstanding imagery like this.


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